Story: Never Really Interested

Characters: Caroline/Damon

Summary: Caroline comes to some conclusions. And they aren't pretty

She hadn't bothered to look at the number on the screen so when she hears his voice she nearly drops the phone.

His voice directs her through a speaker and she doesn't once think of doing otherwise.

She waits for him with that stupid compass watch thing, he tells her he's coming and she pretends her stomach isn't in knots.

He scares her like he used to, appearing in a split second. She ignores her heart's new position in her throat and tries to remember that she is So. Over. That. beautiful, charming, mysterious, Son of a Bitch. Lately, she's been all to adept at steeling herself and faking it.

"I have like a million other places to be" she tells him. And it's not like she needs him to react, she's so over him, but she just wants him to. Badly.

But he's not like other boys and he never will be. Other boys would have narrowed their eyes at her cool rebuttal, would have clenched their fists and threatened whoever the hell it was that stole her from them.

He's not like other boys. He's not even listening to her as he snatches the cold metal from her hand and steps in the direction of the stairs. His eyes have yet to meet hers, so trained on that metallic device. She's been used again. He doesn't even care.

She hates herself for opening her mouth again but she needs him to turn around and face her, she just…needs to see him looking at her. She just needs him.

"Can I go now?"

He's looking at her with eyes that flash with indifference and boredom and he's answering her with some flippant callous remark that cuts her late into the night.

He's looking at her and he's talking to her.

But he was never interested in listening to her and he never really saw her anyway.

And that's the problem isn't it.

She walks to her car and all her progress with Matt comes undone at the seams.

She's as useless as ever.

Just a little one off from this nights episode. I feel like they have unresolved conflict. As much as I adore this pairing I have a feeling they wont make it on the show . I DO however think there will be some sort of blowout- at least on Carolines behalf, she's always left mid-sentence with him so hopefully she'll get her 2 cents worth.

And I totally wanted Damon to carry her out of the car.

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