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15 weeks later

She was lying on the couch, baby-boy resting on her belly, eyes closed, just enjoying the bit of silence, of peace.

The past days had taken its toll on her. Fourteen days ago, Keith had been born, healthy baby-boy, 1'9", a little over 6 pounds, the eyes of his dad, dark and intense, full lips of his mom, nose too.

They had to stay for two more days just to make sure Tammy was okay since she had lost too much blood during his birth, during the Caesarean operation.

His daddy had been there, as had been her love. He had taken her home twelve days ago, home to their house, to Marietta.

After that he had to leave for shows again, a European Tour… eleven long days had it been. He was supposed to come back every minute now and she could barely wait any longer. Vince had promised to give him a week off so he could stay with her, take care of his new family, spend time with his love and her boy.

Gladly Keith had been quiet for a while now, the past days it had been a rare occasion. He was a needy one, crying, wining pretty much the whole time, barely sleeping. She was tired, not of him, no -she loved him with all her heart, more than anything or anyone ever before- she was just exhausted.

The door cracked open a little, his voice ringing through the air, obviously thanking the Hardy-boy for the ride, before he stepped inside, tired eyes falling onto his love and the baby, peacefully resting on the black leather couch. His eyes lit up instantly, pouty lips curling up into a content, warm smile as he slowly made his way over to them.

Her eyes fluttered open at his familiar scent filling the air, his heavy footsteps echoing through the house. A big smile played on her lips as she looked up at him, seeing him leaning over her, lips only a mere inches away.

"Hey beautiful… I missed you!"

She raised her head a little more, placing her hand softly on his cheek, caressing it gently as her brown eyes got lost in his baby-blues.

"Missed you, too."

They shared a gentle, caring kiss before he pulled away; glancing down at the little boy on her belly, smile widening even more.

"How did the little one do?"

A sigh escaped her lips as her eyes followed his gaze down to the sleeping beauty.

"Loud… needy… just like his dad… but he's also a lovely sunshine… just like you."

He flashed her a million-dollar grin before pecking her lips.

"How about you go take a nap while I take care of him?"

"You'd do that?"

"Baby… anything for you and your boy."

She shook her head vigorously, smiling at him, eyes threatening to tear up.

"Our boy."

A lump forming in his throat made it hard to speak as his own blues dwelled up, hand shakily running through her brown curls, whispering.


Randy sat in his apartment in St. Louis, staring out of the window at the blue sky, wondering where everything had started to fall apart.

Only thirteen weeks ago they had been perfectly happy, her kisses with Cody long forgotten, their future together everything that mattered.

And then… before he knew it, it all came to an end. Shortly before his divorce was finalized he had made the mistake of his life… and he regretted it… he would always do. He had slept with Sam again, his need, his lust, his sexual monster coming back out, ruining everything he had had.

And… he did it again… and again, letting himself fall for his Ex, letting himself get blind-sided until… until it was too late.

Tammy had found it. He remembered it as if it had been yesterday. It has been eleven weeks ago, only a few days before the divorce would have been through. To say she was disappointed would have been an understatement.

She had been waiting for him to come "home" that day, bags already packed, promise-ring laying next to her on the couch-table, eyes blank, emotionless, saying nothing, just staring at him, showing him the door.

It had almost taken two weeks for her to talk to him again, but she had never forgiven him, never taken him back.

And Sam? He sighed. The bitch had went through with the divorce, saying she had had fun and thanking him for the great three weeks of sex, wishing him luck in the future… and gone she was.

His own damn fault, own damn stupidity had gotten him where he was now… alone… with no one to live for.

He had gotten half the custody for Alana at least… but for Keith… their little boy, he could only hope. Since they were not married, Tammy had all rights to keep him to herself. Gladly enough, in the hospital, after he had been born, she had told him he could see him, see their boy whenever he wanted. He only needed to call.

Yeah… that was his Tammy… Cody's Tammy.

Cody had gotten himself comfortable on the couch, legs kicked up on the table, baby-boy cradled in his lap, TV running as he watched the little one sleep.

