Good evening my friends and welcome to my mind. Here I am master of every reality, whether it be ours or theres. I am a murderer, a priest, a monster, and a saviour. But remember my friends, that this is my world and every word I write is part of it. That does not, however, mean that I am taking the credit of others for their work. Batman, Naruto and various other aspects of this story do not belong to me.

"How could you?!" A young man with red eyes yelled as he looked at his father. "What does he have that I don't? I'm more powerful! And I'm smarter but more importantly I'm older! Why did you choose him over me?!" The man raged, his eyes spinning in a hypnotic dance. His father sighed as he looked at his beloved children.

"Tobi," His powerful voice causing the eldest to silence himself, "you haven't learned yet have you? There is more to life than power. You must understand a person's heart. Our dreams and our spirits allow us to become gods, my son, but you only see the benefit of a strong body. I chose Naruto as my heir simply because of the fact that he can see what my words mean. And until you can…I cannot trust you with this power." The silver haired man said sadly. He truly loved his children, but Tobi didn't understand.

"Very well," Tobi said as he walked towards the door of their home, "if you will not respect me as your heir I will prove my power." The red eyed youth turned towards his brother, his red eyes spiraling even faster. "I will prove my power, on the battle field. I will fan the flames of your demise, Senju Naruto, for on this day I shall evolve past the name of Senju. I…AM…UCHIHA TOBI!"

Naruto awoke with a silent gasp as the remnants of the dream faded. 'So…Uchiha Tobi…' Naruto mused as he looked at his bedmate. He quickly muffled a chuckle as he looked at goddess who shared his bed. While highly seductive when awake, she was cute when asleep. Her nude body (Naruto assumed she slept that way every night) splayed across the large mattress, her body assuming a position that Naruto remembered learning from the memories of Jiraiya the Toad Sage. Spread eagle, if he recalled. Looking down, Naruto examined the green silk sheet that guarded the modesty of Mother Nature. 'Nice…' He thought to himself as he rubbed the liquid like fabric, enjoying the cold surface warmed only by the heat of the bodies in the bed.

Realizing he wouldn't be able to sleep any more, Naruto quietly left the bed and headed to the bathroom so that he could prepare for the day. 'Why wait for the water to run.' The young boy mused as he waved his hand, the water in the air instantly condensing into two feet of water that rested in the large marble tub. Naruto smirked as stepped into the water, its cold temperature increasing as he focused on his fire powers. '104 degrees, perfect.' Naruto relaxed in the bath, his eyes closing as he thought over his life. Infinite power, no conscience, and a beautiful woman at his side. While not quite old enough to truly enjoy the fact, the millennia of knowledge in his mind did not help him cope. His body didn't have the need to procreate, but his mind understood the pleasure. Luckily, his willpower could hold out.

"You couldn't even wake me, darling?" Naruto didn't even bother opening his eyes; the shift in the wind from her breathing had alerted him. Allowing his eyelids to casually unfold from around his once cerulean orbs, Naruto couldn't help the smirk that found its way to his face as he looked at the eco-terrorists attire. Or lack of attire. The beautiful green woman stood nude as she smiled to her far younger cohort. "Mind if I join you?" Ivy asked impishly as she stepped into the green bathroom, her body having already banished all traces of sleep. Naruto giggled to himself as he moved to the side allowing Ivy to join him. With a sigh of contentment, Ivy quickly pulled the small blond boy towards her so that his nude body was resting against her own. "So, my dear, what shall we do today?" Ivy asked as she softly caressed the dirt and sweat from his body. While sensual to most people, to Naruto and Ivy it was simply a relaxing beginning to the day.

"Who knows? What would you be interested in, my goddess?" Naruto asked with a smirk as he felt Ivy's body heat up signifying a blush. It was fun making the woman feel these emotions.

"Anything, my dear, anything. Unlike most people, I'm not weighed down by such pesky morals as right and wrong." Naruto yelped as Ivy emphasized her point by rubbing more sensitive parts of his body. Naruto realized two things right there. Puberty for him was going to be the most incredible and the most horrible time of his life.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to do that on the first date?" Naruto asked as he waved his hand around him. Ivy watched in amazement as the steam in the bathroom condensed above the bathtub into a thick spherical cloud. She gasped slightly as a small drop of water landed on her nose, its warmth identical to the bathtub. As she watched mesmerized, more drops fell from the cloud in a shower that covered both her and the child in her lap. The warm water flowed down her hair and body as she realized what her young friend had done when he handed her a bottle of herbal shampoo.

