Author's Notes: For Detzer, I'm not mad at you anymore. I thought it was funny you reviewed the old chap right as I was posting the new one. So I decided to write some smut into this one just for you. For WildViolet76, sorry I meant to have Polly meetup w/ her sister but it just didn't end up working out plot wise.

Ethan Zobelle spoke to the airline attendant checking him in, "My daughter will not be joining me, today."

"I'm sorry sir but… she's already boarded."

He looked at her as if he'd misunderstood.

"She and her male companion boarded not twenty minutes ago. Is that a problem, sir? I could ask them to leave…"

Recovering quickly, "No, no that is splendid news. It appears a friend misinformed me of my daughter's current circumstances. She smiled at him, handing him back his passport. "Alright sir we have you all checked in. Let me escort you to your flight."

The dark haired stewardess led him through the door and down the tarmac, bringing him up the flight of steps to the small jet. "You will be departing in about thirty minutes, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you before take off?" As soon as he was passed her, Zobelle smiled turning to look at her. "No no that will be all. Thank you. I have much to discuss with my daughter. With that the attendant stepped off the plane, closing the airlock behind her.

Before he even turned around, Zobelle spoke, "Polly, I can not believe that you would bring that Irish…" A gloved hand came down over his mouth, pulling him back against a strong body. He struggled for a moment before a silencer was placed to his temple and a voice spoke into his ear, making him go still.

"Wrong daughter... Daddy."

Ten minutes later, Kate and Happy made their way back to the desk. The attendant smiled at them, "I hope all went well, Ms. Zobelle."

"Please, call me Polly… and I'm afraid my father didn't take the news of my staying very well at all," Kate stopped at the desk as Hap continued on his way, "He was feeling quite under the weather before our discussion and after… well it just made his head hurt." Kate paused for a moment, smiling to herself, "Father's asked if he could go undisturbed for the entirety of the flight so he may sleep."

"Oh of course, Miss. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he'll feel better once he's well rested."

Kate laughed lightly, "I'm sure you're right…"

It took Kate just a few minutes to make her way out the doors and to the parking structure. As she passed one of the support beams, she noticed Hap had been leaning against it and was pushing himself away from the column to join her. His dress shirt and slacks already looking less than perfect. They finished making their way in silence, neither speaking until they were in the back of the van. Happy slid the door closed quickly behind them. Kate had already pushed the sweater over her head and was sitting on her heels in nothing but her bra and skirt, rummaging through her duffle, when Hap grabbed her chin forcing her to look at him.

He held her eyes as he spoke, "I am so proud of you." Kate looked at him, her eyes searching his as she licked her lips. Hap immediately leaned in, kissing her urgently. Without breaking the kiss, Kate grabbed the top of her skirt and maneuvered it down with her thong. Leaving her in just her lacy bra and kitten heels. She quickly started unbuttoning Hap's shirt, kissing him again, while he worked on the belt and slacks. Once he was undressed, Hap leaned back on one arm and pulled Kate down on top of him, letting her take the lead. Positioning herself over him, she hissed as Hap bucked up, entering her swiftly. They quickly found their rhythm, rocking hard into each other. When Kate felt her muscles start to flutter, she quickly clamped her teeth down on Happy's shoulder to keep from crying out. That bit of pain was all he needed to send him over the edge with her.

The two sat there for a minute catching their breath. Giving Hap one more kiss, Kate finally moved grabbing her clothes out of the duffle and getting dressed as Happy did the same. Once she was done, Kate picked up all the clothes they had worn to the airport and put them all together in one duffle, to be burned later. She took a moment to look at the passport she had used to gain access to Zobelle, trying to wrap her mind around the fact that these people were her family. She ran her finger along the photo before looking up at Hap, "Guess Gemma was right, we do look a lot alike."

The black van pulled in to Teller-Morrow right as SAMCRO were dismounting their bikes. It appeared that Opie and Chibs were holding Jax up as they made their way inside. Clay patted Jax on the back, saying something in his ear before heading for Happy and Kate.

Kate kissed Hap lightly, before making her way inside as well.

Hap looked at Clay questioningly, "Any news on the kid?"

Clay just shook his head, obviously overwrought with emotion, "We're heading to Church to figure out our next move…."

Hap nodded but didn't say a word as they moved in the direction of the clubhouse.

"I take it you handled that other problem for me?"

"Nah," Hap motioned towards Kate, as she entered the club a few steps ahead of them, "She did."

Clay nodded, "Didn't think your little princess had it in her. Hope it was bloody."

"It was perfect."

Author's Notes pt 2: Ok so I don't know if I should end it here for now, so I can come back at the beginning of next season and keep Kate going, or if I should get into everything now, how I think they should go down. And for those you concerned that I won't write any more if I put this story on hiatus, I have a few story lines started for Hap, Tig, and Chibs... So what do you think... do I attempt to save Abel or take after Gemma or do I leave it here for now... let me know.