Tammy had laid down about two hours ago, clearly strained by the past days, beyond exhausted and he was happy to be able and take care of the boy… their boy.

He grinned widely at the thought of how everything had changed -for the better- in such a short time. Despite telling Randy he would leave her alone, he had never given up and when she had called him that one fateful day, telling him about Randy and what he had done, he was there to pick her up, pick up the pieces of her shattered dreams.

He had let her stay with him, at his house, taking care of her, helping her, talking to her whenever she needed a valve and it had not been long until she had told him that she was falling for him… hard.

He could not believe his luck back then… and he still could not believe it now.

Only three weeks ago, a week before Keith was born, she had officially moved in with him, getting all her remaining from her old house in Missouri, saying good-bye to her old life, to the club, the house, her friends, to Randy.

Tomorrow he was going to take her out -a surprise dinner and an even bigger surprise waiting for her after. Their very first date. Matt had agreed to watch the baby for them. He could not wait for it.

They had not gotten a real chance yet with him working most of the time and her pregnancy. It was kind of funny… they had not even slept together… as in having sex obviously… but they were closer than he had ever been with anyone before… and he was sure, she was the one.

His friendship with Randy was still intact, though not THAT good anymore. He always asked him how Tammy was, his love for her still efficient and more than obvious and the whole past two weeks he had bugged him about Keith.

There were no hard feelings towards each other, not from Randy towards Cody for "stealing" his woman -he knew it had been his own fault, nor from Cody towards Randy for hurting her so much -he was almost happy about it, since else they might have never realized their true feelings for each other.

Next day - Early afternoon



He strode over to her, wrapping his arms around her small frame from behind, softly kissing her temple.

"Go upstairs… there's a surprise waiting for you."

She arched a brow, turning around in his strong arms, slightly tilting her head.

"A surprise?"

"Just go and see!"

He flashed her his best grin, perfectly white teeth showing, his blue eyes sparkling as she nodded, the curiosity still plastered on her face as she pulled away from him and walked out of the kitchen.

Keith was taking a nap, being unusually quiet today.

Cody followed close behind, walking into the bedroom after her, arms crossed in front of him as he watched her moving around, slowly towards the bed, examining the wrapped box laying on their black silken-sheets.

She ran her finger over the box, brown eyes glancing over at Cody standing in the door, smile playing on his lips as he nodded his approval.

Her hands were shaking slightly as she unwrapped it, slowly opening the box, fingers pushing the paper aside, eyes widening as she saw the insides.

Shakily grabbing it, she pulled it out, lump forming in her throat as she held it out in front of her: a red velvet-dress with spaghetti-straps, back cut low, a rose of brilliants over its left breast, just long enough to cover her thighs -probably ending a little over the knees.

She blinked away a few tears, turning to look at Cody again who had not moved, who had followed every expression, every gesture, every movement of her with his big blue eyes.

"It… it's… beautiful."

She stammered out, voice cracking as her lips curled up in a smile.

"Good… now go change! We're going out in an hour!"

Now her eyes widened even more, brows furrowing, hands grasping the dress close to her.

"We're… where… why?"

He only chuckled, shaking his head.

"That's another surprise. Come on… get ready! One hour."

She followed his wish, clearly enjoying putting on some Make-Up again after all those weeks, the dress fitting like a glove, underlining all her curves at the right places. Gladly enough almost nothing of her pregnancy had left any traces behind.

An hour later, she was more than ready, so entranced in the feeling of joy, so looking forward to her evening out that she did not even hear the doorbell. She ran a hand through her curls, looking herself over in their bedroom mirror a last time before grabbing her purse and heading downstairs.

To say she was surprised to see Matt with Keith in his arms would have been an understatement, brow quirking up questioningly as she tilted her head, clearing her throat. Matt looked up, smiling as he saw her standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey there… wow… you look gorgeous."

She could not hide the blush creeping on her cheeks as she flashed him a smile back, her brow still ceased though.

"Thank you… uhmmm… where's Cody?"

"Kitchen… he wanted to take care of something before you two head out."

A nod was all he got as a reaction, walking closer towards him, eyes now fixed on the little one.

"So I guess… you'll be watching him?"