"Incredible…" Ivy mumbled as she rubbed the shampoo into both of their scalps. "Perhaps we could conquer the world? Obviously, you have no problem bending it to your whim."

"Coming from Mother Nature that means very little." Naruto chuckled as the soapy liquid was washed away by his heated rain. With another wave of his hand, the water stopped and the cloud was dispersed in the atmosphere of the bathroom. Stepping out of the bathtub, Ivy continued to hold Naruto close to her nude body. "I can walk ya know." Naruto said as Ivy smirked down at the head in her bosom.

"You're just too cute to allow to walk everywhere." Ivy's smirk suddenly turned into a frown. "Perhaps we should pay a visit to an old enemy of mine." Naruto's eyebrows rose as he looked at his Demeter-like ally.

"And who would that be?" Naruto asked as Ivy set him down so that he could get dressed, her own clothes simply growing from her body. Ivy's beautiful face grew demonic as she remembered the place.

"Star Pharmaceuticals." Ivy growled out as Naruto flinched. 'Note to self: She's scary when angered…' Later in life, Naruto would realize this was the best memo he had ever had. "Star Pharmaceuticals was the place where I was…reincarnated you could say. They torture plants there and…" Naruto raised his hand silencing Ivy.

"The second you said that you wanted to go after them you had my full support. My only question is whether or not you want to go all out or not?" Ivy nodded, a radiant smile appearing on her face as she looked at her blonde friend.

'He's the perfect companion.' She mused. He was willing to destroy a completely innocent (to him) company all for her. "Now what did you mean all out?" Ivy asked, her knowledge of her companions abilities creating several possible scenarios.

"The usual," Naruto said with a shrug, "mass destruction and murder. Why did you want something else?" Ivy shook her head in the negative as the two walked towards the door to their home. With but a thought, the large branches of the sakura tree that hung over Gotham quickly stretched it branches towards its parents to aid them in their journey. Ivy quickly pulled her smaller companion into the arms as the branches formed a throne for their journey. "Next stop, Star then breakfast."

Star Pharmaceuticals/June 27/11:32 a.m.

"Wh-what do you want?" A scientist asked as he looked at the people who had captured his team. They should have known something was wrong when they let the woman in. But how were they supposed to know that she wasn't a clown hired for someone's birthday?

"Now, now doc, I just want all chemicals on this list." A man with a snow white face and grotesque smile said as he handed the sheet of paper to the sniveling man at his feet. The smiling man's face rested just between a purple suit and a unique hair style crafted from green hair.

"Yea, get the meds for Mistuh J. Doc!" The woman at his side was no less intimidating, despite her clownish appearance. A black and red leotard, coupled with a tasseled headdress, domino mask and white face paint would have had her as the center attraction of any child's birthday party. The gun in her hand, however, emphasized the point to the doctor. This was the near legendary Joker and his assistant, the aptly named Harley Quinn.

"B-but we don't have those chemicals here! This is botanical laboratory! We make shampoos, not chemical weapons like that!" The doctor pleaded with the derange clown couple. The Joker grabbed the aging man by his thinning hair as his smiled became even more demented.

"Don't lie to me; you have all the chemicals I need for my Smilex! Now just point them out to me and we'll be out of what's left of your hair, cue ball." The Joker chuckled as he pulled the man's thinning hair causing the man to whimper in pain.

"B-but…" The scientist was cut off as the metal ceiling of the building suddenly separated allowing two new people into the building. One a child but the other the scientists all recognized. "No…" The man whispered hoarsely as one of his female colleagues fainted from fear.

"Sorry, are we interrupting something?" Naruto asked with a smile as Ivy's throne of cherry blossoms descended towards the floor of the laboratory. The green woman smirked at the surprised looks coming from her fellow villains and the terrified looks coming from her former scientific peers.

"If it isn't Red! Hi Red, how you been!" Harley asked excitedly as she waved at her once imprisoned friend. While not the perfect pair, they did work well together on some occasions. "Who's the midget in your lap?" Naruto frowned. Although powerful, his height had always been an issue for him. Specifically around men, who usually mocked him.

"Now, now Harley, it isn't polite to mock people who can kill you." Ivy chastised her tone both scolding and mirthful. Naruto growled at the woman he was currently snuggled against.

