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Chapter 2: The Party

Riku Yorushi's house was a magnificently decorated, large, old mansion that was modeled after early 18th century homes with obvious French influence on the architecture. It was rectangular-shaped. The main body of the mansion had three stories, while arms that extended out had only two stories.

Sora recognized some of the people standing and chatting on the front lawn.

There was Larxene Autant-Lara, the French transfer student who was rumored to have slept with everyone (minus Sora.) She was fluent in French, German and English and was part of Riku's group. She was also blonde, had a high-pitched voice, fairly intelligent and is ranked Number 12 in their senior class. Larxene stood by the door chatting with another girl.

Demyx Ross was also there, easily distinguishable by his Mohawk and guitar strapped to his back which he took with him at all times. He had sandy-blonde hair, loved music and unlike mostly everyone in Riku's group he was ranked Number 234 out of their senior class. That was due to the fact that he only slept, talked, breathed, used the computer, ate, wrote music, played his guitar and did nothing else.

Much to Sora's surprise, next to Demyx was Zexion Alabasta. He was in Sora's Advanced Mathematics class and was ranked Number 3 in their senior class. He was mature, had lilac-colored hair and was reserved. Sora wondered why he was here. He didn't even look like he was having fun and Sora thought for sure that a party would be too noisy for him. Though Zexion was more successful at having friends than Sora was, the older Hikari rarely saw him without his nose buried in a book. Even now, there was a one-inch book in his hands as Demyx spoke to him.

Demyx waved at Roxas. "Hey, Roxas!" he said, bouncing to him. "Axel said you'd come, but I wasn't sure if you'd really would! It's your first party, babe! You excited?"

The second-to-last statement put Sora's mind at ease. For a few moments he was worried that Roxas often sneaked out to Riku Yorushi's parties. Now at least Sora didn't have to worry about acting too strangely (and about his brother being a delinquint.)

"Y-yeah," the older Hikari said. He thought of something conversational to say. "So what's up?"

"Oh nothing," Demyx said. "Been trying to write a song but I guess Yersinia hasn't given me any ideas yet."


"Yersinia Pestis, my guitar. Yeah, I changed her name again. But this one sounds way cooler than the last one. Riku thought of it!"

Yersinia Pestis was a gram negative, rod-shaped bacteria, carried by fleas, and caused the bubonic plague that killed about 2/3rds of Europe's population.

"You named your guitar after a pathogenic bacteria?" Sora asked.

"Hm?" Demyx looked at him oddly.

"Um, I mean!" the older Hikari said quickly. "You'll get a song eventually! Just… don't overthink it."

"Sure! Thanks, Roxas!" Demyx patted him on the back.

Riku's garage opened and Reno Lea, Axel's older brother, peered out. He whistled at Demyx.

"Oh!" the mohawked teenager jumped excitedly. "Gotta go, Roxy! I've got a show to do!" He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "SHOWTIME EVERYONE!" before racing off into Riku Yorushi's garage. People immediately began moving to the garage.

Sora wondered if he should follow. He was about to go into the mansion, but then he saw Zexion actually close his book and began making his way to the garage. Curious as to what kind of performance would draw even the silent Zexion, Sora followed him.

Riku Yorushi's garage was enormous, easily accommodating four cars at least. However, the cars had been moved out and in their place was a stage topped off with a band. Demyx had his precious Yersinia Pestis in his hands and was standing in front of the microphone, Reno Lea had a bass, and a burly, large, well-built man with side burns that uncannily resembled a gorilla's was behind a drum set.

"Good evening, Destiny High!" Demyx shouted into the microphone. His loud voice was magnified practically a thousand-fold and Sora instinctively clamped his hands over his ears. Demyx continued. "We're Oathkeeper Oblivian and we'll be your entertainment for tonight!"

The crowd erupted with a thunderous combination of whooping, cheering and whistling. Sora couldn't stop himself from cringing at the volume. True, the older Hikari had always wanted to come to a concert like a normal teenager, but he valued his hearing far more.