"Yeah… Cody didn't tell you?"

"Naw… he didn't tell me a thing."


She chuckled, shaking her head, poking Keith's belly, making the baby-boy gurgle.

"I guess it's all a part of the surprise."

"It is!"

His low southern drawl startled her as she looked over to the kitchen, seeing Cody standing in the door, usually fluffy brown hair styled neatly with some gel, wearing a black dress-suit, white button-up shirt and dark-blue tie underneath, flashing white teeth showing with a perfect smile.

"God babe… you look stunning."

She was too much enthralled in his image, jaw almost dropping, letting her eyes roam over his body from toe to hair, swallowing.


Cody chuckled, walking over to them, winking at Keith before softly taking hold of her hand, staring into each others eyes.

"Earth to Tammy?"

"Yeah… just…" She let her eyes wander again. "…sorry… I've never seen you in a suit till now… it's just… you look… sexy."

He softly pecked her lips, stroking her knuckles with his thumb as he whispered.

"You better get used to this… cause believe me… I'll spoil you and Keith crazy."

A short giggle escaped her as she shook her head, feeling like a teenage girl at her very first date all over again, Cody glancing over at Matt and Keith with a smirk.

"So… all numbers are on the fridge, bottles are ready. If you don't know something or aren't sure… just call! We'll be back late morning probably."

Her gasp made his eyes fall back onto her with an arched brow.


"We can't… I mean… Keith… and…"

Before she could finish, matt jumped in, clearing his throat, Keith cradled in his arms, gurgling, smiling, big blue eyes sparkling.

"Tammy… it's not the first time I watch a baby. Please don't worry! I've all the numbers just in case and look at how healthy and happy your boy is. Now… go and enjoy your evening and the night. Stay out as long as you want! We won't run away!"

The drive into town was almost silent, Cody's right hand resting on her knee, glancing at her every now and then, seeing the frown in her face, deep in thought. He let it slip; hoping that she was just worried about Keith and nothing else. The phrase from earlier -he had meant it with every single beat of his heart, he would spoil her to no end, starting today and hopefully never ending.

Parking the car in the centre, he even opened the door for her, helping her out, the touch of her hand alone, so soft, so gentle, making him smile like a fool.

"So… what have you planned?"

He shrugged, closing the door, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Well… for first it's dinner… then a nice long walk through town -I still didn't get to show you everything I ever wanted- and last but not least… hmm… you'll see. Let's just say we both earned some time to relax… completely… and you'll enjoy it. There I'm positive."

Tilting her head slightly to the right, she arched a brow at him, soft smirk playing on her lips as she leaned into his side, feeling his muscles tense a bit.

"Cody Garrett Runnels… who would have known that you're such a cheesy romantic!"

"Hey!" Faking a pout, he drew away a bit, only to be pulled back by her while walking towards their destination. He gently bit her neck, nuzzling his nose there as he whispered. "You sound as if I've never done anything romantic yet."

The smirk on her lips grew as she pulled her head away, her brown pools staring into his.

"You did… and really Cody… you've done so much for me already… I couldn't ask for more."

He shook his head, pecking her forehead, arm tightening its grip around her waist as he murmured into her soft curls.

"Told you… I'd do anything for you."

Tammy had not even realized they had stopped, not until Cody pulled away, nodding his head towards the restaurant.

"Mexican… I know you loved the food back when you've been there."

"You remembered?"


She really could not be any happier. Who would have thought until eight weeks ago that one day, they would really become an item and that Cody would let everything Randy had ever done for her seem like nothings, like air. He knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed, remembering things she had told him a year ago when they had been nothing more than friends, almost strangers.

"Are ya okay?"

"Yeah… sorry… was just thinking."

The big smile plastered on those sinful red lips made him almost weaken, taking a deep breath to brace himself before kissing her temple.

"Let's go inside then… and enjoy the night!"

It was heavenly. Their first date -and her best ever- and it could not have been any better. The food was amazing, the tables were decorated with lilies and wind-lights, there were Mexican singers wearing Ponchos, Sombreros and playing Ukulele.