"You're enjoying the cracks at my height aren't you?" Naruto managed to say in between the growls, causing Ivy to giggle. Though affronted, Naruto smiled slightly knowing that the woman who held him was enjoying herself. "So who exactly are the clowns?" Naruto asked, while clowns eyes widened.

"You don't know who we are?" The Joker asked, his tone both mocking and surprised. "I'm the Joker, Clown Prince of Crime. And this is my comedic pet, Harley. Now isn't your daddy or mommy looking for you?" The Joker mocked, his smile unnerving the captive doctors.

"Nah, I killed dear old dad…" This statement caused the demented jester to pause as he looked at the child, "now could you two leave, please? Ivy wants to destroy this place and I want to make her happy." The Joker glared around his smile. How dare this child tell him what to do. Who did he think he was? With a flourish, the Joker pulled a hidden gun from his bright purple suit.

"All these shots you've been taking at me, I think it's my turn." With his signature demented laugh, the Joker shot at Ivy and Naruto. Ivy braced herself for impact, hoping to protect Naruto, before she noticed that Naruto was calm. Looking up, she saw why. With his right hand raised, Naruto had paused the path of the bullet so that it sat only centimeters from her forehead.

"Now then," Naruto growled out, his voice completely void of any positive tone, "you just shot at my friend. I think its time you left Mister Joker." And with another wave of his hand, the metal floor below the Joker had become a platform. The Joker began to curse at the boy as the platform ejected him through the gaping ceiling, his form disappearing into the sky as Naruto turned his attention back to the captives and Harley.

"E-eh he. Uh, you w-wouldn't hurt a girl would ya?" Harley asked as she held her hands up in surrender. Naruto looked to Ivy for her input, only to get a negative.

"Fine, but can I still kill these jerks?" Naruto asked with a pout, causing Ivy to rub her cheek against his crown. "Good. Now, Snowflake," Naruto called to Harley, "get over here if you don't want to die." Nodding quickly, Harley was standing on the branch by the two in seconds. Looking back to the captives, Naruto sighed. "Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, but it seems like today you die. No offense." Naruto held up his hand, the action mesmerizing his audience. "I've been hoping to use this ability soon. I never really had a reason until now." A small orb of blue light appeared in his hand, its diameter steadily growing stronger until it was the size of a basketball. With a quick toss, the ball floated over towards the awed scientists. It stopped just above their heads, its blue light hypnotizing the captives. With a smile, Naruto waved goodbye to the hostages before the cherry blossom tree pulled the three villains out of the ceiling, the metal closing behind them.

"What was that?" Harley asked, surprised and slightly scared of the boy in front of her. If he could do that to the Joker, what could he do to her? She gulped at the thought. Naruto, however, simply turned to the clown princess and smirked.

"Wait for it." No sooner had the words left Naruto's mouth before the building erupted in blue fire, the large spectral flame instantly melting the metal and cement building. Ivy and Harley stared in awe at the beautiful act of arson. "Like it?" Naruto asked as he looked up at Ivy. The green woman smiled down at her blonde companion before hugging him tighter in joy. The building that had once been a part of her past was now nothing but a molten pile of metal and stone. Harley, however, unused to the level of Naruto's power passed out in shock.

"We'll wake her when we get home…" Naruto chuckled as Ivy made sure her friend didn't fall from the thick cherry blossom branches.

Bat cave/June 27/10:16 p.m.

For once in his life, Bruce Wayne was terrified of a villain. This child, Naruto, didn't have reasons for his actions. There was no greed or desire, just a simple thought and people would die. How can you stop a person like this? His computer had no records of the boy, no information on his birthmarks, not even a disease that could cause the boy's deformed eyes. The boy was quite literally a ghost. A machine to his right suddenly beeped alerting Batman that it had completed its task. Standing from his seat, the dark knight quickly reached the printer that held the results.

"Anything, Bruce?" Barbara Gordon was an intuitive girl by nature. Whether it be her older father, her mentor or even her fellow assistant (she refused to be called sidekick) she was able to understand their predominant feelings at any certain time. But now, she was confused. Batman had never been like this. Jumping at every little noise, looking over his shoulder, and always keeping the cameras around the mansion pulled up on the Bat Computer. She knew what that meant. Bruce Wayne believed that Naruto could track him.

