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A short summary: Shuuhei is a seventeen year old boy and currently head over heels in love with his caretaker, Kensei, who is a stubborn, hot tempered, foulmouthed man. Unfortunately the man is stubbornly straight and goes through everything to prove the point. But luckily, Yumichika decides to give his serious friend a small bit of help to nudge Kensei in the right direction. Hilarious outcome will be unavoidable.


Shuuhei sighed and risked a glance over to at the man on the couch. He didn't look too happy. The dark-haired teen turned back with a wince and went on with scrubbing the dirty tiles in the kitchen. The man ignored the teen's sigh and turned the TV sound up a notch. The booming sound was too loud to feel comforting to Shuuhei's sensitive ears. The teen grimaced as he grabbed the counter and pulled himself up slowly. His back was sore and his hands were red from scrubbing the stains from the clean white tiles.

Shuuhei pushed back a strand of dark black hair and smiled to himself. The stains were gone. Pure white smoothness sparkled up at him and the teen wiped his forehead. A part of him didn't understand why Kensei didn't just call the cleaners right away. He grimaced as he slowly inched back to his room upstairs. The man lay unmoving on the couch as Shuuhei risked another glance. Kensei didn't look like he was enjoying the women with ridiculously huge cleavage on the erotic film. Dark amber eyes bore into the screen like daggers. Shuuhei felt a sense of relief that they were staring at him at the moment. The pale white hair was its usual mess on Kensei's head. A hand carded through the light tresses and made it messier as he shifted on the couch, the black wife beater clinging to his muscular form and Shuuhei drooled as muscles shifted under the thin cotton. He definitely envied that shirt. Kensei had on a pair of loose boxers under the shirt. Shuuhei felt even more jealous of the boxers.

A small sigh escaped the teen as he carefully shut the door to his room and took a deep breath. His hazel eyes wandered over the neatly made bed and desk. Lastly it landed on the pig-shaped cell phone tossed hurriedly onto his bed. His left eye twitched at the horrid pink color. The pig grinned stupidly back at him as he reached out for the phone. His own black cell phone's services had been stopped by Kensei a few weeks back and the new hideous cell phone belonged to Orihime. It was a method of communication just in case he needed help if Kensei tried to smother him with a pillow in his sleep. Shuuhei tossed himself onto the bed and dialed Yumichika's number. The fruity boy answered on the third ring.

"You are such a fucking asshole, Chika. Thanks for completely ruining my life!" he snarled into the phone. A small delighted giggle sounded on the other end and Yumichika asked him what happened. Shuuhei sighed and rolled onto his back. "I did what you suggested and believe me, if it was legal right now, Kensei would have probably strangled me to death and fed me to a fucking dog."

"So he refused you?" Yumichika sounded interested. Shuuhei sighed and sank further down on his bed.

"Yeah…he said you were a bad influence on me." Shuuhei replied truthfully. To his surprise Yumichika laughed.

"Well, it's true I like flirting with men, but you only get influenced when you want to." His playful tone made Shuuhei frown and he sighed into the phone.

"Forget it, I guess I should just leave it be. After all, he doesn't like me the same way. Kensei would freak if he finds out about the dreams I've been having…"

Shuuhei sighed as he hung up, the sounds of Yumichika's laughter still ringing in his ears. He closed his eyes, ears perking up to the sound of the door slamming. It was Kensei's dating time again. He rolled over onto his side and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Shuuhei had been an orphan at the age of twelve. His father left before he could even remember. In Shuuhei's limited memory, he could only remember his mother. She had died when he was ten, leaving him without family. Shuuhei's distant relatives didn't want to take him in but Kensei had attended the funeral and grudgingly took the small boy in. Kensei was Shuuhei's aunt's ex-husband. His mother's sister had been married to him for only half a year before divorcing. In the few years Shuuhei had known Kensei, he slowly understood the woman's wide decision.

Kensei was handsome and rich. That was true. He came from a rich family and had tons of female admirers. But every man had a fault. In Kensei's case, there wasn't just one fault. He was a foul tempered, easily angered, smoking and drinking man. Not the best kind of husband in Shuuhei's ideal mind. But then, the man had been the only one willing to adopt a sniveling kid when all of his true relatives turned him down. Shuuhei was glad of that. The only bad thing was that he was hopelessly in love with the gruff man and Kensei was one hundred percent straight, if not two hundred.

Halfway through his musings, he fell asleep. When Shuuhei woke up, the digital clock on the mantle showed eight thirty p.m. He laid there for a few moments before deciding to get up. His stomach rumbled in displeasure and Shuuhei shuffled down the stairs to the kitchen, not bothering to turn the lights on. Kensei wasn't home anyway. He himself didn't mind the darkness much. Shuuhei pulled out last night's leftovers and heated it in the oven before swallowing down the dull tasting food. Kensei hadn't eaten a bite last night.

