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Chapter 1

Eden could not wait to get home from school. Assassin's Creed, the video game, was coming in the mail today. Her mother had ordered it for her, when she expressed interest in the game one day. It was a eighteenth birthday gift. Her mail box was just a few feet away, now, as she rounded the corner of her neighborhood. When she finally reached her house, there was a package in the mailbox.

Eden jumped up and down, and ran into her house, hoping no one was watching the TV in the living room was her Xbox was set up. The living room was empty, so she cut on her Xbox and opened her game. She put the game in system, and played all day long. Eden ended up getting to the fourth memory block, by the time she got ready for bed.

Eden went upstairs, and kissed her mother goodnight. She also thanks her for the game, and went to her room. She did her nightly ritual, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, and putting on pjs. The necklace that she wore around her neck was laid on her nightstand. This necklace was special. Her grandmother had given it to her. She told her that the necklace had some kind of great power, but she did not know what they were. She lay down on her bed, and went to sleep. Eden failed to see her necklace begin to glow. She failed to realize that time seemed to stop and reverse, and the world around her changed from a bedroom to a busy street.

The women and men stepped over her as she awoke to the sounds of peddlers shouting at their customers. Everyone around her was dress in Arabic robes and turbans wrapped around their heads. Eden grandmother's necklace lay beside her, and she reached to pick it up and put it on her neck.

Eden got up and started walking around. There were about six peddler stands around her, and men that looked like guards were posted everywhere. She looked up to see a huge fortress sitting on top of a hill and it had flags surrounding it that were red and white. There was a symbol on the flags that looked very familiar, so Eden went up to examine one of the flags. That was when she realized were she was, she had travelled back in time to the year Assassin's Creed, the video game, took place. Eden felt light-headed all of a sudden, and ended up fainting. She failed to notice that two guards had come up to her, and a man in a white robe with a red sash picked her up. "Al Mualim will address the spy." Altair said to the guards.

When Eden woke up she was tied to a chair and gagged. A man stood beside her, and she knew his name instantly. 'Altair.' she thought was kind of happy to see her favorite video game character right beside her. She turned in time to see an older man come up behind them.

"Altair, whom have you brought to me?" Al Mualim questioned as he went to stand in front of a huge window that towered his desk. Eden hoped her face did not give it away that she knew them.

"A templar spy, master." Altair said coming to stand in front of her.

"Well, take that rag out of her mouth so that I may address this spy." Al Mualim said.

Eden watched as Altair reached up and yanked the cloth from her mouth. "Master, I bid you leave now." Altair said to Al Mualim.

"No, Altair, I want to you to stay. So, templar spy, why would they send a lone girl into a city that is held by the Creed. I know that you are not alone, so who else is with you?" Al Mualim stated.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I am not a templar." Eden said.

"Well, if you are not a templar, how come I have never seen you before? Or why were you studying my fortress so like you were trying to figure out how to get inside."

Eden tried to explain, but she was cut off. "Altair, let show the templar's what we do with their spies. Get rid of her quickly, so that they may know what happens when you mess with the Creed." Al Mualim said.

Eden was untied from her chair, and jerked up by Altair. "Wait, you have to believe me. I am neither a spy nor a templar." Eden pleaded.

A rope was tied around her wrist, and she was dragged off to an open courtyard that was behind the fortress. She had only a few minutes to convince Altair that she was not a spy, as she pushed down to a kneeling position that over-looked a cliff. She watched as he pulled long blade out of a hidden sheath.

"Wait, I am not a templar spy." she said to Altair, watching as he hesitated with the blade.

"Why should I believe you?" Altair said finally speaking to her.

"Do I look like a spy?" Eden said making a reference to her pj that she still had on. She watched as Altair's gaze ran over her body, and a red tint graced her cheeks as his gazed lingered on her breast.

"No, you don't look like the typical spy." Altair said bringing his gaze up to her face.

"That is because I am not a spy." she said.

"Somehow I feel compelled to believe you. An instinct is telling me that you are telling the truth, so I will believe you for now. If you are lying to me, there will be painful consequences for what I am about to do." Altair said.

"What are you about to do?" Eden said.

"I am going to help you escape, and take you back to your home." Altair said taking the long blade and cutting the rope that was tied to her wrist. "First thing first, let get you out of here." He said.

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