This story was inspired by that episode in DNAngel where Risa trades placed with Riku so Riku can pass her cooking exam for her. Yup. I'll give my props.


Chapter 1: The Old Switcharoo

"PLEASE, Sora!" Roxas said, clasping his hands to his chest.

Sora shifted his gaze. "But it's cheating."

"It's my midterm! If I don't get a good grade on it, I'll flunk! And it's only cheating if you get caught," Roxas reasoned. "Sora, we're identical twins, no one's gonna notice! You just have to cook one, single, simple meal! And you're a wonderful cook! It'll be a piece of cake!"

"But I wear glasses, and you don't," Sora said, adjusting his frames.

"You have contacts, Sora," the blonde reminded him.

The brunette hesitated. "…but what about me? I can't go missing on a class day…"

"Got it covered," the younger twin said. He pulled out a bunch of papers from his back pocket. "Fake doctor's notes. You want pneumonia, gastroenteritis, or meningitis? Or we can just stick with the simple fever or flu. But since you're ranked Number 1 in the class, you might want something heavy. That way it looks good." He held up a slip of paper. "Ooh, how about smallpox?"

"There hasn't been a natural case of smallpox since 1977, Roxas," Sora said.

"Oh. Meningitis, then?"

Sora looked down, pondering. Though they were identical twins, he and Roxas had never been close. Sora was quiet, intelligent and (sadly) rather friendless due to his exceptional lack of social skills. Roxas on the other hand was talkative, of average intelligence, and quite popular. They were like opposite poles of a magnet, and they had never seen eye to eye. It wasn't like they fought. They just weren't… like other brothers. The fact that Sora had skipped three grades—which pegged him as a senior class and Roxas as a freshman—didn't better their situation either.

So now Roxas, his younger brother by two minutes, was actually asking for his help. For once, Sora could actually be like an older brother and be there for him.

All right. It was cheating. And Sora didn't approve of that. But…

…Roxas was his brother.

"What do I do if people talk to me?" Sora asked, readjusting his wig. It was 6:00 on a Friday morning and they were in the bathroom. Their parents were very good lawyers and had their own business, Hikari Law Firm, to boot. Despite the large amount of money coming in, they were almost always out of the house compiling data for their cases.

Roxas sighed. "You talk back, Sora," he said.

"What should I say?"

"Anything. Normal human being stuff like video games, movies or even the weather! Just don't talk about homework. You'll give yourself away. Oh, and you already know my friends, Olette, Pence and Hayner. They've been over, like, a hundred times."

"But what if people I don't know come and talk to me?"

"Then pretend you didn't hear them," Roxas said. "Or stuff your ears with headphones and listen to your iPod. Then they wouldn't talk to you. And if they do… well, you're smart—you'll think of something."

Sora took his contact lenses from their case and put them in. He winced as the solution stung a little. His younger brother held something up, a small bottle.

"What's that?" Sora asked.

"Temporary hair dye," Roxas said. "For your eyebrows. They've gotta be blonde too, Sora. It's better than dying them blonde, but you have to stay away from water or it'll wash off."

Roxas had come into the world as a brunette. But when he became a freshman in high school he died his hair blonde and styled it differently so that he could be readily distinguished from Sora.

Roxas unscrewed the top of the bottle. There was a masquera brush attached to the top and he began brushing Sora's eyebrows blonde. When he was done he turned his older brother to the mirror and looked very pleased.

"Perfect!" he said. "You look just like me!"

He turned Sora back to him.

"All right. You got my schedule memorized?"

"Yes," Sora said. "First period: Algebra 2, Room 204. Second period: Home Economics, Room 300. Third period: English 2, Room 210. Lunch. Fourth period: World History, Room 207. Fifth period: Chemistry, Room 214."

Roxas beamed and suddenly threw his arms around him, surprising his older brother. "Thanks Sora," he said earnestly. "I know that you can't exactly say that we're joined-at-the-hip kind of twins, but you're helping me out anyway. So I really appreciate this." The blonde pulled away and placed both his hands on Sora's shoulders, beaming. "Tell you what, if you need a date, I could set you up with someone. It's guaranteed to make you look cooler!"