"No," Batman said quietly "the dirt in those golems the kid created, the petals of the tree he made, and the metal from Star. They're all normal except for some traces of Poison Ivy's blood in the tree or the organic chemicals found that were present at the lab." Batgirl gulped at the thought. No trace of any chemicals? Batgirl had seen the remains of the laboratory that was once Star. Every little bit of metal had become sludge with blue flames spouting every so often from the lake of molten metal. If there were no chemicals present in that explosion then that left one thing. A kid with no respect for human life who could bend the world to his will.

"And what's worse is that Ivy has some sort of crush on the kid." Robin, a.k.a. Dick Grayson said with a shudder and a slight amount of envy. Batgirl rolled her eyes at the thought.

'Figures his first crush is on a villainess.' She mused. It was inevitable really. Dick went to a school filled primarily with men and she was the only woman he had constant contact with. However, it was more comparative to a relationship between siblings than lovers. But the relationship between Ivy and her new (literal) boy toy was something to both admire and fear. Admire for the dedication he had and fear for the exact same reason. 'I wonder what it would be like to have someone willing to burn the world down for me.' Barbara asked herself, the thought invoking incredible images of both destruction and beauty.

"Yes, that is an issue." Batman conceded, ignoring the teenagers tone. "Ivy is an extremely powerful psychopath with no human conscience whatsoever. For her to bond with the boy in such a short amount of time means that he is a valuable resource to her cause. A resource she isn't likely to give up." Batman had reseated himself in his chair, his body slouching as he thought of the future consequences.

"Meaning?" Dick asked as he looked at his father figure. Barbara sighed at his obliviousness.

"Meaning that she won't let us take him. This is bad because it means we have to take Ivy down before we even have a chance to get to the kid." She explained her voice quiet as she imagined the coming fight.

"There is a chance that we can take the kid out quickly though." Batman turned to the computer before playing a video recording from a bank near Star. "Look here." Batman paused the recording and pointed to the, now three, villains leaving through the ceiling just before the building was melted. "Ivy is holding the kid." Batman minimized the video and brought one up from the fundraiser. "And here he isn't moving. The kid doesn't seem to be a hand to hand fighter. And neither is Ivy."

"Yea," Barbara agreed before pointing to the Star recording again, "but Harley is a close range fighter, no to mention the kid's ability to manipulate things. She distracts us and he kills us. And let's not forget the insta-henchmen the kid can make." She shuddered at the thought of the kid bringing more goons to life. Batman merely grunted as he turned back to the computer, his mind plotting out his next move in this game of chess.

Ivy and Naruto's home/June 28/1:32 a.m.

"So Red, mind explaining why you're hanging around a pipsqueak?" The now conscious Harley asked as she and Ivy relaxed in the living room, Naruto having gone to bed early. Ivy's eyes sparkled slightly, a sure sign to Harley that Ivy was thinking about Naruto, before she started speaking.

"He's the most amazing creature I've ever met Harley. He rips apart the laws of nature as if they were wet paper." Ivy whispered, her voice lowered in awe. Harley, however, merely looked at the plant woman with a raised eyebrow. "Imagine," Ivy explained, "the ability to simply create water, or fire, or even life!" The harlequin mistress's eyes widened at the thought.

"But, but that's like, gods job!" Ivy quickly shushed the over excited Harley before looking towards the bedroom door, hoping their little friend hadn't awoken.

"Perhaps, but the child is loving. So far he has destroyed the only building I have ever truly hated and he even began to refer to the large tree as 'our' child." Harley looked at her friend who was staring dreamily at the cherry blossom tree that sat in the horizon. Unbidden, a giggle began to erupt from Harley's mouth.

"Gees, Red, need me to leave you alone for a little while?" Ivy turned to her female companion and was about to retort when a small laugh came from the bedroom door. Turning towards the door, both women were surprised to see the blonde boy in question walking towards Ivy. Quickly scooping him into her arms, Ivy once again began to stroke his whisker marks.

"We didn't wake you did we dear?" Ivy asked. Naruto shook his head in the negative before leaning back against her comforting bosom.

"Nah, I don't sleep well anymore. Too many nightmares." Harley, though a demented psychopath, was still a psychologist at heart and mind. The chance to understand this boy who had won her friend's heart was too great.

