Set in the future that Chris saved. Honey is a witch with the power to transfigure inanimate objects. Wyatt is good. At the age of 22 Chris was granted the memories of everything he did in the past and his bad future as well as the new improved future.

(Now don't hate me, but I don't like Bianca! She hurt Chris therefore she is EVIL!)

Chapter One

P3 was still a fantastic club in San Francisco, new bands wanted to play there and people wanted to be seen there. Chris Halliwell weaved in and out of the dancers and nodded at the barman. Wyatt was sitting in a corner with a couple of friends watching as dancers swayed to the music in his club. Chris eased open the door to the back room where he had stayed all those years ago.

He sank down onto the tattered armchair and closed his eyes. The music blaring in the background faded to distant vibrations in his chest and the hard wooden slats under the thin cushion pressed into his back but he didn't pay any attention to his discomfort. He was asleep. And so he didn't notice the demon materialise in front of him. The girl who was looking for the bathroom did.

A bright blue sparkling energy ball formed in the demons claw-like hand. With deadly precision he threw it straight at Chris. The girl yelled and threw her hands up. The lethal energy ball turned into a fuzzy pompom it knocked Chris on the head and woke him up. He looked around blearily just in time to see the girl throw a can off the floor at the demon transforming it with a flick of the wrist into a shimmering atheme. The knife embedded itself into the demons chest up to the hilt with a sickening thud. He stared down at it for a moment before bursting into flames with a scream which luckily coincided with a particularly loud cymbal crash from the band.

Chris jumped to his feet and the girl jumped back. "Um…" she said.

Chris looked at her, "How did you do that?"

The girl looked at him, "Do what?" she said suspiciously innocently. "I didn't do anything…. some guy just came in and…"

Chris smiled, "No! It's OK; I'm not going to expose you or anything. I have powers too, look…" he disappeared in a shower of blue sparkles and reappeared on the other side of the room.

The girl grinned, "Wow! I've never met another person with powers before. Ever!" She smiled again and extended her hand, "I'm Honey."

Chris took her hand, "Chris. You don't have any family who have powers too? Or a whitelighter to guide you?"

"A what?" Honey asked. Chris looked a bit shocked. "I don't have any family."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Um… all my family have powers. Would you like to meet them?" Honey nodded eagerly. "Ok, they're right through here." He led her back into the clubs main room, to a corner couch. Two boys one younger and one older then Chris lounged with three other girls all with brunette hair down to their waists. Chris began introductions; "This is my brother Wyatt, my cousin Henry and my two other cousins Prue and Laura, and my little sister Melinda. Everyone this is Honey, she's a witch and she just saved my life."

To say they looked shocked was a bit of an overstatement. Actually Chris's family seemed to take it in their stride, the three girls budged up and made room for Honey. Laura the eldest, shook Honey's hand, she jumped a little and glanced a Chris, a grin forming on her face. "What?" he asked, "What did you see?"

Laura laughed him off; "Nothing major." She turned to Honey, "I get premonitions of the future and past. Do you have a power?"

Jazz grinned, "Um yeah… I can transfigure stuff."

Prue looked impressed; "Wow! I'm an empath, I can feel others emotions and Laura and I can levitate too. Speaking of empaths… Henry do you mind? Get your mind out of the gutter, you just met her!" Henry blushed red, Chris glared at him. And he quickly stopped eyeing her up.

Melinda smiled softly. "What can you do?" Honey asked her curiously. Melinda was very small and slight, she looked about nineteen, same age as Honey, but she seemed to emanate a sense of power.

Melinda grinned, "I can blow things up! And freeze time."

Honey looked at her in awe. "That is so cool!"

Wyatt went and got a round of drinks, Honey thanked him, "It's not a problem," he said, "I own the place."

The group sat in their corner sipping their drinks and chatting happily to Honey.

As they spoke, Chris looked at Honey, she was really very pretty, beautiful even, she wasn't very tall, she wore her dark blonde hair twisted and pinned with a jewelled clasp, her black top clung to her body without looking slutty and her dark jeans slouched to the floor accenting the length of her legs. But what really caught his attention were her bright eyes, so dark they were almost black, they sparkled with laughter and fun, she was just so… alive.

At about one in the morning she looked at her wrist, "I should really be going, it's getting late."

Chris stood up, "I'll give you a lift." Henry sniggered until a nearly full bottle of water tipped itself over his head.

The air outside was cold and the sky dark, Honey gave her address to Chris and he took hold of her arm and orbed them. Honey landed with bump and staggered, "Whoa, that felt weird."