"This song goes out to my second-favorite sexy bitch, Larxene!" he shouted. Sora wondered how Larxene would react to that statement and began looking for her. He spotted her to the right of the stage, leaning on a piano he hadn't noticed before, with a rather flattered smirk.

"Larxene, you're my source of most frustration," Demyx began with a Reno starting off with a bass strum.

"Forget when I don't meet expectationsEverything you wished came true
"In the end we all blamed you

Even though, as they all know
You weren't the only one two three four…"

Demyx joined in with a sudden guitar strum and the hulkish man behind the drums began to play. Altogether they formed an up-tempo, rock-punk sound.

"Why do you still keep it around
When you know it brings me down,
I'm hating everything
And I know that you dated other guys
But I gotta wonder why
You'd leave it out for me."

All at once, the crowd, in unison with Demyx, shouted "SHIT!"

Sora jolted, alarmed. But upon looking around quickly he rationalized that this was part of the song.

"Why am I still hanging around
When I know it brings me down
I'm hating everything
And you are getting rides home in his car
You're making out in his front yard
I'm hating everything

"Please don't remind me
Put your past behind me
It shines so bright it blinds me
I wish that "this" would end
And I am not fine
Last night I saw you online
Your screen name used to be mine
Why can't we just pretend

Sora could barely make out the lyrics above the loud music. Deciding that the welfare of his ears was being severely threatened by the monstrous volume, Sora made his way out of the crowd, pushing and shoving more than he was used to.

"And if we could have another day
I've got so much left to say
I'd tell you everything"

"Excuse me!" Sora said pushing passed one last person.

'Freedom!' the older Hikari thought as he rejoiced in his ability to breathe freely. In the back he could still hear Demyx singing.

"And I'll laugh when I think about the past
When I see you after class you're hating everything

"Please don't remind me
Put your past behind me
It shines so bright it blinds me
I wish that "this" would end"

"Roxas!" someone called, simultaneously slapping the brunette's ass as they did so.

Sora jumped, and he fought down the urge to yelp. He whipped around, intending to be furious with whoever disregarded his personal bubble so blatantly—

"Glad you could make it!" Axel said, grinning widely.

The older Hikari glared at him.

"And I am not fine
Last night I saw you online
Your screen name used to be mine
Why can't we just pretend

And she said
na na na na na..."

"Hm? Something wrong?" Axel asked.

"N-nothing…" Sora said, watching him warily.

Axel glanced at the band as the final notes of the song just finished off. He let out a loud whoop.

"Come on, let's go inside," Axel said. He got fairly close to Sora and placed his hand around his waist and began leading him.

"A-Axel!" Sora protested.

"Hm? What?" The look on his face told Sora that this was something that had come natural to the redhead.

Sora immediately cross-referenced all that he knew about open, physical, adolescent closeness—information he obtained from the few romance movies he watched.

Deduction: Only boyfriends and girlfriends got this close to each other.

Therefore: Roxas and Axel were going out.

Roxas and Axel were going out.

Roxas and Axel were going out.

Roxas and Axel were going out.

The older Hikari had to repeat this to himself four times before he finally began to believe it.

No, wait.

Maybe he was over-reacting. It was possible. Roxas was his brother. It was natural for older brothers to jump to conclusions about their younger brothers, especially when it came to romance—

Axel kissed his cheek. "You're spacing out, Shorty."

The older Hikari yelped and jumped back. "A-A-Axel!"

The redhead laughed.

The kiss on the cheek, the affectionate way he said 'Shorty'…

Conclusion: Roxas and Axel were most definitely going out.

Sora ignored the newfound information that his younger twin was gay and set his worries on the fact that Roxas was dating! Dating Axel of all people! Tattooed, rumored drug-and-porn distributor, gangster Axel!

'That would explain why Roxas took that Home Economics class even though he's so bad at cooking…' Sora thought. Home Economics was a class that students could take regardless of whether or not they were a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

Roxas wanted to have a class with Axel.