Sora laughed a little. "Thanks, Roxas."


Sora stood at the steps of his school. He had an odd feeling. It was still his school, he was just attending it as 'Roxas' instead of 'Sora,' but it still felt weird.

The brunette adjusted his school tie nervously. Destiny High required the students to wear uniforms so Sora didn't have to worry about his attire. Remembering Roxas' advice, he took out his headphones and placed them in his ear. Then he turned on his iPod, took a deep breath, walked up the steps and went in.

As always, the morning was packed, and Sora had to fight his way through hallway to make it to Roxas' Algebra 2 class.

But before Sora could open the door, someone called him.

"Roxas! Hey Roxas!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Sora saw a heavyset boy, a brunette girl and a sandy-haired boy coming towards him.

'Pence, Olette and Hayner,' Sora told himself.

"Hey guys!" Sora said, trying to sound as chipper as possible.

"Sup, Rox. You ready for the big home ec test?" Hayner playfully punched him in the arm. "I still can't believe you took that class if you coulda gone for something cooler like Computer Science or something."

"Hahaha… well… I…" Sora quickly thought of something. But why did Roxas take home ec in the first place!?!?!?

"I… Sora… I… wanted to make my meals for myself!" Sora answered. "I mean, Sora always cooks my meals, and… I… didn't… wanna… bother him… so much…" All right, the last part sounded a little weak, but other than that the explanation was quite acceptable.

"Well, it's nice of your brother to make your meals for you," Olette commented.

"Yeah… at least he can cook," Hayner said, looking up to the ceiling in thought. "I mean, the last time my mom tried to cook it looked liked a rock!"

"What was it supposed to be?" Pence asked.

"Mashed potatoes!"

They all laughed. Sora was enjoying himself. The only friends he had were the teachers. Other than that, he had no friends his age that he could talk to. It was nice feeling normal for once, even if he was pretending to be Roxas.

As they walked inside the classroom Sora stopped in his tracks.

'Oh no…' he thought.

Sora had no idea where Roxas sat. Nervously, he made his way to a random desk.

"Roxas, you desk's over here," Hayner said, pointing to a desk by the window.

"O-Oh, right…" Sora said, taking his seat.

"You feeling all right?" the sandy-blonde looked at him suspiciously.

"Of course!" Sora replied. "It's just that my home ec test is... making me... space out, you know?"

Hayner looked like he believed him and sat down in his desk. Olette took the desk behind Sora and Pence sat in the desk to Sora's right.

Vexen Dunnum, the Algebra 2 teacher, came in when the bell rang.

"Good morning, class," he said as he wrote the date on the board.

"Good morning, Mr. Dunnam," the class responded.

"I know it's Friday, but we're going to go and start with the new chapter. Did anyone read ahead by any chance?"

Of course no one did, but Vexen decided to humor himself. He scanned the faces of his class briefly.

"Roxas Hikari!" he called. "Can you tell me the equation for finding the sum of n terms in a geometric sequence?"

"S sub n is equal to u sub 1, parenthesis, r superscript n minus 1, closing parenthesis, all over r minus 1 where r doesn't equal 1," Sora answered automatically. He was already in Advanced Calculus. Algebra 2 was practically a cakewalk.

"That's… precisely correct…" Mr. Dunnam said with evident surprise. "Good job, Roxas."

Hayner turned around and gave Sora a look that said: You READ AHEAD???

Sora shrugged sheepishly.

'Right… I have to be careful with my answers…' Sora reminded himself.

Even though Sora already knew the material, he took diligent notes for Roxas to look over later. Plus, it gave him something to do.

The bell rang and Mr. Dunnam dismissed them.

"See you later!" Sora said, and he left the classroom.

"Good luck, Roxas!" Olette said, beaming.

"Yeah, good luck!"

Hayner gave him an encouraging thumbs up.

Sora felt himself grin back at them. "Thanks!"

'Roxas is really lucky,' Sora thought, '…to have such great friends.'


