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A Little Yellow Creeper

"All right; that's it you nasty little buggers!" Harry growled as he pulled himself up off the floor.

"Harry!" Draco chided.

"What?" Harry asked, and in the moment it took him to turn his head and utter that one syllable he was tackled to the floor once again as Caleb lunged for his middle while Emmy and Amy went for a leg a piece. "Shit!"

Aiden looked up at Draco, his eyes wide and his mouth a perfect 'O'. "Uncle Harry owes another sickle to the swear jar." he said.

Draco nodded. "I do hope you're keeping count."

Aiden nodded. "I think at this rate he'll be able to put all of us through university."

Draco laughed out loud as he turned his attention back to the scuffle in the middle of their sitting room floor. Emmy and Amy had Harry's wrists pinned to the floor above his head while Caleb sat astride his middle. "You just wait 'til you're older and we can fight proper." Harry threatened.

Caleb shrugged as he leaned down. "I'll still be kicking your arse, old man." He smirked and threw his head back, cackling with glee at the look on his uncle's face.

"That's a sickle to the jar young man." Draco called across the room, frowning.

Caleb grinned back at him before leaning down again. "Totally worth it." He whispered into Harry's ear before going in for the kill.

Draco and Aiden both covered their ears as Caleb tickled Harry's underarms mercilessly; they glanced at each other and shrugged, backing slowly out of the room and abandoning the other man to his ticklish fate.


The war was over; a truce had been called and a signed peace treaty was hanging from the mantle above the fireplace. Pillows from makeshift forts, half eaten bowls of ice cream and chocolate frog wrappers lay strewn about the sitting room floor; the children slept quietly. Harry and Draco peeked in on them through the door; the twins were curled in on one another while Caleb cuddled Aiden to his chest like a giant teddy bear.

"How were they?" Neville asked quietly, peering over their shoulders.

"Energetic." Harry smiled. "They were great, they always are. How was the film?"

Neville shrugged. "It was alright. The girls seemed to like it enough."

"What did you see?"

"Some chick-flick romantic comedy, I don't know." He shrugged again. "They all tend to run together after a while."

Harry nodded. "Is Caleb going home with you then?"

Neville nodded. "Blaise stopped by the Burrow with Ginny to get Jacob and Jarrod and help her get them down but he said he'd be along shortly to get the girls."

"That's fine." Draco nodded before turning his attention back to the sleeping children.

"It's great you know." Neville said softly. Draco turned back to his friend, raising a questioning eyebrow. "Being a father." Neville continued. "You don't know what you're missing."

Harry and Draco stared at each other for moment, smiling. "We know mate." Harry grinned and clapped Neville on the shoulder. "Come on; let's get your little monsters home, yeah."

Neville snorted a laugh, following his friend into the room and taking Aiden up in his arms while Harry grabbed Caleb and hefted him over his shoulder; neither boy stirred. Neville waved to his friend, mouthed a word of thanks and disapparated; Harry lingered a moment, catching Draco's gaze and holding it before he too disappeared.


It was nearly three in the morning before the couple fell into bed, exhausted but content. Draco sighed as Harry wrapped him in his arms and pulled him close; he rested his cheek on his chest, listening to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat. "Harry?"


Draco licked his lips. "Do you ever think about having children?" he asked softly as he toyed idly with a nipple.

Harry was quiet for a moment. "Yes." He whispered.

Draco nodded, his finger still flicking at the little nub. "Do you want children?"

"Do you?"

"I asked first."

Harry smiled. "No." he said softly, opening his eyes to look at his husband.

Draco stared back, his eyes searching Harry's for a moment before he spoke. "Me neither."

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