"Let's get something to drink," Axel said. He led Sora into the house, his hand not leaving the older Hikari's waist.

This was an obstacle Sora did not calculate. He had enough problems faking that he was social, but now he had to pretend that he was lovey-dovey with Axel too!?

Moreover, what the hell was he going to do if Axel… Axel tried to…

…tried to kiss him?

"You all right, Shorty? Your face looks a little red." Axel asked.

"I-I'm f-f-fine," Sora stuttered. "I've… just got a little cold…"

The older Hikari strongly hoped that the threat of catching an illness would discourage Axel from kissing him.

"Oh. I see." They went into the kitchen, where there were boxes of beer stacked at one end of the room and a wide assortment of chips in different bowls on a table. In the middle of the kitchen there was a football player—Sora recognized him by his letterman jacket-- trying to chug an indecent amount of beer while his peers and fellow football players cheered him on. Axel looked amused while Sora looked on with a sense of disgust.

The redhead left Sora's side briefly to grab a couple bottles of beer and handed one to Sora.

"Here," he said. Sora thanked him politely. It smelled terrible, but he never tasted beer before and didn't want to dismiss anything he never tried.

He took a sip.

Sora lurched forward, suppressing the great urge to spit out the foul-tasting liquid in his mouth.

Axel was laughing. "I'm guessing you didn't like it, huh?" He held the bottle to his lips again.

'Ugh!' Sora's insides squirmed as he watched the redhead guzzle the bottle.

Axel exhaled loudly when he finished. "Do you want water or something, Shorty?" he asked. "Riku should have some."

The taller teenager opened Riku's refrigerator. "A-ha!" he yelled triumphantly. He pulled away from the refrigerator door, holding up a waterbottle and depositing it into Sora's hands.

"Thanks," Sora mumbled, gratefully opening twisting the waterbottle open and gulping down water to wash out the ugly taste of beer. Meanwhile, Axel was filling a paper bowl with different chips. In the background, the older Hikari could still hear the band playing another song and Demyx singing in the background.

"Am I strung out, crazy, or not allowed
To be the one who gets stupid over you
Lazy (lazy), laid back (laid back), maybe you're just on crack
Why am I the one who gets fucked up and confused?"

"GO!" Sora heard the crowd outside shout. He turned his head to the direction of Riku's garage, wondering if the neighbors would call the police due to the noise.

"Let's head to where Riku's at," Axel said. He held out his bowl of chips to Sora, offering some. The older Hikari shook his head, politely refusing.

Axel shoveled chips into his mouth as he walked. Sora trailed close behind him. He was thankful that both of Axel's hands were occupied as the redhead ate and he used his peripheral vision to observe the party.

There were people who were simply talking while sitting on the couches, or standing in corners. And then there were people who were opening making-out on… any surface actually. Sora couldn't keep himself from looking as a couple locked-lips on a coffee table while other people were carrying conversations within two feet of them. Some even continued to place their drinks any free surface of the coffee table as if there weren't two writhing human bodies on it. The teenage girl, a goth with too much black make-up on her pale face, pulled away from her partner and glared at him.

"What are you lookin' at, asshole?" one of the girl's said. It was only then did the older Hikari realize that he actually stopped and stared with slight revulsion at how elaborate public displays of affection were so wholly accepted into a high-school teenager's society

"S-sorry," Sora apologized.

"Roxas!" Axel called. . Sora quickly caught up with the redhead.

Though he had only been here for less than fifteen minutes, Sora figured that he'd had enough time to cumulate his conclusion about high school parties.

Conclusion: They were rude, much too loud, smelled bad, had awful beverages (aside from water), and were too visually obscene for common society.

All in all, they were offensive to almost all five senses.

Oh wait. Sora forgot to factor in the smack on his rear end he received from Axel.

Correction: High school parties were now officially offensive to all five senses.

Sora and Axel walked down a couple hallways and passed a multitude of doors before finally stopping at one particular door.

Axel dusted off the chip powder on his shirt and went inside without knocking.

"Yo!" the redhead said.

