Fight between brothers

My head hurting from crashing into the tree; I wondered why I wasn't able to steer. Sitting there silently while mom cleaned the cut on my forehead. I heard old man Vic talking to my dad.

"No, wonder he couldn't steer, the harness wires crossed. You turn the left the wheels go right."

"How can that be?" Dad said kneeling down beside the racer and reaching inside and turning the steering wheel himself.

Then a thought occurred to me, Seth had been in the garage for an awful long time last night. I had wondered what he had been up now I guess I knew. Angrily, I turned my wheelchair and wheeled myself down the short distance of road from where I crashed and to where I lived. Seth was outside with a couple of his friends.

"You did it" I shouted at him as I got near to him.

"Did what?" Seth asked sounding confused.

"Messed up the steering on my racer", I said still very angry.

"I didn't touch your stupid racer Justin" Seth said and it sounded like he was trying to stay patient with me. That made me angrier that he wouldn't even admit it.

"Yes, you did you made me wreck"

"You wrecked it was your own fault" Seth replied.

"Justin, why would Seth mess up your racer?" Seth's friend Annie asked.

"Because he's jealous that Dad helped me build it" I replied.

"That is such a crock" Seth said with a hard edge to his voice, I could tell he was starting to get mad. I glared at him wishing he would admit it already. I very rarely picked fights with anybody much more my own brother, but this time I thought I had reason too.

"You're just afraid I'm gonna win"

"You couldn't win if you wanted" Seth retorted.

"Says who" I shouted getting even more angry at him.

"Everyone, mom and dad are only going along because they feel sorry for you" Seth said glaring at me.

"I may be crippled at least I'm not crazy" I shot back at him. Seth stared at me before replying.

"I'm not crazy" I could tell I had surprised him and that he didn't want to lose face in front of his friends.

"No, then how come you see a shrink?" at the look of surprise on his friends faces I continued "that's right my brother, the bigshot, nuts, cookoo, completely wacko"

"Shut up, Justin" Seth screamed getting in my face like he was going to hit me, lucky for me his friends tried to hold him back.

"Come on bigshot hit me" I urged him, I knew he would get in a whole lot of trouble for it and so did he. So he just settled for screaming in my face.

"Just once, just once I wish I could beat you up like a regular brother but I can't because you're special" he yelled getting more angry than I was to begin with. He knew I hated being called special .

"Am not" I shouted back.

"Because of you we can't go on vacations like real families because of you we're always broke." \now that wasn't fair for him to blame that on me so I said the only thing I could think of at the time.

"Shut Up" but Seth continued with his rant: "you wanna know why I go to therapy Justin, it's because I'm sick of all the hassle and I'm sick of you."

I realize that since I pretty much humiliated Seth in front of his friends he was only looking for a way to get back at me and didn't mean what he said. It still hurt nonetheless to hear those words come from his mouth, being stupid and not knowing when to quit I replied:

"So get a lobotomy" Seth glared at me before saying "I hate you I wish you were dead" Seth turned and stormed into the house slamming the door as hard as he could.

I sat there in shocked silence for a minute, I was still angry over Seth messing up my racer, knowing that Seth knew that it could have potentially have killed me. But he doesn't seem to care if you're even alive a little voice in my head said. Sighing I turned my wheelchair around and headed for the garage. I had to get my car fixed before my first race. I rolled into the garage and found Dad already working on the racer. I rolled over silently as I watched him struggle to loosen some wires.

"I heard the shouting match between you and Seth" he said. As loud as we had been it didn't surprise me in the least that he had heard. "so," I said "he started it, he messed with my racer."

"No, he didn't I was the one that got the wires crossed Seth would never do anything that would hurt you" I thought about the last words Seth had said before going into the house:

"I hate you I wish you were dead" Dad for once was wrong, Seth did hurt me, but I wouldn't tell that to Dad. Sighing, I grabbed a tool my Dad was trying to reach but couldn't; I handed it to him but said nothing.

Maybe you should go and apologize to Seth" Dad said "I don't want there to be any bad blood between you two."

Too late I thought some things can't be changed I had the feeling Seth would never talk to me again for as long as we both lived. But I guess I should try to talk to him.

"Seth, will never talk to me again" I told my dad

"Why not?" he asked while pulling on some wires.

"I kinda told everyone about his going to therapy."

"So you humiliated Seth for something he didn't do?" Dad asked.

"At the time I didn't know he didn't do it" I protested "you know how he's been these last few days"

"Yes, I do but you still can't go around accusing people of things they didn't do" Dad said I sighed, I knew I deserved this lecture but I didn't want to hear it.

A few minutes later I heard Mom's van pull out of the drive and I knew she had to go show a house. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to Seth, so I rolled myself out of the garage and into the house, knowing Seth would be in our bedroom, so I rolled down the hallway and opened and shut the door behind me once I was in the room. Taking a deep breath I turned and faced Seth who was lying on the bed tossing and catching his baseball.

"Seth" I said quietly, Seth gave no indication that he was going to answer. "Seth, I want to say sorry, I shouldn't have said what I did" I said quietly hoping he would accept my apology and we could move on with life.

"Too bad the damage is done" was all Seth said putting his ball back on the nightstand beside the bed. He turned over on his side his back towards me.

That went well I thought as I rolled over to my bed and placed my wheelchair right next to the bed and pulled myself and my dead weight legs onto my unmade bed. As I lay down all I could hear was Seth's words:

"I hate you I wish you were dead."