I don't know what brought me back, especially to this place. I promised myself I wouldn't return. I couldn't, it was too dangerous.

I stared at the tree in front of me. You could still see the remains of our old clubhouse. The clubhouse that I burnt down. The club house where I last saw him.


7 years earlier

"Please Jay, don't go!" A young boy pleaded as he blocked the doorway of the clubhouse. The little girl who he was talking to, me, was being stubborn as she tried to push past him.

"I can't Jakey! It's not safe! Please, let me past!" I cried as I gave one more, feeble try at pushing past him. With no result I collapsed on the floor in tears. Jacob knelt beside me, hugging me close.

"Please Jeda, at least tell me what you are planning! I need to know!" he pleaded, obviously not expecting an answer.

"I…. I'm leaving. I…. h-have to burn the tree house d-d-down so that e-everyone th-thinks that I'm d-d-dead!" I sobbed. I'd always been a smart child, but even a genius made mistakes. Mine was telling him. I knew it would put him in even more danger, but he was my best friend, I couldn't lie or cause him pain.

"What?!!! No, you can't! I WON'T LET YOU!" Jacob yelled, on the verge of tears. With that last word he jumped up and left. I ran over to the edge of the clubhouse, to see him running home.

"NOOO! JAKE DON'T! PLEASE!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!" I called. He didn't answer, just opened the door and ran in. I only had moments left. With that thought fresh in my mind, I ran over to the bag that I had hidden earlier. It was under our camping gear, which we used on summer nights when we slept in the clubhouse. Unzipping the pocket, I grabbed the smallest thing in there. A box of matchsticks. I jumped to the ground, bag on my back. Lighting the matchsticks, (I had grabbed about three) I threw them at different bases of the tree. The clubhouse and tree where in flames in mere seconds.

"JEDA!! JEDA!! NO! NO! NO!" I heard my mother cry. I turned and ran, as fast as I could, before the grown ups got there. I didn't know where I was going. I didn't know how I was going to survive. All I could remember was Jake's accusing and hurt-filled eyes, as he saw the flaming remains of our clubhouse.


A tear trickled down my face at the memory. I had always regretted it. Not what I did, or my reasons why, just the fact that I had betrayed my best friend. I didn't blame him for never returning my emails, I'd given up after six months. It's funny how time flies. I was only eleven when it happened, and now seven years have passed. I'm nearly eighteen, I drive a Ferrari and I am part wolf, part witch. Just like my ancestor, just like my great-grandmother Taini, meaning returning moon. She was best friends with a Black as well. Ephraim Black, actually. Jacob's great-grandfather, chief of the Quilieutes.

My feet were flying before I had even decided it. I had to see him, even if he didn't want me. Even if people asked questions, even if I got hurt, I had to see him. I'd reached Jake's house in a matter of seconds (lets hear it for inhuman speed everyone! YEAHHH!) I could see his siluette in the living room, thanks to my super eye-sight. I also had super hearing, but somehow I missed the person sneaking up on me.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here. It's the little wolf-witch, and she's all grown up!" he said. He looked exactly the same as he had 7 years ago, but less scarier. His blonde hair was gelled into spikes, his skin was still translucent and his eyes were still blood red. Of course, that was a normal trait that came with being a blood-sucking leech. Or what most people called a vampire.

"We've been waiting for you for a very long time. I can't wait to tell the others, of course then I would have to share." He said with a frown, as if he were mulling it over.

"Awww, the poor baby. You know what, how about you forget me and go get yourself a life, since you obviously don't have one! I mean, why would you be stalking me otherwise?" I replied with a smirk plastered on my face. With that last sentence I spun around to start towards the house.

I would have made it too, if I hadn't been hit in the head and sent flying into a garage wall. The next thing I knew, he was on me. Pressing me into the mud earth. I saw his eyes darken slightly, and I knew that it was over for me, unless…… I reacted as soon as the thought entered my head.

"HELPPP!!! JAKE!!!" I screamed as loud as I could (and I am a pretty loud person! :P) I continued to struggle, but next thing I knew I was thrown at the garage wall again. My head hit the metal and then the hard earth beneath me. I could feel a sticky, hot substance running down my face. Blood, I realised. My last thought before I was dragged into the darkness that surely awaited me was, 'I wish I could see Jake just one last time'. Then I passed out, into a sea of blackness.