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Tezuka Kunimitsu was a distinguished young man of twenty one. He was stoically handsome, with metallic brown hair and intelligent amber eyes that hid behind rimless, oval glasses. He was overly serious and responsible, always obeying every single order to the last punctuation mark. He prefers to listen instead of speaking, and is a steadfast believer that you should always keep your guard up, especially when dealing with other people. He has the commanding air that most people lack, enabling him to stay in his position as the Vice-CEO of the Atobe Corporation. Quick and efficient, Tezuka Kunimitsu always meets his deadlines, does his own work diligently, and was a favorite among the uprising young businessmen entering the corporate world.

Young women who enter the corporation as secretaries or the like has always kept a keen eye on this young male the moment they laid their eyes on him, but was instantly disappointed when they saw a wedding band on his left ring finger. That and coupled with the fact that Tezuka Kunimitsu's wife was young, beautiful, well-known and accomplished, people have always thought of Tezuka being close to perfection.

They could never have been more wrong.


Tezuka closed his laptop with a sigh, feeling a migraine coming on just from today's work. That particular day was more headache-inducing than the others, since they were going to merge one of their company branches to one of their contactor's. Closing his eyes wearily, he leaned back on his office chair, taking deep breaths to make the pain subside a little. He has long given up on aspirin when he started working three years ago, and would never take any pain reliever unless the pain was too much to handle. Tezuka turned a 180 degree and opened his eyes, seeing the bright Tokyo night lights twinkle beautifully. There was one thing he liked about having a high position: he always gets the best views. Relaxing despite himself, he settled more comfortably, letting the quiet atmosphere fill his senses. A soft buzz interrupted his moment of peace, however. Revolving around to face his desk, he stared at his phone which was blinking, signaling that a new text message has come through. Leaning forward to get his phone, he flipped it open to see an unidentified number as the message sender.

His handsome face wrinkled a bit, as he frowned and opened his inbox, reading the message that has been sent.

He exhaled loudly, flipping his phone shut. With deliberate and unhurried care, he packed up his things, laptop, a couple of unsigned papers and his Blackberry. Arranging all of them neatly in his briefcase, he grabbed his wallet and outer coat and stood up, flinging the coat over his shoulders as he exited his office, giving a curt nod to the few others who greeted him respectfully he passed by. It was a good thing he didn't meet Atobe while he was going out, the man would instantly be suspicious if he would leave this early when he was supposed to be working overtime. Meeting the valet, he got his car keys and went to the parking lot, where his black sedan was waiting for him. Unlocking the car's security features, he got in, placing his briefcase and coat on the passenger seat. Debating for a second, he decided to place his phone on top of the passenger seat as well, before seating himself and turning on the ignition.

The quiet purr of the engine calmed him, and he expertly maneuvered himself out of the lot and into the road. As a driver, he was usually overly cautious and alert, following every rule on the road, but strangely he found his mind wandering that night, taking sharp turns and speeding a bit more than usual. It was at least one hour to his destination, but he surprised himself by cutting back into half the time, killing the engine as he arrived in a modest-looking apartment complex on the other side of the city.

Getting out of his car, he entered the building, unmindful of the people who are taking a second glance at him. Riding the elevator to the second to the top floor, he walked towards a door on the far end on the building. Slightly measuring his steps, he arrived in front of a wooden door. He raised his hand to knock, just stopping hesitantly for a second, before doing three soft raps on the door.

The door opened a little while later, revealing a person of petite stature, with honey-brown hair and a soft smile, which slightly widened when he saw the person on the other side of his door.

"You came." It was a statement.

Tezuka didn't answer, but simply stared at the man before him, who tilted his head slightly before stepping aside and letting him into the small apartment. It was a studio-type abode, with the place looking like 'ordered chaos', quoted from the owner of the place himself. Paintings of unknown painters were plastered on the walls, as well as a couple of framed pictures found just about anywhere it can be placed on. Papers and clothes were strewn all over the floor, and Tezuka gave the young man a disapproving glance as he saw the state of the living room.

"It keeps me inspired," The honey-haired male said as a way of explanation, shrugging his shoulders. No more was said until Tezuka heard the resounding click of a door being locked shut. But instead of feeling trapped, he felt freedom as he had never felt before, for the little studio, amidst its state of messiness, has the warmth and feel of a home, something Tezuka lacked whenever he would return to his house… and to his wife who was probably waiting for him at this moment.

"You know that I have to work overtime today." He started, noting that a pair of hands cupped his face lightly, before going upward and slowly taking off his spectacles. The world instantly blurred, but the image in front of him was as clear as day.