There was a group of people sitting in chairs around a round table. Because of his silver hair, Sora noticed Riku Yorushi first. He was seated to the right hand of Luxord, who was expertly shuffling cards.

"Good of you to make it, Axel," Luxord said. "I see you've brought us another player." He looked to Roxas.

"Where's everyone else?" Riku asked.

"Probably enjoying Demyx's concert," Axel said. He made his way to the empty chair on Luxord's left and beckoned Sora to sit next to him. Sora noticed that there were still a few more empty seats.

Kairi Nakano was sitting next to Riku Yorushi. She was Ranked 8th in the junior class and her auburn hair, childish face, attitude and intelligence distinguished her from the crowd. That, and the fact that she and Riku Yorushi were dating.

"I don't hear the band anymore," Kairi said, placing her hand to her ear. "That means he's done. He should be coming here any minute now."

Sora listened for the band as well. She was right.

Several minutes later, Demyx came in, cheeks pink and bounding with energy.

"'Sup!" he said, happily. It took Sora several moments to realize Demyx said 'What's up?' "Hey Kairi! Hey Riku! Hey Axel! Hey Roxas, again!" He greeted each one of them individually. They all greeted him back.

Following Demyx was Zexion, his book in hand and he gave them all a general 'hello.'

"Oh!" Demyx exclaimed suddenly. He jabbed a finger to Riku's direction. "Riku, you skank! Yersinia Pestis is the name of the thingy that causes the bubonic plague!"

Riku threw his head back and laughed.

The mohawked teenager glowered at him. "How dare you let me name my sweet guitar after a pankonogic—"

"Pathogenic," Zexion corrected him.

"--Pathogenic bacteria! I hate you, Riku! Do you have any idea how much of an idiot I felt when Zexy pointed that out to me?"

"More of an idiot than usual?" Riku chuckled, eyebrow raised.

"Larxene isn't coming?" Kairi asked Demyx, changing the subject.

"Nah, I saw her hanging out with that German transfer student. Don't think she'll show," Demyx answered. The mohawked blonde plopped in a chair next to Kairi. "What game are we playin' tonight, Luxy?"

"Well, since a several members of the audience are not legal adults—either mentally or physically," Luxord added, looking at Demyx, "let's play a more nostalgic game, Go Fish."

Sora inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Go Fish was a game he knew. Everyone else gave Luxord a skeptical look.

"It'll be fun," the British student said. "It's dealt just like regular Go Fish. Except that you drink once if you're told 'Go Fish,' twice if you have to give a card to another player, and three times if the card you give is an ace or a face card."

The older Hikari caught sight of several crates of imported beer behind Luxord that he had failed to notice. Sora's stomach twisted as he remembered the taste of alcohol.

"Sounds good," Riku said. He went to the cases and brought one over. Then, he handed a beer bottle to Kairi, who passed it down to Larxene, and on and on until the bottle reached Luxord. They passed down the beer until everyone had a bottle. Sora grimaced as Axel handed him his bottle.

"What's up, Roxas?" Demyx asked.

"He doesn't like beer," Axel explained.

"Then you better hope that Lady Luck is on your side tonight," Luxord said, dealing the cards. Zexion held his hand up, signaling that he wasn't going to be participating.

"Can't I drink water instead?" Sora asked.

That made everyone on the table laugh and the older Hikari felt his face grow hot with embarrassment. Axel placed his arm on his shoulder and held him close for a brief hug. Despite himself, Sora felt a little better.

Sora viewed his cards and happily discarded a pair of twos.


One hour, eight minutes, two crates of beer and six games later, Sora deduced that everyone (including himself and excluded Zexion) were either in the first stage of intoxication or teetering between the first and second stage of intoxication. Demyx was well into the third stage and often half-mumble, half-babbled to the wrong person. He was also having a hard time sitting up in his chair, often swaying side to side.

Sora wouldn't blame him. Demyx had consumed about ten beer bottles during the course of three games (he had very bad luck and when angered he impulsively chugged beer.)