The cooking room was composed of four separate strips of counters each with four sinks each, cupboards with all the necessary cutlery equipment and enough room for a team of two to cut up ingredients. There were stools for the students to sit. Around the perimeter of the room was a series of ovens, cupboards filled with canned goods, noodles and spices and microwaves (which were snuggly encased in wood between the cupboards). In the front of the class was a large refrigerator with vegetables, fruits, meats, and other ingredients.

The older Hikari picked a random cooking station and set his backpack next to his stool.

Sora was surprised to see Axel Lea there with his foot propped up on the table and leaning back on a stool.

He had heard of Axel before. He was supposedly nineteen (though he looked as if he were twenty-one or so) and the captain of the soccer team. It was rumored that he dealt drugs and porn, was a gang leader and carried a switchblade on his person at all times. The blood-red tattoos--shaped like small, long diamonds-- underneath his eyes only served to feed the rumors of his gang membership and had been the talk of the school for a week when he got them. He was smart though. He was ranked 29th out of their senior class.

"Hey Roxas!" Axel said, flashing Sora a grin.

Sora was surprised. He had figured that Axel would be the more silent get-the-fuck-away-from-me-or-I'll-cut-you-up types (the few times Sora had seen Axel, the redhead never spoke to him.) He also thought that Roxas wouldn't hang out with someone like Axel, but apparently his brother's social skill held no bounds.

The older Hikari flashed a smile. 'What was that casual phrase people use to start conversations?' Sora thought to himself. 'Oh yeah...'

"What's up, Axel?" he said.

"Nuthin' much," Axel said as he lifted his feet from the table and let the chair plant to the ground. "Ready for the test?"


"Whatcha gonna cook?"

"Um, it'll depend on what's here," Sora answered. "Maybe a soup. Soups are always easy."

Axel snorted. "Coming from a guy who set a table on fire last class?"

'Roxas set a table on fire!?!' Sora thought, his eyes widening.

"W-Well, we'll see what happens," the older Hikari said, shrugging.

The rest of the class came in. Some by themselves, others in groups. There were people that waved and said 'hello' to Sora (thinking he was Roxas of course), but none of them were people he knew. Sora thought that one of the girls who sat in the back was in his Computer Programming class though. In total, there were about fourteen people in this class. There were more than enough cooking stations to accommodate one person per station.

Finally the teacher walked in, Marluxia Einhardt. He was a tall man with pink hair and was… Well, people would describe him as 'fruity,' Sora described him as 'gay' (in the homosexual sense and the happy sense.) To justify these labels: Mr. Einhardt's hair was pink, he taught a cooking class, he always wore flower print clothing, he carries a flower named 'Eduardo' with him at all times, he skips to classes, he gets way too close to pretty male students (Sora swore that Mr. Einhardt tired to grab his ass once), and he is often seen hopelessly trying to grab the attention of Zexion Alabasta, a fellow student who wasn't even in any of his cooking classes. Though, it wasn't like he was hated. He was liked by both sexes due to his catchy, eccentric behavior.

"Good morning, good morning!" Mr. Einhardt said. "I hope everyone's prepared for our test today! Now remember, you only have to cook one meal. I will taste it and then give you your grade. I'm looking forward to all of your wonderful creations! Let's get right to it!"

The class got up from their seats and went to the refrigerator. Sora quickly made his way there to get the best ingredients before they were taken.

Sora walked into the refridgerator to get one small onion, two medium carrots, three cloves of garlic, butter, some pre-roasted, skinless chicken breasts and cream cheese. He deposited the ingredients on his work station and then went to the pantry to get one thirty-two ounce can of chicken broth, poultry seasoning for the chicken, dumpling noodles and flour. Sora took out several bowls, a cutting board and a knife from the cupboard beneath him and began to chop the carrots into thin slices with precise skill.

Axel, who was a few stations away from Sora, looked at him with a raised brow.


Sora too engrossed in his cooking to respond.


"H-huh? Yes?" He turned to Axel.

"You sure you can handle all that? I thought you said you were going to go with something simple." Axel was referring to the fact that Sora had gotten more ingredients than all the other students.

