I Like Your Bow

By: 1000th Ghost

Usually, she made breakfast, but he knew she had to spend extra time getting ready today. The first female president… He laughed. If anyone could pull it off, she could.

He continued to pick at his barely recognizable scrambled eggs and burnt toast (he never was much of a cook) and flipped to the sports section. Anything but politics – he was sure to get enough of that today.

He didn't even notice that she had entered the kitchen until she started speaking.

"You know, I've been wearing this bow since I was three. I'm a married woman now, and I think it's a little too juvenile to wear a bow in my hair. But…" She paused, and he could hear the clicking of her high heels as she stepped closer. "…it was the first thing you ever noticed about me, so I couldn't bear to stop wearing it altogether. So, I improvised."

He finally looked up from his paper and found that she had indeed removed the infamous bow from her hair. Instead, she had relocated it to a more prominent spot: directly on her chest.

Wow. He really liked that bow.

An uncertain smile played on his lips, and he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh…y-yeah…uh…that's noticeable…I, I mean, I notice…I mean that…t-that-"

She walked closer still until he was practically eye to…bow. "What 'that'?" she questioned coyly. "'There's no time for that'?"

He stood up so quickly that his chair fell over backwards. "Oh, no. There's PLENTY of time for that."

The End