"I hate you all…" Demyx slurred. "'Specially you, Riku…" He pointed at Axel.

"I'm over here, Dem," Riku said, laughing. He had drunk about five bottles some because he wanted to drink), but he seemed to be holding his alcohol much better than Demyx was.

"See… this izz… this izz wha' I hate abou' you…" he slumped over on Zexion's shoulder, mumbling incoherently.

Zexion, who had stayed firmly alcohol-free throughout the games, lifted his gaze from his book.

"I think I should take him home, now," Zexion said, shutting his reading material. He slung Demyx's arm around his neck.

"I wanna drive… Zexy, lemme drive…" Demyx mumbled.

'Demxy looks to be about 145, assuming he had at least ten imported beers within the last hour and a half...' The older Hikari did the math in his head. 'His Blood Alcohol Content is approximately 0.25. The legal blood alcohol limit for operating a vehicle is 0.8. Therefore: Demyx should absolutely not be driving.'

"No," Zexion said firmly. He hauled Demxy off his chair. "I'll see you all at school tomorrow," he said to them.

"Bye, Zexion!" Kairi said.

"See ya!" Axel replied.

"Good night," Sora responded.

"Don't forget to tuck poor Demy in!" Riku teased.

"Good night," Luxord said.

Sora also found out one new thing in his time here: Zexion and Demyx were also a couple. They had kissed several times during the six games. It was strange, seeing as Zexion was book-smart and Demxy was…

'dumb as a box of hair…' Sora finished inwardly. A smile crept on his lips. Apparently the alcohol was reviving his sense of humor. Interesting.

"Hm? What's with the smile, Shorty?" Axel asked, turning to him. As the games passed, he had moved progressively closer to Sora and often stroked his arm or pressed kisses to his shoulder or neck tenderly.

Sora didn't know if it was the bottle-and-a-half of beer he drank or because he had gotten used to it, but he didn't reject Axel's touches as he would have done one hour-and-half ago.

Kairi stretched in her chair. She had the best luck in the game, only consuming about a bottle. As she stretched she checked her watch. "Wow, we've been playing for about an hour now…"

"Really?" Riku peered over at her watch to make sure. He stood up. "How about a little break, Lux?"

"Sure," Luxord said, bridging the cards effortlessly.

Kairi stood up and followed Riku out of the room.

"Hey, Roxas, let's go get something to eat," Axel said.

"Again?" Sora asked, remembering Axel had eaten before the games.

"Why not? It's Riku's food!" the redhead took Sora's hand and happily led him out of the room.

As Axel towed the older Hikari back to the kitchen, Sora heard music.

'Someone must have brought in a boombox,' the older Hikari thought. There was a group of people dancing in the livingroom. Sora watched them with interest.

"Come Mr DJ, song pon de replay
Hey Mr DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin' some more watts
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

The woman's voice was smooth and the beat steady, light and addictive.

Sora bounced his head a little with the beat.

He liked it.

Axel saw his head bobbing and he grinned. "You wanna dance?" he asked.

"Huh?" that made the older Hikari snap his head to him.

The redhead's grin grew wider and he clamped his hands around Sora's wrists.

"Let's dance," he said. He began tugging the smaller teenager to the dance floor.

"No! Axel! Wait—No, stop!" Sora stammered, digging the balls of his feet into the floor in an attempt to stop him. But Axel was nearly twice his size and stronger. He easily dragged Sora to the dance floor.

"Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin' some more watts
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

The older Hikari stood, utterly petrified and stupidly rooted to his spot. Axel let him go swayed his hips lightly.

"Come on, Shorty, like this," Axel urged, beckoning the shorter boy to dance.

"It goes one by one, even two by two
Everybody in the floor let me show you how we do
Let's go, dip it low, then you bring it up slow
Wind it up one time, wind it back once more"

Sora shook his head vehemently. How would the modern-day teenager say it…?

Oh yes.

He could not dance for shit.

Everybody move

Lemme see you move
Rock it to the groove

The redhead laughed. "Dance, Roxas!"