"Of course," Sora said. But then he remembered that Roxas was so terrible at cooking that he nearly set a table aflame. "S-Sora tutored me yesterday. So I should be fine," he added quickly.

"Oh," Axel began cutting the lettuce he had picked out. "You're lucky Roxas, the lunch your brother packs for you is always delicious."

What bothered Sora about that sentence is that Axel didn't say 'looks delicious.' He said 'is always delicious' as if he sampled some of Roxas' lunch.

'Roxas shares his lunch with Axel?' Sora thought. The brunette thought that Roxas would have lunch with his friends, Hayner, Pence and Olette.

'Hm…' The older Hikari shrugged his shoulders.

After cutting the onions, carrots, garlic and shredding the chicken, Sora placed them in separate bowls, and then headed to the stove and oven. There he left his ingredients, went back to his station and got two large pots, an extra bowl, a regular silver spoon and large, wooden spoon.

Sora filled one of the pots with water, placed it on the stove, turned the stove on and then poured in the packet of dumpling noodles he got.

Mr. Einhardt looked over Sora's shoulder nervously. "Roxas?"

"Yes, Mr. Einhardt?" Sora answered.

"Please watch your pot. It's boiling," the teacher advised. Sora guessed that boiling water had something to do with Roxas' fire incident.

"Yes, Mr. Einhardt," Sora said. While the noodles were cooking, Sora heated up another pot at medium-high heat on the stove and placed in the butter, onions, carrots and a pinch of salt. Sora stirred them occasionally with the wooden spoon to keep them from burning.

With two pots on the stove, Mr. Einhardt observed him anxiously and his eyes flicked back and forth from Sora to the fire extinguisher.

"Roxas, can you tell me what you're making?" the teacher asked.

"Chicken noodle soup," Sora replied.

When the carrots were a little tender, Sora added garlic, broth, a cup of water, a teaspoon of poultry seasoning and then finally the chicken. Sora checked his noodles, they were soft and ready. The older Hikari donned on oven gloves, picked up the pot of noodles, went to his workstation and set it on a thick heat-conducting mat next to the sink. Then he quickly rummaged for the strainer in the cupboard, placed it in the sink and then poured the contents of the pot into the strainer. Sora shook the strainer, taking out excess water and then went over to the stove and poured the noodles in.

The chicken noodle soup he was cooking filled the classroom with a delicious aroma. Many of his classmates glanced over Sora's shoulder to see what he was doing.

Mr. Einhardt eased farther and farther from Sora as he realized he knew what he fairly in control.

Sora got a ladle and took out 1/2 cup of the soup into the extra bowl he had brought before. Then he blended in two tablespoons of flour and stirred with the regular, silver spoon until it mixed evenly. Then, Sora poured the mixture back into the pot and let the soup cook for another four minutes while stirring in cream cheese. When he was done he turned off the stove.

"Roxas this is outstounding!" Mr. Einhardt said, sampling the soup. "You must extend my thanks to your brother! You said he made up this recipe himself?"

"Yes," Sora answered. "But it's only one I know. He was... very critical when he was teaching me." He hoped his sentence would explain why Roxas would be back to his horrible cooking on Monday.

Five minutes till the class ended, Sora was cleaning up his station.

"Hey Roxas, you were pretty amazing back there," Axel said.

"Thanks, Axel," Sora said as he sprayed multi-purpose windex on his cooking station and wiped it around with a paper towel.

"Mind if I borrow this?" Axel said, holding up the windex.


The redhead took some paper towels and began cleaning his own workstation.

"Hey, did you hear that Riku's throwing a party tomorrow?" Axel said.

"Riku? Riku Yorushi?" Sora looked up from his workstation.

Riku Yorushi was Axel's best friend. He was a senior, ranked Number 2, rich, extremely handsome, and was famous for the best parties at his mansion at 1243 Larkin Avenue, which was located on the prestigious Kingdom Estates. Yes, Sora did know where he lived. Not because he was creepy, but because it was well-known knowledge in the student body.

