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Why is a raven like a writing desk?


Sitting around a bonfire with a pack of wolves, including myself, was actually pretty fun.

I got to watch Jared and Paul fight over the last hot dog, I managed to shove Embry over when he tried to swipe mine.

"Why do you have to have such good reflexes?" He had pouted as I gulped it down, before sticking out my tongue.

After listening to some of the old legends, it was official. I hated vampires. 'The cold ones' as they were called by the Elders. 'Bloodsuckers' and 'leeches' as they were referred to by my non-genetic brothers, and my sort-of-boyfriend.

Could I call Embry that?

I stared at him, and realised he'd be staring at me for the majority of the time. He smiled, his white teeth shining and his face glowing in the light of the bonfire.

Then my eyes widened as I looked into his, seeing something I hadn't realised before.

It was like a pull towards him. I didn't seem to be able to control it. But, suddenly, it was if we were the only two people there. He clearly felt it too, because his grin widened, parting a little, as if he were as suprised as I were.

What was that?

"Look who just imprinted!" Paul yelled in a child-like sing-song voice.

Embry didn't pay attention. He was too busy looking at me, as if waiting for something to make me disappear any second. I couldn't break his gaze. I was held there.

"Paul, be quiet." Sam commanded. I was pretty sure he was staring at us. "Embry, Rose, with me please."

Immediately we broke the gaze and followed our pack leader. It was hard to resist Sam sometimes, even for this staring contest which was leaving me extremely confused.

We followed Sam into the house, where Emily was just getting some cakes out of the oven, ready to feed us all some more.

She raised an eyebrow at us. "What happened?"

"I... imprinted." Embry replied, his voice suggesting he wasn't really psychologically present.

Emily's eyes widened and she smiled. "Wow."

Sam turned around to face the two of us. "Do you understand what this means?"

No I did not. What was imprinting? Wasn't it that theory that said that when baby birds hatched, they thought the first thing they saw was their mother?

It sounded weird to me. Especially after only bonding with Embry properly for what? 24 hours?

"Yes." Embry nodded, before shooting a smile at me.

"Okay, well can someone explain to me, please?" My forehead was creasing with confusion, and my mom had always said this would give me early wrinkles. Not that it mattered, as, until I stepped down as a wolf, I was going to be immortal anyway.

"Rose, we have been known to imprint for years now." Sam paced slightly as he explained to me. "I have imprinted on Emily, for example." She smiled, stacking the muffins onto another tray. "When we imprint, we aim to protect the imprintee. They become our everything, and us theirs, whether it is a protector, a brother or their love, and it hurts to be apart for too long. It's like you're two magnets bound together."

"Like love at first sight." Embry added with a smile, his eyes watching my every move.

"Yes, only a stronger force. Though, usually, it is at first sight. I've never read about this kind of imprint before." He paused and looked at us both. "Embry must have seen you in a different light of some sort... anyway, I just want you to be careful. The pack will not want to hear constant thoughts about this, and it must not affect your roles as protectors, understand?"

We both nodded in unison, Embry still watching me.

"Okay." Sam smiled. "Now, if you excuse me." He stepped back out of the house as Embry stepped towards me.

"Well that's a lot to take in." I sighed.

Embry took my hand in his. "If you need time, it's fine. I'll be whoever you want me to be."

I couldn't believe that someone would do that for me. Then again, we were like magnets now, apparently.

I half-smiled at him. "Thanks. You go out and enjoy the bonfire. I'll be out soon."

He nodded and lightly kissed my forehead, before leaving the house.

Firstly, my mom had died, so I was technically an orphan. Secondly, I was shipped to another state to live with my uncle and my cousin. Thirdly, my cousin was dating a vampire, even though he broke her heart the first time.

Fourthly, a vampire had tried to kill me, so Jacob Black had given me his blood. Fifthly, I was a werewolf AND a cheerleader. Sixthly, another werewolf from my pack had just imprinted on me.

Seventhly (can you even go that far?), I wasn't sure if I was over Jacob Black, despite the fact that gravity was pulling me towards Embry.

My brain hurt and I fell back on the sofa, as the information all sunk in. I was a freak.

Either that, or this world was just downright insane.

"Rose, are you okay?" Emily whispered, walking into the room, a polite smile on her face.

"Yeah, just trying to take it all in, you know?" I replied, also in a whisper.

"Want to talk?"

