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Chapter 1- A...Date?


I turned, desperately trying to escape the annoying sound that was my best friend. I loved her dearly but even I had breaking points. I looked up and concluded that my breaking point was exactly at seven in the morning. As my brain came to, I closed my eyes and tried to think of any reason for her to be in my apartment at such a ridiculous hour. When nothing came to mind, I pushed the pillow away and sat up to find her right in front of me.

"Alice, can I ask what you're doing here?" I gave a pointed look at my alarm, "Especially at seven in the morning."

Alice beamed, ignoring my question all together. "I have big news!"

"You always have big news," I reminded her, wanting this conversation to end as quickly as it had started so I could get back to sleep and enjoy my day off.

"Yeah, but this time it's really big!" She jumped up off my bed and ran to my radio before she switched it on and the DJ's loud, obnoxious voice could be heard throughout my room. I glared at her momentarily, despite my curiosity that had been peaked. She always seemed to be able to do that, no matter how irritated I was.


I rolled my eyes but tuned in just in time to hear the announcer yell excitedly about winning a date with some celebrity. It wasn't an unusual occurrence. After a moment, I sighed and leaned back against my headboard, my mind going elsewhere.


And it was back to my raven-haired friend. "Alice, it's a stupid radio contest…"

"And the winner is…Bella Swan!"

My voice seemed to die as I heard the DJ call my name on national radio. How was that even possible? I hadn't entered; I never do. I stared at the radio for a moment before my attention moved to the girl sitting right beside the electronic. My eyes hardened and I opened my mouth to begin lecturing her on why it wasn't morally right to enter people into things without their permission, but the DJ had cut me off again.

"Come on down to the station Bella! You've just won a date with Edward Cullen!"

My eyes widened and Alice began to move towards my door. Before I chased after her, I remembered a conversation we'd had a couple days before. It had been at the mall, right before Alice had seen the sign for the 'radio contest' entry. It was also right before she had apparently entered me into the contest without my knowing.

"Alice, how could you possibly know that?"

I noticed her attention was already focused on something else when she didn't answer. I looked to what she was focused on and saw a sign that read 'Win a Date with a Celebrity!' I rolled my eyes and grabbed her arm, ready to drag her away before she decided that she wanted to join the rest of the giggling girls waiting in line to put their names in the bucket.

"I want to enter!"

"You don't even know what celebrity," I argued, pulling her arm. For as small as she was, I was surprised by her strength.

"It doesn't matter. A celebrity is a celebrity, Bells," she quipped.

I sighed. "You see celebrities every day."

"Sure but as a personal shopper. I don't go on dates with them." Although she had a legitimate point, I still didn't want to stand around for hours waiting to put her name into a bucket when the chances of winning were slim to none.

"Alice, come on," I urged, tugging her shirt. She didn't budge.

"Wait here," she ordered and before I could argue, she took off, moving in between people as gracefully as a ballet dancer does on stage. I lost her after a moment and gave up, taking a seat on the nearest bench. Why did I let her talk me into going shopping? God knows I hate it more than anything.

"Okay, let's go!"

Her chipper voice knocked me from my thoughts and I sat up, looking over at her. I raised a suspicious brow and waited for her to say something. When she just rocked back on her heels, I sighed and got up, more than ready to leave the crowded shopping center.

"How did you get there and out so fast? There were tons of girls in line."

"I have my ways," she said mysteriously with a wink. I gave a quick chuckle but other than that, I didn't really want to know what Alice's 'ways' were.

"You think you'll win?"

"Who knows? My luck is pretty good." The mischievous smirk on her lips set me off a bit but I didn't say anything about it, knowing she was probably just excited about seeing if she would win the stupid radio contest.

"When are they going to announce the winner?" I asked as we packed everything into Alice's bright yellow Porsche, a gracious gift from her boss.

"Tomorrow morning around seven," she answered.

"Who was the celebrity?"

"It's a secret," she said as she pretended to zip her lips. I rolled my eyes and got into the car, bidding good riddance to the mall before we took off, zooming in between cars with uncertainty.

"I can't believe you entered me into that stupid contest!"

Alice laughed as she backed out of my room, making sure to keep a reasonable distance from me, which at the moment wasn't such a bad idea. Not only did she wake me at seven on my day off, she had entered me into a contest that I wanted nothing to do with. It was just like Alice to take things into her own hands.

"You need to get out and this was the perfect way!"

"I get out enough," I argued, moving towards her, pillow in hand.

"Work and the store don't count, Bells. When is the last time you went out on a date?"


Now that I thought about it, I hadn't gone out on a date since my last boyfriend back in Forks. Ever since I had moved out to Los Angeles, I hadn't had much time for anything besides school and work, which were both becoming a bit overwhelming. She was right but I was still annoyed.

"It doesn't matter. I don't want to go on a date with this…Cullen person," I voiced. Her eyes widened when she realized that I had no idea who the guy was.

"You don't know who Edward Cullen is?"

"I don't follow the media religiously so no," I answered with confusion. I had heard his name before but other than that, no other references came to mind.

"He was a teen star and he's now one of the richest young adults ever."

"How old is he?"

"Twenty-one," she said quickly. I raised a brow, vaguely wondering if she was in right health and dropped the pillow on the floor, slowly forgetting about my anger. She had had good intentions when she'd signed me up, even if I hadn't wanted it.

"Fine," I gave in, moving back towards my room. "When's this 'date'?"

"Tomorrow night!"

"Great," I mumbled as I shut my bedroom door. I heard Alice move around in my living room before she knocked on my bedroom door.

"I'll be over tomorrow to help you get ready," she called and I waited until her footsteps had ceased before I decided to retrieve my pillow from my hallway. Well, my day off certainly hadn't gone as planned. With a frustrated sigh, I grabbed my pillow and headed back into my room for some much needed thought and rest.

Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day.


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