Cody had been the perfect gentleman from the beginning, holding the door open, pulling the chair out for her, holding her hand while they did not eat, just listening.

He already had her heart and still he was doing everything possible to impress her.

After dinner, she had insisted to call Matt just to soothe her nerves. Keith had been fine, perfect little boy, quiet, smiling, playing with Matt's hair.

The call had definitely helped, the walk afterwards she was a lot more relaxed, enjoying each and every second.

Cody had shown her everything she wanted to see: his old school, the ice-dealer he had always been at when he was young, his favorite Waffle House, his gym, where he had worked his very first job, all the while holding her to his side, his jacket over her shoulder after he had seen her shiver for just a short moment, insisting for her to take it. He was warm enough by just having her that close.

It was a little after nine when they got close to their last destination of the evening. Cody's smooth, big hands suddenly covering her eyes slightly startling her as he stepped behind her, chest pressed flush against her back, chin resting on her shoulder.


He chuckled at her failed attempt to be mad, softly kissing her temple as he walked her forwards.

"We're there in a minute… patience!"

She gave him her best pout, puckering out her lower lip as she sighed, but let herself be led anyways. Only as he stopped, she finally relaxed slightly into his touch.

"Okay… here… we… go!"

He let his hands slip down, her eyes instantly trying to adjust to the light again, widening a little as she saw the hotel in front of them, almost looking like a damn palace.

"I know it's not very original… but it's Marietta… and… well… it's at least away from home."

She quickly turned around, shaking her head as she placed a finger on his soft lips, smiling warmly up at him.

"It's beautiful!"

A sigh of relief escaped his lips before Tammy got on her toes to gently peck them, meanwhile grabbing his hand to lace their fingers together and without another word spoken, he led her inside.

They arrived at the sixth floor a few minutes later, his hand still tightly holding hers as he walked her to their room, free hand shakily fondling with the key-card as he slid it inside.

She had already realized his nervousity on their way up, chuckling inside at how cute it was. His cheeks were burning already, small sweat pearls building on his forehead, eyes avoiding to look at her… he was back to being an innocent teenager, almost feeling like a virgin all over again, minutes before his first time ever.

If he knew that she had felt exactly the same, he might have relaxed some, but seeing her smirk up at him made him even more insecure, even more trembling.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door for her, shaking hand on her lower back gently urging her inside.

It was breath-taking: the whole suite was as big as the lower part of her old house, huge red couch in the middle of the room with a large glass-table in front of it, Plasma-TV on the wall, almost three times as big as Cody's at home, white lilies placed everywhere around the room -some as bouquets, some lying alone. The bathroom was painted a slight blue, a whirlpool on the far end of it, the biggest bathtub she had ever seen on its right side. The chandeliers and the lamps in the whole suite were a mix of white and golden, a "Renoir" hanging opposite the tub. However, the best of all was the bedroom: king-size bed would have been an understatement. It was more of a bed for a queen, almost filling the complete room, red curtains surrounding it, black wooden piles on each corner, black silken sheets and red cushions neatly covering the heavenly bed.

She took her surroundings in in aw, eyes wide and sparkling, lips slightly parted in silent gasps, hands tightly grasping her purse as Cody followed her through the suite, nervously licking his lips, trying to read her reaction, hoping for her to love it.

"Hell Cody… that's… that's amazing… it's… wow… just… wow!"

A huge rock fell off his heart as she turned around to face him, eyes slightly tearing up, smile as big as never before, red, full lips trembling.

"You shouldn't have…"

He quickly passed the distance between them, shaking his head as he took hold of her purse, placing it on the bed to take her shaking hands into his, his blue eyes showing nothing but love and affection as he smiled down at her.

"You earn it… and besides this… it's only for one night. I want this to be unforgettable… you hear me? I never want you to forget this date, this night… and… this moment."

*It's now or never!*

He took a long, deep breath, closing his eyes for a second before sinking down on his right knee, her hands still in his, trembling.

"I know this comes out of the blue and all, but I've thought about it for a long time… and…" His voice was shaky, cracking, barely above a whisper. "… I love you with all my heart… you and Keith… and I can't imagine a life without you… and… god… I… Tamara Elizabeth Sanchez… please give me the honor, the privilege of becoming your one and only… please… will you marry me?"