Sora tentatively looked around him. He observed how the other dancers were moving and half-heartedly began copying them.

"Shake it til the moon becomes the sun
Everybody in the club give me a "run"
If you ready to move say it
One time for your mind say it
(Yeah, yeah)"

Axel grasped Sora's wrist and twirled him around. "You're thinking too much!" he said over the music. "Don't think! And don't watch everyone else! Move to the beat--go with it!"

Don't think? Was he serious?

Despite Axel's coaching, Sora still found himself looking to the crowd as reference. Axel gently cupped his chin and forced his gaze upward.

"If you have to look somewhere then look at me," he said with a brilliant smile. "So dance, Roxas."

"Well I'm ready for ya
Come let me show ya
You want to groove
Im'a show you how to move"

Sora's stomach knotted and he felt like dying. Within seconds he already came up with over fifty credible and high likely ways he could humiliate himself through dancing, but for some reason—probably the beer—Sora let his body move to the music.

"Come, come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin' some more watts
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

Hey Mr.
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me
Turn the music up"

He timidly looked to Axel, who was watching him eagerly.

"That's good," the redhead said. "But relax more!"

Uncertainly, Sora sucked in his breath and exhaled, trying to get himself to relax. He let the music fill his ears.

"It goes one by one, even two by two
Everybody in the club gon' be rockin' when I'm through
Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers
Move both ya feet and run to the beat"

He felt his waist move to the rhythm. Sora let it move.

What else?

The older Hikari remembered how the other people were dancing earlier. He allowed his arms to move, imitating what moves he could remember. Sora knew that the dance moves were faintly obscene, but when he felt his hips bounce and rock to the rhythm of the music the feeling that came over him felt wonderful. The feeling slowly melted away the uncertain tightness in his stomach.

Everybody move
Lemme see you move
Rock it to the groove

Shake it 'til the moon becomes the sun
Everybody in the club give me a "run"
If you ready to move say it
One time for your mind say it
(Yeah, yeah)"

Sora felt Axel's hands on his waist and draw him close to his body. "You're doin' great, Shorty," he said, grinning ear to ear. "No, no, keep dancing," he added when he noticed Sora had stopped.

The older Hikari was happy that he said that. Dancing was nice. He liked it.


"Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin' some more watts
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dance floor wantin' some more watts
Come Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

Hey Mr.
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me
Turn the music up

Turn the music up right now

Hey Mr.
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me
Turn the music up

Turn the music up right now

Okay, everybody get down if you feel me
Come and put your hands up to the ceiling

Everybody get down if you feel me
Come and put your hands up to the ceiling

Everybody get down if you feel me
Come and put your hands up to the ceiling

Everybody get down if you feel me
Come and put your hands up to the ceiling.

"Roxas," Axel called. Without realizing it, Sora had lost himself in dancing. A new, heated look had overcome Axel's eyes.

"Axel?" The shorter teenager became uneasy. He couldn't exactly label the feeling Axel's eyes exuded, but it made him feel nervous.

Axel leaned down, and that was when Sora knew that the redhead was trying to kiss him. Immediately, he turned his head away.

"A-Axel!" he protested. He felt Axel's lips on his cheek and quickly sought for an excuse. "P-p-people are watching!"

"Then let them watch," Axel said, trying to kiss him again. Sora placed his hands on Axel's chest and attempted to push him off, but the older teenager's hands on his waist kept him from moving too far. Sora heard him chuckle a little.

"Relax, Roxas," he said. The older Hikari tucked his chin in, redirecting another kiss to the tip of his nose instead.

In a surprising burst of strength, Sora pushed the taller teenager away and ran.

"Roxas?" Axel called after him.

"Bathroom!" Sora shouted.

The older Hikari didn't know where he was going, but he just had to go somewhere—anywhere—so that he could think.

Sora found the stairs and bounded up them quickly, then he ran to the nearest room that caught his eye, went inside and shut the door. His legs felt numb from his sprint and Sora knealt down, panting.

