TITLE: The Cure for Insomnia
AUTHOR: Kevin Schultz
AUTHOR'S EMAIL: davros72@prodigy.net
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MAIN CHARACTERS: Betty Roberts, Scott Sherwood
DISCLAIMER: Remember WENN created by Rupert Holmes, property AMC, Howard
Meltzer Productions, etc. No infringement is intended.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: It seems like forever since I wrote a non-parody,
non-crossover WENN fanfic. Yikes! I miss the gang. I was struck by
insomnia tonight, so I whipped up this little scene. It was fun playing
with the characters again, I should do this more often. :-)


Betty Roberts unlocked the door to WENN, and crept inside. The lights were
out, and it was utterly silent. She closed the door carefully, and fumbled
for the light-switch. The bulbs flickered a bit, but then remained steadily

Betty hung up her coat. She checked her watch. 3:34am. What on Earth was
she doing up so late? Or, perhaps, so early? Shaking her head, she headed
towards the Writer's Room.

"I hate insomnia," she grumbled to herself as she moved past the doors to
the Green Room. She froze as she heard another sort of grumbling from
beyond the Green Room doors. She turned her head to look at the doors.
There were no lights on behind the shutters. Did someone leave the radio on
again? The station could barely afford to keep operating, they certainly
didn't need to be running up the electricity bill by leaving radios on

Betty pushed the Green Room doors open, and turn on the lights. As she
flicked the switch, the grumbling noise rattled through the station again.
She scanned the room. It wasn't the radio... the radio was off.

Perhaps it was the man asleep on the sofa. Betty jumped as she noticed the
huddled form underneath the quilted blanket when it moved slightly.

"Yikes!" Betty cried.

"Whazza--!" the blanket yelped back in response.

Betty backed up against the doors, and called out, "Who is that, who's

The blanket moved around, and a hand emerged from beneath it. The hand
whipped back the blanket, revealing the sleepy face of Scott Sherwood.

Betty let out a huge sigh of relief. "Scott Sherwood! Don't you ever scare
me like that again!" Betty scolded.

Scott sat up, rubbing his eyes, and looked at her blearily. "Betty,
Betty... !" Scott stretched, and blinked his eyes several
times rapidly. "Y'know, I was just dreaming about you."

"Oh, really?" Betty said sternly.

"Well, actually it was about us, as a matter of fact. You see, we..."

"I don't care what we were doing, what are you doing here? At this time of

Scott looked at her and chuckled. "I might ask you the same question."

Betty looked a bit guilty. "Well, I asked you first."

Scott sighed. "I don't have anywhere to go."

"You might try going home."

Scott shook his head. "No, the family would never stand for it. Besides,
I've got a great job here, why would I give all that up to move back to--"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know. Truth is, I got kicked out of my apartment. Couldn't pay
the rent. So I've been camping out here for a while. It's just until I get
some more dough scraped together and can afford to live somewhere."

"You're kidding me, right?" Betty asked.

Scott shook his head again. "Nope. Wish I was."

Betty walked over to the sofa. "Oh. Oh, Scott, I'm sorry. Is there... is
there anything I can do to help?"

"No thanks, Betty. I'll be fine. Just have to get a coupla paydays under
my belt, and I'll be good as gold."

Betty sat down next to Scott on the sofa. "Where'd you find the quilt?" she
asked quietly.

"Mr. Eldridge. He's got an amazing collection of all sorts of interesting
stuff squirreled away all over this station. You wouldn't believe some of
the things he's got."

"I imagine I wouldn't," Betty chuckled.

"He told me his grandmother had made it for him when he was just an infant."

Betty fingered the material. "She does good work," she remarked.

"Speaking of doing good work," Scott continued smoothly, "it's your turn to
answer... What are *you* doing here?"

Betty leaned back. She sighed, and said, "Insomnia."

"What, again?"

Betty nodded.

"Betty, I'm beginning to worry about you. Are you sure you're OK? You're
not overburdening yourself or anything?"

Betty shook her head. "No, Scott, I'm doing just fine."

Scott looked her in the eye. Betty looked away quickly.


"Don't look at me like that."

"Why not?"

"It makes me feel uncomfortable. And besides, I'm fine. Really."


"I swear."

"Betty Roberts, you would never swear if your life depended on it."

Betty laughed. "Well, if my life depended on it, I might swear." She
smiled, and looked at Scott.

"What if *my* life depended on it?" Scott asked her.

"I'd take a vow of silence," she answered with a laugh. Scott laughed with

They leaned back together on the sofa. After a moment, Scott reached over
and turned on the radio. He adjusted the dial and found a station playing
some music. He listened for a second, then said, "I love this song...

Betty smiled wistfully. "I think it's Ramon Raquello and his orchestra.
They were quite popular just a few years ago. I wonder whatever happened to

Scott shook his head. "No idea."

They listened to the music for a while. Then Scott stood up, and extended
his hand. "May I have this dance?"

Betty looked up at him. "What?"

"I've always wanted to ask you that."

Betty stood up, somewhat uncertainly. "OK, but no funny business, Mister."

The two linked hands, and began to dance slowly to the romantic tunes
emanating from the radio. After another tune scratched its way across the
airwaves, Betty leaned into Scott, and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you're OK, Scott?" she asked quietly.

"Never better," Scott replied just as quietly.

They danced some more, and then Scott murmured, "Are *you* OK, Betty

Betty was silent. Scott craned his head to look at her. Betty had fallen
asleep, with the most peaceful look that Scott had ever seen on her face.
He continued to dance slowly with her. "Yeah, I'd say you're OK, Betty," he

As the strains of the orchestra continued onwards, Scott maneuvered Betty to
the sofa. He sat her down, swung her legs up onto the sofa, placed a pillow
under her head, and lovingly placed the quilt over her, tucking her in.

Scott turned the radio volume down, and headed for the doors. He paused at
the threshold, and turned back to look at the figure snuggled under the
blanket. "Yeah, you're all right, Betty Roberts. You're all right." He
turned and left the room.

...THE END...