"About what, kiddo?" She asked calmly, her normally bubbly voice far calmer than normal. Naruto shrugged slightly as he recalled the millions of nightmares and thoughts that constantly went through his head.

"Just old memories." Harley tried to be professional but she couldn't help the snort that erupted from her throat.

"How old? Two weeks? C'mon, shorty, you ain't old enough to have bad memories." Naruto glared at Harley for a second before he melted back into Ivy's ministrations. Naruto simply looked at Harley allowing her to see his cheeks begin to bulge.

"Making faces won't help…" Harley mock chastised with a smile before a jet of water shot from Naruto's mouth, the warm liquid making contact with Harley's snow colored face. Harley jumped with a yelp when the water splashed her face, the white make-up washing away to reveal the tanned face underneath. "Ewwwww…" Ivy laughed as Harley tried to wipe the running make-up from her face.

"That's what you get for making fun of people stronger than you!" Naruto laughed. The laughter quickly died down as Naruto looked out at the tree that stood over Gotham. "It's beautiful isn't it?" Naruto asked with a pleasured sigh.

"Yes, it is." Ivy agreed as she rested her chin on his golden crown. "But you were right, it is our child." Ivy couldn't help the slight tingle that ran up her spine every time she said those words. Harley stared at the tranquil scene that was being carried out by beings of chaos. It was heart warming but terrifying in ways she couldn't describe. "Come, let's go back to bed." Ivy said as she stood, a few of her joints cracking slightly under the welcome movement. Harley was about to argue before a stray thought occurred to her. They had just committed a major act of environmental terrorism. That meant they were a major threat in Gotham. Major threat means big Bats will come out to play. Harley nodded as she walked towards a spare room.

"Night Red, night Sunny." The two nodded as they entered their room, intent on preparing for the next step in their war. Had Harley paid attention, she would have noticed a small rose carrying an envelope disappear into the ground.

Gotham Police Station/June 28/2:01 a.m…

Jim Gordon truly loved Gotham but nights like these made him wish that years ago when he had been offered the job as a police officer he had said no. A time when he could have been a farmer or a small town sheriff. Then again, it seemed like more and more metahumans (the terms freaks and monsters now politically incorrect) seemed to be born everywhere. Gotham, Metropolis, and even the relatively smaller Jump City were getting more and more of them.

'But why did he have to come here?' Gordon questioned himself as he looked at a still frame image of the blonde child that Ivy had taken under her wing. 'Or perhaps the other way around?' The senior officer wondered as he looked at the giant pink tree. This monstrosity was now a beautiful symbol of Gotham. Many thought it was the now demolished Star Labs that had made the tree in order to give Gotham an earthier feel. A way to give back to nature as the city continued to grow outwards. Each and every one of them was a fool in Gordon's opinion.

"Commissioner." A dark voice interrupted Gordon's contemplating, stopping him from diving into darker thoughts. Turning, the white haired man wasn't surprised to see his dark allies Batman and Robin. Batgirl, however, was somewhat unusual but not unheard of when high priority cases were going on. And nothing was of a higher priority than taking the botanical villains down. "Any new leads?" Gordon knew that they had to catch these two quick, not only for the safety of the citizens but for Batman's own sanity. While not getting the same pay, this man was every ounce the cop that any one in the station was. And with that responsibility, there came the terrible curse. The obsession on the one that got away with murder.

"Nothing. We have all of Ivy's and Quinn's records, but there isn't a single one for the kid. No amber alerts, no birth records, not even a death record!" Gordon could sense the confusion coming from Robin at that one. "Solomon Grundy." And with that simple sentence the confusion was gone.

"And his crimes?" Batman knew what the kid had done, but he had no idea how many times the kid had done it. The kid could have killed once, twice or a thousand times. Gordon deflated at the calm tone of the avian impersonator.

"One hundred and twenty three counts of murder." Gordon wasn't surprised to see the two youngest in the room flinch. It must have been a terrifying thought knowing that you would fight a cold blooded murder in a short amount of time. "All of those unsolved cases of back alley assailants that were killed belong to the kid. Twenty four of those, twenty eight from the tree roots, and seventy one people killed by the Star Bombing." Batman nodded his mask of calm straining slightly but holding in the face of the older man. With a quick turn, Batman was out the window and scaling the wall with his two sidekick's right behind him.