He had enough of this party. He was going to leave now. The mansion was probably big enough for him to slip out of the party without being seen by Axel--


The noise made Sora whirl around.

Kairi and Riku were standing about three feet apart from each other, away from the bed. From Sora's limited knowledge of couples with a room to themselves, he reasoned that this wasn't natural.

"Um," the older Hikari began, "I'm sorry… for interrupting… you."

Kairi and Riku exchanged hostile looks, which was also rather odd considering they were supposed to be a couple.

"No, it's all right," Kairi said. She crossed her arms over her chest and made her way to the door. Sora politely stepped out of the way as she left. The older Hikari glanced at Riku.

"Excuse me," he said, his hand on the door knob.

"Roxas, right?" Riku said.

Sora paused. "Yes," he answered. The older Hikari turned to face him—

Riku was next to him. Sora almost jumped, he didn't expect Riku to cross the room so fast.

Something (some small, psychological mechanism) urged Sora to open the door and run, and run fast.

But Sora ignored it.

Riku Yorushi's face was so beautiful up close.

He had never seen it so close before…

The silver-haired teenager raised his hand and stroked the older Hikari's cheek gently. Sora fidgeted, surprised. Riku cupped his cheek with his palm now and looked very pleased.

"Hm, Ax was right. You really are cute," Riku said, but it was too quietly for Sora to hear.

"What…" Sora began.

Without warning, Riku's fingers curved around the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

Sora's first instinct was to pull away, but Riku's free hand grasped his shoulder and held him still.

Riku slipped his tongue into Sora's mouth, and the older Hikari squirmed when he felt it at first. It dove deeper, exploring his mouth with a confidence that muddled Sora's mind and stopped his struggling.

The silver-haired teenager seemed to sense that Sora wasn't going to resist any longer for he loosened the hold on Sora's shoulder. Riku's hand moved to the back, creating pleasant tingling sensations that ran down the older Hikari's spine. Sora heard himself moan, much to his surprise. Meanwhile, the silver-hiared teenager moved closer, crushing their chests together and pinning Sora to the door.

Riku broke the kiss temporarily to let Sora have a little air, but only for a few moments, and Sora felt his lips sealed by Riku's again—tongue fervent. The silver-haired teenager's hand traveled down his back and slowed to a stop at his ass. Sora was too lost in Riku's tongue expertise to notice, but he did feel when the older adolescent's fingers squeeze his ass a little. The older Hikari moaned again.

God, it felt so good. Why did he run when Axel tried to kiss him again…?

The older teenager's hand shifted to his belly. The feel of Riku's fingers running down his stomach made Sora's hips buck forward unintentionally.

Riku seemed content when he did that, or at least his tongue movements made Sora think he was.

Down, down, the silver-haired teenager's hand moved and then the fingertips floated off his body and Sora wondered where they—

Riku's hand rudely gripped the space between his legs.

That woke Sora up. He kicked out, knocking Riku away from him.

Unfortunately, Riku's other, non-molesting fingers had coiled themselves into Sora's wig. As Sora kicked him, the older teenager instinctively grabbed onto it and partially pulled the wig off as he stumbled backwards. Several spikes of his chocolate-brown hair poked free.

The blood in Sora's veins froze when he felt the wig lift off his scalp. He looked at Riku's bewildered expression with horror.

'Oh, shit,' he cursed inwardly.

Riku looked confused for a moment and then realization swept his face.

"Sora...?" he asked.

Sora whirled around, threw open the door and ran out.

'Shit!' the older Hikari cursed again. 'Shitshitshitshitshit!'

Sora sprinted down the hallway, sloppily stuffing his hair back underneath his wig and hoping that any onlookers would be too drunk to notice. The older Hikari found the stairs and raced down them, retraced his path to the livingroom (prayed that Axel wasn't there) and ran out the door.

He didn't stop running until he was a good few blocks away from Riku Yorushi's house.

The older Hikari didn't even realize he was breathing so hard. His knees buckled and his body fell on the ground. Sora took a slow, deep breath and exhaled.