I nodded and she sat on the sofa beside me. For once, I just wanted to speak to someone who understood it. I'd seen in Sam's head that Emily had been through an awful lot, just like me. And unlike Bella, she actually understood the werewolf-thing and the imprinting process.

"It's hard, Em." I sighed.

"I know." She replied, her voice soft and comforting in its own ways. "But it does get easier, I'm proof of it."

"How do you manage? I feel like every bad story, every childhood bad dream has just come true."

"Well there are positives and negatives to this life. For one, Embry is going to love you so much and he always will. He'll wipe your tears when you cry, probably hurt whoever makes you cry." She laughed softly at this point. "But even though your friends and family are around you, no one will love you more." She smiled. "And of course, he won't pressure you into anything you don't want. If you just want a friend, that's what he'll be to you."

"What are the negatives?" My voice sounded almost croaky, from holding the tears deep inside me.

Emily ran her finger along her scar. "It can be dangerous, but you're less likely to have that problem. you see, Rose, Sam did this to me. We had a petty argument and he flipped, not able to control himself. He was a young werewolf, and that itself can be dangerous." She smiled her lopsided smile. "Accidents happen, but you must not live each day reminding yourself of them."

I felt enlightened talking to her. She could be so positive about everyone, and past the scar, she was still beautiful. I had seen Sam look sad and guilty when he looked at her, but the rest of the time, it was replaced by the strongest love I'd ever seen.

"Thanks, Emily." I smiled, clearing my throat so that I sounded normal again.

"Come on, I'll bet Embry saved you some marshmallows." She pulled me up and we walked outside together.

I sat with the warmth of the bonfire lighting my face. Despite not being able to feel the cold, I could still feel the burning sensation on my skin.

Embry had saved me a few marshmallows, and I got the impression that he wouldn't have if he hadn't imprinted on me earlier.

The loving look he gave me was making my heart flutter like a hummingbird's wings, and I was glad he was sitting to my right, so he couldn't feel it.

"Eeek!" I shrieked as my marshmallow caught fire.

Embry laughed as the other boy's winced.

"One bad thing about a girl in the pack: too many loud noises." Jared groaned, holding his ears.

Embry grabbed my stick and blew on the end of it, until my final marshmallow was no longer burning up.

"Thanks." I smiled, grabbing it off the end and popping it in my mouth.

We sat around and spoke, as the boys begun telling stupid ghost stories, that no longer scared me after facing vampires.

Then, slowly, everything around me turned to darkness.

I woke up again when I felt my back land on what I assumed was a mattress. I didn't open my eyes though.

"What did you do to her?" It was Bella, sounding a little worried.

"She's just tired from all the legends." Embry's voice whispered back. "It's been a busy day."

I felt the covers cover my body.

"He imprinted." That was Edward, in his boring voice.

"What?" Bella gasped, which would have woken me up if I hadn't been awake.

"It's fascinating, how the wolves live. They imprint on someone, forming the strongest bond I've ever seen. Almost as strong as ours." I assumed he was staring at Bella with his cold eyes when he said that, and right now, she was probably blushing.

"Well Rose is like my sister, and if you ever hurt her-"

"You'll have us to answer to." Edward's voice was cold and deadly, and I tried not to shiver; why was he sticking up for me anyway?

"I would never hurt her." Embry whispered softly. "And if anyone hurts her, they'll have me to answer to."

"You'd better leave before Charlie is back from Billys." Bella told him, her voice stern.

I listened as two people left the room, most likely Bella and Edward.

"Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the leeches bite." Embry whispered before gently kissing my forehead.

And then, I drifted back into a deep slumber.

I was surprised to see Maria's van pull up outside my house that Monday morning before school. I'd just finished my breakfast, and was waiting around for Bella to get ready when the doorbell rung and I spotted her van at the end of the driveway.

I opened the door. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

She raised an eyebrow. "You never called me."

"Oh crap, sorry, I got in late on Saturday night and slept until noon yesterday. Then I had homework to do." That was a lie; I'd been on my first patrol yesterday, but with Paul, as I was not trusted to be paired with Embry.

"Mhmm." She didn't sound convinced. "Hop in, and I want all the details on the ride to school."

"All of them?"

"We have plenty of time, I can drive slow." She smiled, almost wickedly.