Shuuhei finished off the rice and fish before pouring himself a glass of milk from the fridge. The leftovers were polished off so he had to make something new. He glanced at the wall clock and frowned. It was a quarter past nine. Kensei wouldn't be back until midnight, but he started the stove anyway. For an hour and a half, Shuuhei cooked. The delicious aroma of cake drifted from the huge kitchen. After making enough for the man to eat, Shuuhei washed his hands and put all the food in a thermos. Then the exhausted teen dragged himself upstairs and took a long hot bath. By the time he came out, it was eleven thirty. There should be thirty more minutes till Kensei came back from the nightclubs downtown.

Shuuhei settled himself onto the couch with a thin quilt and turned on the TV. He flipped through the channels until he came upon a sappy love story. It was the best thing to distract him and bore him. The teen could already feel sleep coming up. His eyes caught sight of the thick leather jacket tossed on the ground rather messily and sighed before untangling himself from the sheets and walking over to pick it up. He hugged the heavy thing and curled up underneath it. Shuuhei blushed as he leaned in and took in a whiff of Kensei's unique smell. He sighed as he felt more and more sleepy. Shuuhei clutched the jacket tighter to his chest and closed his eyes.

Kensei ran a hand through his messy pale hair and rolled his eyes at the traffic lights before roughly pressing the horn. The rude sound made the old woman crossing the street in front of him jump slightly and she shot him a dark glare as she shuffled past. Kensei rolled his eyes, his mood dark. The small red Porsche's windows were open and he allowed the cool wind to blow past him, ruffling his hair. Kensei's thoughts went back to the boy's confession three weeks ago.

"Kensei-san…" the tentative voice made Kensei look up and he pulled off the silver framed glasses off his face and glared at the awkward teenager in front of him. "Ah…can we talk?"

Kensei rolled his eyes and frowned as he turned in his swivel chair. The boy's face was flushed a cute pink and he was biting his slightly swollen lips. Shuuhei clutched his jacket nervously. Kensei pointed to the couch in the study and the boy shuffled over. He didn't speak at first. The man's patience wore out and he stood up with a growl, walking over to the boy and yanking him up by the collar.

"I thought I told you to spit it out when you what to say something!" he snarled in annoyance. "You know how I hate it when you stutter…"

The pale haired man's amber eyes widened as the boy looked up, his eyes dark and glazed, lips parted and breathing harshly. Pale cheeks were flushed and for a moment Kensei felt a flash of heat go through him at the vulnerable look. A trembling hand came up to his cheek.

"I think I'm in love with you… Kensei-san…" the words were in barely a whisper but Kensei heard it all and he wished he hadn't. Then Shuuhei had somehow summoned up the guts to reach out and press his lips against the frozen man still gripping his collar. The soft sweet mouth parted for him and Shuuhei's pink tongue darted out shyly, coaxing Kensei to respond. His touch trembled against the man's cheek and for a moment Kensei lost control.

The boy's hazel eyes widened as Kensei shoved him against the soft leather, his tongue roughly violating the soft mouth as he caught the boy's tongue and sucked on it. Teeth gently nicked Shuuhei's lower lip and Kensei sucked on it roughly, his tongue lapping at the smooth soft flesh. Shuuhei's small groan of pleasure shot straight to his groin and Kensei growled lowly and shoved his knee between Shuuhei's legs before rubbing harshly.

The boy broke the kiss with a loud gasp and used both hands to clutch at Kensei's broad shoulders, hips moving against the knee pushing between his spread thighs. The loose shirt slipped off one pearly shoulder and Kensei lapped at the smooth skin before biting down harshly. Shuuhei cried out in pain and he snapped out of his spell. The man drew back in horror. The sight of Shuuhei, flushed and aroused greeted him and Kensei hated himself for finding it sexy somehow. The boy licked his lips and ducked his head nervously.

"Get out. Get the fuck out of here!" Kensei said hoarsely. He freaked out and practically dragged the boy out of his study before sinking down onto the ground with a groan. Kensei buried his face in his hands and groaned. The stiff erection pressed against his tight jeans and Kensei cursed his body. He was so fucked.

A horn blast pulled him out of his daze and Kensei flipped the guy off before shifting gears and driving off. The night at the club didn't help much. He had tried the new girls, even had them strip dance in his lap but none worked. He couldn't get it up. Then he thought of Shuuhei in the tight leather skirt, ass up in his lap and flushing pink in embarrassment. His hand drifted over a smooth feminine thigh and Kensei groaned. His little buddy seemed intent on getting into Shuuhei's pants. The man lit a cigarette and took a huge lungful of smoke. It didn't help much. He still felt restless.

It was so true. He was so fucked. And it was all Shuuhei's fault.

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