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The Red Dress

I want once again thank TRUSSELL33 for her extensive assistance. Without her help and support this story might have remained just a picture on a desktop.

Overture: The Red Dress – Booth and Bones are drawn into a world of mystery and dreams. Where mystery and dreams are exquisite by night and torturous by day.

Scene 1: And Now Here We Are

Bones POV

Well this is a fine mess. Here I am trying to make sense of something that was basically tenuous at best. If only Lydia's dress hadn't arrived today. It was the dress I'm sure that sent me over the edge. I never would have done something like that without the dress. What was I thinking? That was just it I wasn't thinking. I wore the dress in New York to the temporary office the FBI had given us to use. I had worn it to taunt him, to drag a reaction out of him, to find out once and for all if I have the same effect on him that he has on me. It had worked then. I had gotten at least some of the answers I was seeking. Now we were home and I find myself with even more questions. What did I think was going to happen? What do I want to happen? He said he will be here at seven and we will continue what I started. Why did I start it? Am I really so desperate to have him every minute of the day and night I would take the chance? It was the dress I reminded myself. The dress he told me not to remove. When did I start doing what Booth wanted me to just because he asked? It was the dress I reminded myself.

Booth's POV

He had just returned from the range. He had done a lot of that lately. Shooting relived his tension and he had a lot of tension. He was sitting at his desk cleaning his gun and remembering. He felt her before he saw her. She was walking toward his office in the trench coat, heels and black hose. Her hair was down and her step had the cat like sensuality to it he remembered. Unable to drag his gaze away, he watched as she walked into his office, shut and locked the door lowering the blinds as she moved toward him. What in the world was she doing here now? What could she possibly want? His mind flashed back to New York and the last time he had seen her act like this. God, he couldn't be that lucky, could he? He watched her, gun in hand, as if he were frozen in time and place. She slowly untied the belt on the trench coat removing it by letting it slide down her arms to the floor, his eyes following the path of the coat. Unconsciously licking his lips, he let his eyes reverse their direction, starting at the 3 inch stilettos, long, slender thighs encased in black silk stockings, red velvet starting just above the knees, subtly cupping a curving, delectable rear end, small waist, lush breasts displaying just enough cleavage to make him salivate and suppress a moan. The erection that had been at half mast since he'd seen her standing in his doorway was now at full attention. Holding the whole thing up were straps so thin he couldn't get the image of just snapping them with his teeth and peeling her out of that made for sin dress out of his head. Gaining enough control to look at the whole picture instead of focusing on his favorite body parts, he noted the red, elbow, length gloves and felt himself grow even harder. She looked like something out of a fifties detective story, sexy as hell. Walking over to his desk she sat on the edge.

Bones POV

The dress had arrived earlier in the day. Opening the package she saw it and thought I can't resist this dress, the color, the feel of the velvet all the memories it brought to mind. It was better than the Roxie dress and Booth had loved this dress. Looking at the dress she found gloves that matched and the trench coat. All she needed were the other items that seemed to help create the look she wanted him to remember. She thought for a moment she would show up at his office in the dress covered by the trench coat and see where it led them. It was the dress. Getting off the elevator she was glad she had opted for the coat. He would not have appreciated the looks she was receiving. She knew the minute he realized she was there, his head snapped up and his eyes locked on her's. He never failed to know when or where she was. The first indication she received he noticed this was a different kind of visit was when he just sat there looking at her with a stare in his eyes and his gun still in his hand. Her next indication was his look of utter shock as she shut the door, closed the blinds, removed her coat and came to sit on the edge of his desk. His darkened eyes and swift intake of breath told her he still remembered the dress.

Booth's & Bones

As she slid to the center of his desk they booth took in a shaky breath. Neither knew what was coming next, but both eager to see the magic of the Red Dress. Bones slipped off one of her shoes and ran her foot up Booth's leg from the knee to the top of his thigh. Both of them felt the electricity snap between them. Fighting the urge to simply grab her by the waist, drag her down into his lap and devour her, he let her take the lead. As she rested her foot he reciprocated by slipping his hand up the back of her leg from ankle to the top of her thigh, noticing as he did so her garter belt allowed him to touch her warmed skin. As his warm, hard fingers found warm, soft flesh, they both paused, shuddering. Holding his eyes, she slid her foot over a little and encountering his erection, gently rubbed it with the ball of her foot. Not one to be denied, his hand continued on its trail, encountering the very center of her his fingers began to move in very small slow circles. Her eyes drifted closed and her hips drifted forward pressing toward his questing fingers as her thighs opened wider allowing him greater access as she pressed her foot more firmly against his erection, increasing the speed of her movements.

Just as a low growl erupted from Booth's throat and hard hands grasped her waist, there was a knock on the door. "Booth, hey Booth, Cullen needs you right away."

"Yeah," Booth replied, never breaking eye contact with Brennan "be right there." Maintaining his grip on her waist, he slowly stood; making sure his erection grazed her center, smiling at her gasp and involuntary movement toward him. Leaning down, he nuzzled her hair away from her neck, unable to stop himself from giving her a firm love bite just below her ear. He was rewarded with a shiver a slight whimper. Taking her earlobe between his teeth, he whispered into her ear, "Bones this is by no means over. Your place, seven tonight." With one last nip to her earlobe and a regretful sigh, he stepped back watched as she shakily slid off the desk. Walking to the door and opening it he said "Oh yeah and do not remove that dress under any circumstances, I want to think about you in it for the rest of the day."

So we come to the end of scene one. Please let me know what you think so far.