So, I explained everything about the party and the weekend I had spent with the guys, leaving out two small details; I was in a wolf pack with my boyfriend and he had imprinted on me.

Not a big deal, right?

"So, that's that.." I finished my story as we turned into the Forks High carpark, where Lena and some of the cheerleaders were just hopping out of her convertible.

"Well, it sounds like he really likes you." She smiled, turning off the engine.

We both jumped out of the van and closed the doors. I walked round to meet Maria as she locked up.

"I think so too." I smiled. Well technically I knew so.

"Hey, Rosie, where did you get to at my party?" Lena asked when I walked past, as the other girls giggled.

"I didn't feel too good." I lied, hoping they would drop it.

"I saw you kissing some guy from the reservation." Brooke smiled angelically at me.

"And then you left with two of them." Amy continued.

"They're just friends."

Amy stepped in front of me. "Liar."

"Piss off cheerios." Maria hissed at them as Lena walked towards me.

The head of the squad smiled. "You make us look really good Rosie, but I don't have liars on my squad. Care to own up?"

"Fine, here's my boyfriend. The one I kissed, not both of them." I sighed. "The other is just a friend, okay?"

"Could you... set us up?" One of the girls, Beth, smiled.

"I don't know, we're not talking right now." I mumbled.

"Don't forget practice tomorrow!" Lena called after me as I walked off. "There's a game next week!"

"Are you PMS-ing?" Maria asked me as we quickly walked out of the rain and into the corridor.

"No." I rolled my eyes. "It's raining.. shouldn't they be melting?"

She smirked. "You tell me, cheerio."

The day was really dragging on, to the point I thought I would go insane. I spent lunchtime sitting with Maria, Jenny, Jack, Chad, Alex and our newest edition, Kelly.

I sat there, doing the only homework I had been set all day, knowing that I wasn't going to be given any in gym last period.

"Why are you doing your homework in freetime?" Chad asked me, raising an eyebrow.

"I just have some stuff to do later." I shrugged, finishing my last equation.

"Don't see Embry too much or you'll get sick of him." Maria warned me.

"Who's Embry?" Jack asked, suddenly paying attention, instead of staring at Lena.

"My boyfriend." I replied, casually, shoving my finished work into my bag. "And, actually, I was planning on going and seeing Emily later."

"Who?" Jenny looked completely lost.

"A friend of mine from the reservation." I smiled.

"Well, don't forget us." Kelly winked as the bell rang. "See y'all tomorrow!"

"Hey, Em." I smiled, running into the living room to get out of the rain.

"You're so lucky you don't get cold.. you're soaked!" She threw me a cosy white towel before disappearing down the hallway. She came back a moment later, carrying jeans and a plum-coloured v-neck jumper.

"That was fast. Are you sure you're not a werewolf?" I asked her suspiciously.

She laughed softly. "Yeah, I think so. Shower's down the hall. Just drop your wet clothes in the dryer when you're done."

It was nice to be dry again, my hair just damp in auburn curls, floating down my back. Had it grown again? It looked like it.

"There, you look better already." Emily smiled. "Sam's on patrol with Jacob, so why don't we sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet?"

I nodded, sitting down on the sofa, crossing my legs and turning to face her. "So..."

"How was school today?"

"It was okay. Everyone's heard about my new boyfriend, and it seems to be topic of the day.. I wonder if Perez Hilton got hold of the details."

She laughed softly. "I bet Perez Hilton hasn't even heard of small-town Forks."

"Probably not." I spotted a pile of wedding magazines scattered on her coffee table. "So when are you and Sam getting married, then?"

"September." She smiled. "I keep thinking it's ages away, but really, it's creeping up on me, and I haven't made any plans."

"Well, I could help, if you want? Just so you have another girl's perspective on things." I offered.

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Sure I would. I know I haven't know you long, but I already feel like you're a sister to me." I smiled.

She squeezed me in a hug. "Thank you so much Rose! I feel the same. I wanted my cousin Leah to help me out, but she won't do it... you see, she was dating Sam before he imprinted on me, and the bond's impossible to break."

"I'm sorry Em." I apologised, seeing the hurt in her eyes.

"It's okay. She's always been bitter." She shrugged. "Anyway, let's crack open some of these magazines."

"Sure." I smiled, looking up at her.

I couldn't decide whether Emily was like an older sister or a new mother to me. Sadly, she seemed to be both, and it made my stomach twinge just thinking about it.