'This can't go on…' Bruce Wayne said to himself. He wouldn't let these murderers get away, even if he had to get Superman to X-ray the entire city one block at a time. There was no place for monsters like that in this city. Shaking his head, Batman couldn't stop the shiver that ran down his spine at the thought. What was he doing? He was the hero, they didn't think like murderers.

"Bruce, you okay?" Dick asked as he looked to his foster father. While spacing out wasn't an uncommon occurrence for the Batman, it was always safer to ask than to find out later someone had done something to his mind. Batman merely grunted before coming to a halt, his entire body freezing. Robin quickly stopped as his body locked in place. That was one of his first lessons as Robin. If Batman freezes, you better get ready to fight. Almost magically, a small rose began to grow from below their feet. It quickly grew the height of Batman's hand before opening to reveal a letter. "Is it safe?" Robin asked, both mesmerized and unnerved that they were found. Batman, however, had long since passed the stage of paranoia and had already grasped the note. "Well, what's it say?" Dick asked as his mentor's eternal scowl deepened.

"It's an invitation to dinner…" Unknown to Batman, Gordon himself had just gotten an identical letter.

Fleurs/June 29/6:00 P.M…

Batman couldn't believe his eyes. Having hidden in the rooftops that looked into Fleurs, an upscale restaurant that his alter-ego often visited, he had expected the young boy and his caretaker to be pulling a heist somewhere else. After all, an invitation like the one he had received meant either the boy was pulling a heist somewhere else or he was confident in his abilities. And, the dark knight mused, the boy had every right to be confident. But to his surprise the boy had appeared with Ivy and (surprisingly) Harley Quinn in tow.

"He's actually here!" Batgirl exclaimed as she looked at the blonde who was now being seated by a (terrified) waiter. The three heroes watched in amazement as the three villains calmly made small talk, their actions belaying any chance of them being even slightly nervous. "Bruce, are you sure you want to do this?" Barbara asked, her fear dictating her actions. If the boy was willing to have a friendly meeting like this in broad daylight, he was positive that any action they would take against him would be met with failure.

"Uh, Barb, you might wanna look at this." Robin mumbled as he handed a pair of binoculars to the red head. Looking through the tool, Barbara was surprised to see her father enter the restaurant calmly. The blond who had originally been talking waved the man over to the only occupied table (the others having been quickly deserted) as the still terrified waiter brought the man a menu.

"Bruce, we have to get in there now!" Batgirl nearly whimpered in fear at the sight. Her father, a man whose only truly threatening feature was a small hand gun, was now sitting at a table having lunch with three psychopaths. With a silent nod from her mentor, the three animal-themed heroes launched their weapons and swung through the window they had previously been looking through. Their feet connected with the floor, they were quickly being dragged to the three other seats.

"Ah, if it isn't my esteemed guests!" the small blonde said joyfully as the three were forced into their seats, each of their utility belts instantly unclasped by some invisible force and tossed onto a nearby table. "No need to keep such uncomfortable accessories on. After all this is just a friendly meeting."

"If it's such a friendly meeting, why tie us down?" Robin asked, indicating the branches that had sprouted from the wooden chairs only to wrap around their legs. Naruto chuckled as he looked at the angry looks coming from the three heroes.

"Merely a precaution." The blonde said while smiling at his captured guests. "I believe that you all have met my friends, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn correct? But I have yet to meet any of you in person. I am Naruto Namikaze." He said, before dipping his head slightly. Batgirl snorted at the gesture.

"What no special name? And here I thought it was all about creativity." She said snidely.

"And what, pray tell, do you know about creativity Batgirl?" Ivy asked. This was an unprecedented event that Naruto had agreed to and she was slightly on edge, as was Harley. Sitting across the table from the vermin triad (as the three heroes were often called in the underworld) and the head of Police in Gotham was something she thought would never happen. That is, of course, outside of interrogations. "After all, are you not just impersonating a man who you can never hope to be?" Before Ivy could continue her tirade, Naruto grabbed her hand.

"Now, now my dear this is a friendly meeting." Naruto said as he stroked the back of her hand. Ivy's anger quickly melted away at the feeling of his small fingertips gently rubbing the sensitive flesh. "As for your question, Batgirl, there are no words that truly describe me." He said warmly to a wide eyed Batgirl. Never before had a villain actually treated her as a person, merely a nuisance or as an object.

"'Cept maybe god…" the group heard Harley mumble. Naruto, however, continued undeterred by his companion's words.