"I know." The other male said simply.

"… You also know that I have a wife." Tezuka continued, putting a note of warning in his tone. The other paid this no heed, as he stood in front of the bespectacled male, loosening the other man's necktie and unbuttoning his long sleeved polo.

"How could I not? I was the best man, remember?" The tone in which the other man said it was bemused, almost sarcastic, but not bitter.

"And you also know that she's waiting for me right now." Tezuka's voice remained cool and neutral, which betrayed nothing of what he was feeling at this particular moment as the other man was literally stripping him of his upper clothes.

"I know." The petite man pressed his hands against Tezuka's bare chest to slide around his neck, pulling him close.

"I've been waiting for you." The male said against his lips, his warm breath ghosting against Tezuka's bare skin. "Let's make this last."

"I know." It was Tezuka who answered this time, letting his rein on his self-control slacken, he immediately pulled the smaller man into a passionate, breath-taking kiss, letting his desire cloud his common sense. He felt the other man kiss back with feverish fervor, feeling the long, slender fingers bury itself in his hair. His hands wandered everywhere, to his neck, to the slim shoulders, to the small waist and finally, still lower, letting no space come between their heated bodies.

Tezuka knew that he was some work to do and his wife was waiting for him. But was he stared at those sapphire eyes, hazy and clouded with need and lust…

He found himself not giving a damn about it at all.


He lied on the soft, feathered bed, feeling completely and thoroughly sated. Beside him, an angel was sleeping soundly, his silken wooden hair splayed against his lover's chest as he breathed slowly, am arm curved around the taller man's waist. Warm breath passed through parted lips, warming up his unclothed skin, and Tezuka looked at the ceiling, his fingers combing through the other's sweat-drenched hair.

He should stop this. He knew he should, he must, for his life- their lives- would be destroyed the moment someone found out about this secret. And yet, even as he tried to defy his body and his heart, he would always come back, craving for the kisses, the touches, the feeling of utter completion he always felt whenever they are together. It was something he had never felt for a long time, and now that he got his first taste, he also knew that he was never letting it go.

But at what price? Tezuka looked at the man sleeping beside him in contentment. As if sensing the other's distress, the other woke up, an unfocused smile settling on his features as he rubbed his eyes, still feeling half-asleep. Even that simple gesture made Tezuka's heart melt at the sight. "Good…" He paused to check the time. 2:18 am. "Morning." The person turned to look at him, his crystal blue eyes bright despite the look of drowsiness. "You didn't return back?"

Tezuka shook his head as a negative. How could he, when the other was literally sleeping on top of him?

"You wife will be very worried about you." He said plainly. No tone of emotion. Just statement of facts. Tezuka worked himself up to try at least feel a bit guilty for deceiving his wife like this, but all he felt was complete contentedness.

"You want me to leave?" Tezuka queried, feeling, despite himself, a bit hurt at the implication. The other looked thoughtful for a while, before shaking his head slowly. "Just checking." He leaned forward and placed a soft peck on Tezuka's lips. "What will you tell her?"

"That I slept at the office."

"That again? Will she buy it?"

"I've proven enough times that I can."

"Ah yes, I forget that you are a workaholic, Tezuka-danna." The other joked lightly. Tezuka frowned at the title, not liking the sound of it at all. "Don't call me that."

"Yes yes," The other conceded, snuggling closer. "I'm surprised, though. You actually came."

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I thought Atobe was holding you hostage in your office for a while. I was afraid that I would have to do a search and rescue operation." Tezuka rolled his eyes at the words. While Atobe wasn't necessarily 'keeping him hostage', the man was close to actually doing it, going by the ways in which the arrogant CEO had done in order for him to finish his work short of actually threatening him about it. While the extra work made him slightly happier because that would mean that he would be away from his house for a while, it also irked him because it brought him more migraines than he had usually anticipated. And if ever Atobe did try and took him hostage, there was no doubt in his mind that his little lover would indeed do a 'search and rescue operation'.

He sighed in reply, unknowingly tightening his hold on the other male. "What bothers you, Kunimitsu?" The honey-haired man asked him softly. Tezuka considered brushing it off, but by the look on the other's face, it was clear that any of his 'I'm fine's would definitely not take him off the hook. Sometimes it scared him on just how much they are attuned to each other's feelings.

"I love you. That's all." He answered quietly. The other was rather taken aback by this sudden confession, but gave a real smile.

"I love you too."

