Hey guys, I was bored in class so I decided to write some poems, and one ended up as a Harry/Voldemort thing. Dunno if I have to label it as a story or a poem. Probably something in between.

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A starry night.
Clouds rush over my head.
I walk down the alley.
Become one with the darkness.
Red eyes watch me,
Pierce in my back.

Come to me now,
I don't care if you kill me.
The Light's going down,
Now their savior has fallen.
Chess pieces,
Once standing so proud,
Are flicked over and scarred.

I see you, hiding,
Why don't you come out?
I can't hurt you,
There's no use,
Now I've finally given up.
Let me see that green light,
I saw so often,
In my dreams.

Your pale hands reach for me.
A flash in your eyes.
What emotion flickers there?
You seem to hide it well.
How would I understand,
How a madmans mind works?
I lift my head,
A smile on my lips.
I meet your crimson gaze,
And am prepared to die.

I am a runaway,
Who couldn't take it anymore.
I am a runaway,
Who couldn't handle,
The fate of the world.

Your cold lips on mine,
Like kissing a ghost.
Confusion and peace,
Whirl both in my head.
You pick me up,
And dissappear in the night.
Now I am safe,
For the first time in my life.

What do I have to lose?

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