"I do have to say though, I enjoy this look." The boy said gesturing to the small tuxedo he now wore. It was deep red, almost black, color with a small white tie and a small black cloak surrounding his body. "What do you think?" He asked.

"I-it looks good." Batgirl stuttered as she answered. This was really a weird day. Here she was having dinner with three villains, her team and her father while complementing said villain's clothes.

"Thank you." The boy said before the waiter showed up, pushing a cart with seven dishes on it. "Thank you, sir." The blonde said before handing the man a wad of bills. The once terrified young man was now far more at ease seeing the amount of money. "I pray this will ensure your continued good service whenever I enter, correct?" The man nodded quickly, both unnerved by the statement and thankful for the income. "Also give my complements to the chef please." The man nodded before going into backroom.

"You said that this was a friendly meeting, right?" Gordon asked as he drew his gun, only to slam it on the table. "Then I want to ask some questions." The man said calmly.

"Very well, ask away." The boy said as he began to eat a plate of pasta.

"I want to know why you killed all of those people." The commissioner ordered politely, realizing that this was basically a hostage situation. If the boy did anything he didn't like, he couldn't stop him.

"All of those people were criminals. I believe that they deserved to die for what they did." Naruto reasoned.

"And what of the Star scientists?" Batman asked, if only to quiet the little voice in the back his head that agreed with Naruto.

"They broke the laws of Nature." The boy answered with a shrug. Ivy smiled at his words while Harley continued to dig into her steak dish.

"Is that why you called us here? For some sort of hippy threat?" Robin asked, his temper finally being let loose.

"Of course not, that would be foolish. To call my adversaries for a mere threat." The six-year-old said with a chuckle.

"Then why call us here, Naruto?" Batgirl asked, her mind working a mile a minute. He had obviously called this meeting for a reason but why not make it a death trap of some sort? And why invite her father?

"Simple really. I am a firm believer in the idea of knowing ones enemy. That is in fact the reason Harley is here. She understands an enemy that I have recently made."

"Joker…" Batman growled. That was the boy's entire reason. He didn't invite them here to taunt, he was reading them like books. To do so would take amazing analytical skills. Skills not unlike those of Bruce Wayne, himself.

"Correct. I simply wanted to understand the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. But I see now the real rivalry between you isn't between good and evil is it?" The boy asked with a smirk. "The rivalry is only between the two sides of your own mind. You hate the Joker because of the mystery surrounding him. Ivy and Harley here have something that Joker doesn't and that's what you hate the most. You hate Joker because of the fact that you don't have an answer to the mystery that is his existence." Naruto explained as Batman's scowl deepened.

"So you came here to taunt us?!" Robin growled in defense of his mentor. While they weren't as close as they'd been in the past, he wouldn't stand by while some kid with an ego taunted him.

"Silly fool," Naruto laughed, "I came to make a simple statement. Joker has no past, but an animal with no past is still just an animal. You understand why that would scare your beloved mentor, do you not? But why would he fear a being such as myself?" Naruto asked.

"Because you're a monster!" Robin yelled in reply.

"Wrong. He's scared because of the fact that I am his true anti-thesis. And besides," Naruto said just as his small group reached the doors, "Gotham City's had both a Dark Knight and a Clown Prince. Don't you think its time for a king to step up?" And with that the doors to the bistro closed leaving only the four heroes to contemplate the monsters words.

Ivy and Naruto's home/June 29/ 7:01 P.M…

"Do you have any idea what you've done?!" Harley yelled in fear. The boy hadn't just taunted Batman, he had infuriated the man! An unwritten rule in Gotham was to never anger the man unless you were prepared to die. So far, the rule had been followed but now Harley was sure that she and her companions were about to die.

"Oh, I know precisely what I've done." Naruto said lazily as he swam next to Ivy in her pool, his powers already heating up the pool to the perfect temperature. "I've done the so-called 'impossible'. The man in the mask will realize what I've done to him. He will obsess over the challenge I have set. Essentially, I've made Batman my own personal toy. Every little fact about my past is hidden. I've only recently taken my last name, I wasn't born in this country, and I have no family. Now all I have to do is plant a few clues about myself."


"Brilliant!" Ivy finished breathlessly. "You'll provide him with false clues and eventually…" Ivy trailed off in amazement while Harley's mind quickly filled in the blanks.

"You'll drive Batman mad."

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