Tezuka kissed his forehead and they fell into companionable silence, treasuring these moments before the time would come and they would be forced apart again. At 3 in the morning, Tezuka got up and redressed, heading for the door, but not before giving the other a sweet, lingering kiss that both of them would remember for a while.

"I'll be back." He whispered softly, and then, he was gone. Climbing back into his car, he drove slowly back to his own house, remembering those moments before, when he was in the throes of passion with a person who frequently haunted his sleeping and waking dreams.

What they had was wrong, forbidden, looked down by society. He knew that.

But the most forbidden of all fruits taste the sweetest of them all.

He also knew the meaning of those words very well. Too well, in fact. At this rate, he might as well be damning himself to hell.

But it wasn't his fault. When fate decided to bring them together in one school, in one class, in one club, he knew the moment that he opened his eyes and showed him a color deeper than the ocean seas, he was already swept away.

So immersed with him and his thoughts he realized in time that he was already close to his house. Parking his car in the driveway, he walked up to the side door and, with a spare key, opened the door quietly, careful not to disturb anyone who was sleeping. Walking as silently as possible, he passed the kitchen and the dining room, and arrived at the den, where he saw that the lamp was lit.

Ah, she was awake.

"Welcome home, Kunimitsu-san." Standing there was his wife, the very beautiful Furuya Sachiko. She was wearing a silk nightdress, her long, usually braided hair now come loosely in waves.

"I'm back." Tezuka managed to greet her with the same tone he used every day, cool but demanding respect. He could have said 'I'm home,' but every time he would try, the words escape him as if it was a horrible thing to say. They say that home is where the heart is, and now, as he stared impassively at his wife, feeling nothing despite the fact that she looked quite voluptuous in her nightgown, Tezuka believed in that saying wholeheartedly. With a sudden pang, he suddenly missed the scent of vanilla and hydrangeas that accompanied him wherever he went.

"You arrived quite late today, Kunimitsu-san." She was awaiting an explanation, the implication clearly stated behind her sentence. Tezuka valued honesty in all the things in the world, but now, lying to his own wife seemed to come as naturally as breathing air.

"Atobe wanted to finish our contract with our investors regarding the merge of our companies." Tezuka was technically using business terms, but he was sure that she would understand. After all, she was the daughter of a businessman. And it wasn't really a lie, since Atobe did ask him to do it. He just… took a five hour workout and rest, that's all. "I accidentally fell asleep while doing my work. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to come home early."

"… I see." Tezuka was more perspective than ordinary men, and he could see the underlying suspicion in her eyes. "If Atobe-san is the reason of your overtime, then I will have no objection. But, please tell him that it is unhealthy for my husband to stay for so long in the company."

"I appreciate your concern, Furuya-san. He promised me that it is only for this week, and after that, I'll be able to return to my normal schedule again." He flinched internally as he saw the pain in her features. No matter how hard she tried, she could never make her husband say her first name. Tezuka hated hurting other people, but there was only one person outside of his family that he will call by his first name.

"Thank goodness for that. Are you coming to bed, Kunimitsu-san?"

"Maybe later." It wasn't an outright rejection, but Sachiko knew her husband well enough to understand that he won't sleep with her. Not tonight. Not ever. She loved him, ever since she knew that she was to be his fiancée, she loved him. But he acted so distant and cold towards her, so much that it made her think that there was another woman. But she also knew that Tezuka was a righteous man, and would never risk the reputation of his family like that. That thought comforted her and made her believe that he only acted this way around her because he was pressured to an early marriage. Eighteen was still a very young age to be shackled to someone for the rest of his life. She knew that, and so she tried to be the perfect wife, being pretty, doing things close to perfection, avoiding flirting with other males… just to take one step closer to melt the ice block that is her husband.

And she failed, yet again.


Tezuka entered his bedroom, noting the presence of his wife already sleeping in their bed. He laid down, waiting for the sun to come out so he could dress and go to work early, not feeling tired despite the fact that he had some… vigorous activities hours before.

He turned to the side and looked at the female beside him, her wavy, long hair spilling on the white pillowcase like an angel's halo. Any normal blooded man would be crazy not to jump at this golden opportunity with such a beauty. But she could never inspire in him the same passion and desire he felt whenever he was with… him.

His lover. His mistress. But Tezuka would never degrade his dignity by calling him in that way, even if the other sometimes called himself that.

With another sigh, he laid on his back, watching the shadows of the night change slowly into morning. He found himself, again, wishing that the person lying next to him wasn't this female that he was just forced to marry, but the person whose bed he had shared with just moments ago.

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