"Yeah, you gonna go? It'll be fun," Axel said, throwing the paper towels away.

"I don't know…"

"I'd like to see you there."

There was something about his tone that irked something inside of Sora.

What was it? Sora couldn't put his finger on why the way his sentence bothered him.

But about Riku Yorushi's party. Should he go? Sora had never been invited to a party like a normal teenager before. He'd always been too busy studying or doing extra credit work. And no one ever bothered to ask him due to his poor social skills.

For once, he could be around people that would want to talk to him. ('All right, people that would want to talk to "Roxas"' Sora admitted inwardly.) He could reach a point of semi-normality. Perhaps he could even gather data on how to socialize with others properly.

"Sure," Sora answered. "I'll go."

"Great! I'll see you there, then!" The taller boy clapped Sora on the shoulder, grinning. "Need a ride?"

"N-no, I can get there on my own." Sora could take a bus to Riku Yorushi's place. "I'll see you later, Axel." He slipped Roxas' backpack strap over his shoulder and left the classroom.

To clear himself from the problem of finding Roxas' seat, Sora waited for Hayner (who Roxas said was in all of his classes.) He'd chat—a skill he was gradually getting better at—with Hayner outside the classroom, and then when it was time for class, most of the seats would be filled, ruling them out. All Sora had to do from there was follow where Hayner would sit. The older Hikari figured that his brother would pick a seat next to Hayner, so Sora sat in an empty desk near him.

It worked. Sora didn't have a problem finding his seat for the rest of the day.

Their school had three different lunch periods to keep the lunchroom from getting too full. Sora's lunch period was earlier than Roxas', so he didn't know where he would sit as he walked into the lunchroom.

"Roxas! Over here!" Olette called from a table. Hayner and Pence waved at him.

Sora sighed with relief and then went over to their table. As he walked, he saw Riku Yorushi, easily distinguishable by his silver hair, and Axel Lea sitting with several other people a few tables away.

Axel caught Sora's eye and the older Hikari swore that he saw the redhead wink at him. Sora wasn't sure what to do.

'His action was discreet,' Sora reasoned. 'Therefore reciprocal action should be discreet as well.'

Sora nodded back.

"Hey, Roxas!" Hayner said, biting into an apple. "Not gonna hang out with Axel today, huh?"

"Yeah," Sora responded.

'So sometimes Roxas ate his lunch with Axel, that's how he eats some of it,' the older Hikari reasoned.

"So did you find out if it was true what they said about him being a gang leader?" Pence asked, leaning forward with interest.

"I dunno," Sora said, unpacking his lunch (a banana, orange juice and some beef stroganoff packed in an insulating plastic container.)

"Wow, your lunch looks good, Roxas!" Hayner said, taking his spork and stabbing a bit of the beef stroganoff.

"H-Hey!" Sora protested. Though he knew Hayner wasn't being mean by stealing a bit of his lunch, he should have at least asked.

Hayner grinned at him. "Give me a break, Roxas. I buy my lunch all the time!"


Sora shut the door behind him and signed. He was finally home. He pulled the wig off and ruffled his chocolate-colored hair. The wig had been hot and itchy, it was relief to take the stupid thing off.

"So how'd it go?" Roxas asked. Since both their parents worked during the day, Roxas had no problem as he stayed home by himself.

"Great," Sora said, placing Roxas' backpack on the ground.

"No one noticed, huh?"

"No. No one." The brunette wanted to ask Roxas about his relationship with Axel, but he figured it was too intimate and it was none of his business anyway. He went to the bathroom to wash out the dye from his eyebrows.

"Hey, Roxas?" Sora called from the bathroom as he wiped his eyebrows dry.

"Yeah?" his younger brother answered from his room.

"Is it true that you lit a table on fire your last Home Economics class?"

"Oh. Yeah… So you heard about that…"

That night, in between studying for his Advanced Calculus and reading The Stranger for his World Literature classes, Sora was pondered the chances of his escape to the party. Of course, he'd have to hope that Axel—given that he and Roxas were as close as Sora determined—would not call his younger brother and ruin Sora's plan. He still had the blonde wig that he wore yesterday, and if memory served Roxas placed the temporary eyebrow dye in the left cabinet beneath the bathroom counter.