What the hell? He must have loosened his damn mind. It had only been eight weeks since they have been together, it had only been their first date that evening, they had not even had sex yet… marriage… he must have gone crazy… hell…


Her voice cracked as she murmured the word, almost too silent for him to understand it.

His eyes instantly lit up as his hand reached inside the pocket of his dress-pants, still shaking as lean, long fingers pulled out the box and he swallowed hard, smile only growing wider as he slowly slipped the ring onto her finger.

She was holding her breath, eyes fixated on his trembling fingers as they slit the ring onto her hand. It was amazing… golden with three tiny blue smaragds on top, fitting perfectly. She unconsciously wet her lips, raising her hand up to take a closer look, tears now falling freely down her cheeks.

"It… it's…"

Before she could say anything else, his soft lips found hers, shaking hands holding her cheeks, pulling her into him, the words leaving his throat in between kisses, husked, sounding like music to her ears.

"You won't… regret it… never… you and Keith… you're my… everything… You just… made me… the happiest… guy… on earth."

She was lost for words herself, arms wrapping around his neck as she melted into his embrace, finally being happy, feeling complete, feeling home, feeling safe. Finally, she had the little family she had always dreamt of.

Meanwhile in St. Louis Randy was making a life-changing call. He could not take it anymore, could not see the man who had stolen his woman day in and day out anymore, could not stay in a business that had caused him to lose the love of his life.

"I need a break."


"No… I'm not injured… just… call it personal issues."


"Three maybe four months… I know it's a thinkable bad timing, but…"


He groaned.

"Please… I'm begging… I need it!"


Okay… one last show… thank you!"

He hung up before getting an answer, head falling back onto the pillow, staring at the ceiling as his mind wandered off… He really had lost everything.

Cody took his time, worshipping her body, peppering each and every inch of her bare skin with butterfly kisses while his hands explored the gorgeous specimen sprawled out on the bed underneath him.

All the times they had tried before, they were either interrupted by her pregnant body giving up on her, by a phone call or by Keith starting to cry. This time nothing… and no one would stop them.

Their clothes were already shred, his toned body, tanned skin contrasting with her pale color, her fingers entangled in his soft raven-hair as he slid down her torso until his lips came to an halt at her waistline, licking a stripe from left to right, their eyes never leaving each others, both sets now darkened, filled with lust… and love.

The foreplay went on for an eternity, exploring their bodies, touching, kissing, licking, biting everywhere, lips feeling, skin brushing over skin, heat mixing with heat, heavenly noises filling the room until neither of them could take it anymore and Cody softly lowered himself into the wet, tight deeps of her heat, his lips drowning down her sweet cry of pleasure from being filled so completely, so perfectly.

Their sex was slow, but passionate, his thrusts deep and smooth, one hand on her right thigh, holding it up, grabbing it tightly, other hand next to her head, lust-clouded eyes staring into each other. Her sweet mewls and moans mixing with his low growls and groans as their hips worked together, his stiff, thick length filling her fully, sweet-spot getting hit every other time, back arching off the bed, lips locking, tongues playing, sweat mixing, her hands on his lower back urging him on.

They had both been on the verge of losing it after only a short time, both now wanting it to end just yet, both wanting to draw it out as long as possible, but as Cody started to pick up his pace, quickening his thrusts, his tongue and teeth working wonders on her breasts, she could not hold back anymore, crying out to the holy heavens as wave after wave crashed down over her, body spasming, walls convulsing, clenching, fingers tightly grasping Cody's hair as her eyes fluttered shut.

The sight of her so lost in pleasure, her tightening walls drawing him deep… deeper… deepest, the sweet sounds leaving from deep within her throat were just too much for Cody and with only a few more thrusts, he filled the condom to the brim, body collapsing onto her lithe frame, shuddering, panting, lips finding hers again as he murmured over and over.

"I love you… I love you… I love you…"

This truly was heaven… for both of them.

And who would have known that in the end… she was "Falling for HIM"?

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