"Perry the platypus quit it!" Doofenshmirtz yelled as the platypus loomed over him. Despite the doctor's best efforts to convince Perry otherwise he kept on punching and blood was starting to flick onto his fur. His face was now battered black and blue and he could feel a mixture of blood sweat and tears trickle down his cheek

Doofenshmirtz suddenly grew angry and with his last ounces of strength whacked him to the other end of the room. Perry blinked painfully, dazed feeling his beak battered and even broken. He gritted his teeth as he let out a death blow towards his nemesis. As Doofenshmirtz felt the webbed foot plough into his face, everything seemed to go in slow motion and fade into white.


"Oh come on! I was so close that time!" Doofenshmirtz whined putting his head onto his controller.

Perry just smirked as he looked at the 'Congratulations Player 2' screen on the TV in Doofenshmirtz's purple bedroom.

Doofenshmirtz rolled his eyes "oh don't be so modest Perry the Platypus…at least I wasn't getting beat up for real this time" he paused looking at Perry accusingly "except when we were playing the Nintendo Wii, seriously control yourself with that remote Perry the platypus you almost took my eye out last time!"