He had everything he needed at hand in order to impersonate Roxas. The only variable that were out of his control was Roxas' cell phone.

Oh yes, and there was the potential problem that Roxas could call Axel during the party.

'Roxas' phone calls will have to be restricted,' Sora thought. He let the thought linger for a second before laughing softly. 'Listen to me! What am I—a spy?'

Sora leaned back into his chair, which relined backwards a little at his weight. 'Well…' The brunette faced his computer and drummed his fingers on his desk. He glanced at his cellphone, a slick Blackberry Bold.

'There's an app for just about everything,' Sora quoted the famous iPhone app commercial.

He could create a BlackBerry app that would monitor Roxas' phone calls out and would reroute incoming phonecalls to his own BlackBerry.

'I can do that,' Sora thought. He was confident in his programming skills.


[The next day, Saturday]

At around 6:30 PM, Sora was standing by his door and slinging his messenger bag over his shoulder. He pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

"Hey Roxas!" Sora called over his shoulder. "I'm heading to the library to do some research. I probably won't be back until late night."

"Got it," Roxas answered absentmindedly. It wasn't rare for Sora to spend most of his time at the library and come back late. Sometimes the older Hikari would lose track of time and not come home 'til the wee hours of the morning.

"I'll see you later."


Sora shut the door behind him and walked. The brunette walked a down the street and turned right on each street he came across which eventually led him back at his house. There, he snuck around the back, pried open his room's window (he had left open) and quietly got in. Once inside, Sora placed on the wig and then brushed his eyebrows blonde with the hair dye he took from the bathroom cabinet. Using the mirror in his room, Sora removed his glasses and placed on his contacts. Then, he checked himself in the mirror. He had kahki-colored cargo pants and a white T-shirt with black sleeves--the only shirt Sora had that didn't have a collar. He made sure his BlackBerry was secured in his pocket before opening his window again and leaving.

The older Hikari walked to the bus stop at LaSall, three streets from his house. The bus was there in seven minutes. Sora had the bus route memorized. After two stops the bus would stop by Atlec, which was only a short ways from Kindom Estates. Sora would get off there and attend the party. At the Atlec bus stop, a bus came on the hour and then thirty-minutes passed the hour. After the party, Sora would take the bus back at 8:30 PM. It was a forty-five minute ride back home (for the bus had to go through its circular route before stopping back at LaSall) and then a ten minute walk back. Optimistically, he should be home by 9:30 PM

Sora fished out his BlackBerry from his pocket and activated the Tracking App he made and uploaded last night. Roxas hadn't done anything. He was probably studying for his Algebra 2 midterm on Monday so he wouldn't be making any calls soon.

'Theoretically,' Sora reminded himself.

The bus stopped at its first destination. Sora could feel his heartbeat already racing with excitement.

He had never been to an actual party before.

His excitement seemed to make time slow down, so to pass the time, Sora played Sudoku on his BlackBerry. Though, he anxiously kept looking up to make sure that he didn't miss his stop.

Atlec came into view. The bus slowed to stop and Sora got off. The older Hikari walked and within minutes he was already at the entrance of Kingdom Estates. As this was a private estate, the gate was guarded by a password. Sora punched it in. (To reiterate, Sora wasn't a stalker. The Kingdom Estates password was common knowledge to students.) As he turned the corner onto Larkin, he could see a massive amount of cars parallel-parked along the sidewalk. In the distance, he could see a crowd of people clustered around the only three story house on the street--the only three-story house on the block for that matter.

Sora nervously shoved his hands into his pockets as he continued on his way to the party.

The recipe that Sora used in Roxas' home ec class is a real recipe that I use. It's wonderful! It's so delicious… Mmm… It can't be good for you with all that cream cheese. Though it does have some vegetables! Yay vegetables! I like putting potatoes in it too. It's very good. Small, cube cut potatoes. Now I feel like making some.

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