This is just a one-shot about Ellen's final thoughts in "Abandon All Hope" as Jo was dying. I honestly don't even know if it makes sense really as I just got done watching the episode and this is my knee-jerk emotional response to it. And I am still crying like a baby after watching it. Ellen brought up a lot of personal things for me that I won't get in to here. But I felt the need to just write something. So, here it is.

Disclaimer: Ellen and Jo aren't mine. Nor is Supernatural. They belong to Mr. Kripke, although he should let me hang on to them because I personally think I would take better care of them! *tries to scowl but just starts getting choked up and whimpery again*

Momma's Here

I sit down with my baby girl and take her in my arms. All I can think about is the day the doctors put her in my arms when she was born. She was so small and beautiful. Her daddy was so proud that day. He told everyone he saw about his beautiful baby girl with eyes like her momma's and hair the color of her daddy's.

And now my husband is gone. Died so many years ago. He never saw what an amazing woman his little girl became. He would be so proud of her.

I hold her tight in my arms, refusing to leave her side. Because what do I have left without my little baby girl? Everything else in my life has been taken from me. And now my little baby girl is hurt and bleeding in my arms. And I can't fix her. I can make the hurt go away. But I can stay with her. I won't my baby die alone.

I hear the hellhounds come inside the store.

And then I feel my little baby girl die in my arms. She closes her eyes and takes her last breath as she gently lays her head on my shoulder. She's gone home to be with her daddy.

And now I've made up my mind. I'm going home to be with them both.