'Calm,' He ordered himself. 'Calm, calm. I have to be calm.'

Sora breathed in and out again.





Sora folded his legs Indian-style on the sidewalk, his favorite position to think.

Consider: What would happen if the school were to find out that he had posed as his younger twin at a party?

Sora couldn't care less about what his school thought of it. It wasn't enough to get him expelled. Suspended maybe, but definitely not expelled. Hell, his classmates probably couldn't care less either. In fact, considering the degenerate social structure of teenage society, crashing a party as his brother and drinking illegally might actually skyrocket his own popularity.

Consider: But what if his parents found out?

The words 'freak out' would not even begin to describe his parents' reactions.

'They would go ape-shit on my ass…' he thought.

The corners of the older Hikari's mouth turned upwards at how easily the vulgar sentence formed in his mind. He didn't even know that he could form such a sentence.

But enough comedy.

Sora shut his eyes and thought.

His parents would certainly be angry. But it was nothing he couldn't handle. Though, his house would become more like a prison until he was thirty-five (that was certain.)

Other than that, he had nothing to worry about.

Sora opened his eyes, sat up, laced his fingers behind his head and sighed. After dusting off his pants and readjusting his wig, he made his way to the bus stop at LaSall. Sora checked his watch while he walked. 8:22 PM. If he hurried he should be able to make the 8:30 bus as planned.

Halfway to the bus stop, the older Hikari's phone rang. Sora looked at it. It was a rerouted call from Axel.

Though a voice in the back of his head told him not to, Sora answered it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Roxas, where are you?" Axel said, sounding sincerely worried. "Look, I'm sorry for trying to kiss you in front of everyone. I won't do it again."

"It's all right," Sora said. "I left the party. I was starting to feel really sick. The beer was really, um, messing with my stomach so I thought I should head home early."

"Are you all right? Do you want me to give you a ride home?"

His degree of concern made Sora feel a tinge of guilt for deceiving him and simultaneously feel a bit more relieved that Roxas was dating him.

"No, it's fine. I'm already at the bus stop already. You enjoy the party."

"It won't be as fun without you, Shorty." The older Hikari could hear the Chesire Cat grin in his voice.

"Sorry." Sora didn't know if he properly responded to Axel's statement.

Axel laughed. "I guess I'll see you at school."

"Right. See you."

The bus ride home didn't feel as long as Sora thought it would be, for he was completely distracted by his thoughts of the party.

When he got home, Sora sneaked through his unlocked window, took off his contacts, placed on his glasses, removed the wig and dye and slung his messenger bag over his shoulder.

Then Sora slipped back out and walked through the front door of his house.

"I'm home!" he called.

He crossed the living room and went down the hallway to his room. To his right, further down the hallway, Sora saw that Roxas' lights were still on.

"Roxas?" he said, wanting to see if his younger twin was awake or not.

"Hey Sora!" Roxas answered back.

Satisfied, Sora went into his room, dropped his messenger bag unceremoniously on the floor and flopped onto his bed without changing his clothes.

Despite this predicament, the older Hikari admitted that he did learn a few interesting things tonight:

(A) Beer is foul and horrid drink that should be eradicated from the face of this earth.

(B) Roxas and Axel were dating.

(C) To reiterate: High school parties were offensive to all five senses.

(D) Love works in mysterious ways. The prime example being Demyx and Zexion.

(E) He loved dancing. That was a surprise.

(F) Riku Yorushi was a very avid kisser.


Of course everything isn't as hunky-dory as Sora thinks. :) After all, I'm here to mess with him! MUA HA HA! :]

The songs Demyx sung were Online Songs and Enthused by Blink 182. The song that played while Sora and Axel were dancing was Pon De Replay by Rihanna. I don't own them, but I sure wish I did.

I really liked Sora's little deduction processes. He didn't have a lot of opportunities to show off his little computer-thought-pathway while he was pretending to be because he was mostly going with the flow instead of gathering data.

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Sora still isn't acting strong. Boo. I need an opportunity to show him off.

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