I-ve got a surprise for you!!!

I-ve decided that it would be a good idea to do a sequel for my story A Whole New Life.

this story will take place when they (Jim, Sara, Sam and the others) are 21!! years after A Whole New Life!

the title will be: The Maxwells

and because you-ve followed me i will give you the sinopsis of the story!

please tell me you enjoied it!, love Sarix Angel

Maxwell Academy for Young Promises is a school for spies... is the original school for spies!

Gillian Gallagher was one of the best ones who have come to Maxwell........ and so was Brian Blackthorne. located in denamark, this school is even more selective than Gallagher or Blackthorne.

there has been an attempt (sorry if i sepelled wrong) to distroy both, Gallagher and Blackthorne, and now the whole student body must go to denamark so they can be protected.

the circle of cavan has finally found about the mythic (again, sorry if i sepelled wrong) spy school, and they also have found that Joseph Cavan-s decendant was supposed tpo go there if she hadn-t take her mothers place at the early age of 16.

Sara meets Jimmy again, but this time she is supposed to kill him.... and her heart with him since he is her only love. but finds a better way for revenge... Jimmy-s second cousin.

love, revenge, mystery, hate and new adventures this time.

i-m so sorry, i know i suck at summaries and well.... just want to know if its good to upload.... i already have the first chapter, so review and tell me if is worth it!!!

thank you!!!

love, sarix angel!