Chris grinned apologetically, "Yeah it can take a while to get used to." and helped her to her door.

Then they realised that it was hanging off its hinges, Honey reached out to touch Chris's arm. "Get ready to do your thing…" She whispered. She pushed the door gingerly open. The room inside was a mess. The wardrobe doors were open, Honey's clothes spread over the floor as if someone had pulled them out to see the back of the wardrobe. Her bed sheets were pulled back, the boxes underneath her bed heaved out. The cupboards in the small kitchen were open their contents unmoved. "It's like they were looking for something big…," Honey whispered, "Maybe even someone." Chris stiffened. Footsteps coming from the bathroom. They crept back into the main room.

A tall man in black entered the room. He grinned. "Well, well, look what I just found. I'm not going to hurt you witches, not unless you make me." He conjured a fireball and tossed it up and down in his hand.

Chris pulled Honey behind him, "Well if you don't want to hurt us, you won't mind leaving…" the demon just laughed, "Thought not." Chris sighed. He flung his arm out and the demon soared into the wall and was knocked out cold. Chris stood over the fallen demon, watching him closely. "Come on, you've got to get out of here."

Honey stumbled over to him, the demon stirred, moaned and then jumped up summoning another fireball from thin air. "Let's go!" Honey yelled, "Go! Go!" She grabbed onto Chris's sleeve he shimmered into blue sparks, enraged the demon threw his fireball at the cloud of sparks.

Chris and Honey landed in the living room of the Halliwell Manor as Honey cried out in pain. The fireball had burnt her upper arm leaving an ugly red mark on her skin. "Wyatt!" Chris called out, Wyatt ran down the stairs, "She's hurt!" Honey bit her lip in pain and Wyatt hovered his hands over her burn. The mark faded. Honey looked down at her arm. It was smooth and clear. She smiled.

"What the hell happened?" Wyatt demanded.

Chris just shook his head and took the stairs two at a time. Melinda came down the steps and pushed herself against the wall as Chris hurtled past her. "Whoa! Hi, Honey back so soon?"

Honey shut her eyes, it was too much to take in and she couldn't connect the strands together. "When we got to my apartment, someone had already been there…there was stuff all over the floor and there was this demon guy… Chris threw him against a wall… he said he wouldn't hurt us, unless he had to…then Chris orbed us here, the demon must have caught my arm as we orbed."

Melinda smiled, "Well I guess you're staying with us until we can get this all straightened out, Mom and Dad are away and Chris and I are living here at the moment and Wyatt's here practically all of the time too, he can't cook, so you'll be well protected." Jazz smiled wearily, the whole day seemed to have caught up with her and she was suddenly exhausted. Melinda smiled sympathetically, "Is the couch okay? We blew up the guest room last week…" Honey just nodded, her eyes were dropping. "Just come upstairs, I'll get you some clothes of mine, you can use the bathroom and I'll find some blankets."

Chris crept back downstairs about two hours later, the Book of Shadows had been little help, and he guessed the demon was pretty low level, answering to a higher up. A blanket covered lump was huddled on the couch, a mop of blonde hair spread over the pillow shining softly in the light that filtered through a window. He grimaced and placed some crystals around the couch, and then folded himself into one of the armchairs, where he slowly drifted of to sleep.


Chris woke to the delicious smell of something sweet and warm. He blinked sleep from his eyes and stumbled through to the kitchen. Melinda was making waffles, Wyatt sat at the table reading a newspaper and Honey meandered around the corner a moment after he arrived carrying a milk bottle from the front of the house. She was wearing one of Melinda's old band t-shirts and a pair of sweat pants, she grinned at Chris, "Morning! You should have gone to bed y'know; you didn't have to stay in that chair." Chris just shrugged and smiled, and reached for a cup of coffee.

Melinda surveyed him and then plonked some waffles down on a plate; "Eat." She said to him sternly. Melinda was the only one of Piper's three children who had inherited her skill in the kitchen. Melinda continued; "Chris I want you to orb Honey back over to her place and pick up some clothes, she should really stay here until we've sorted out our demonic issues. Wyatt, will you go with them, you've got pretty good fire power and I need to get to Mom's restaurant to check everything over."

Wyatt swallowed his mouthful of waffle, "No problemo little sister. C'mon Chris! Clothe yourself, places to be!"


Honey emerged from her bathroom in jeans and a t-shirt and she tugged on her leather jacket as Chris stood up from the armchair and hooked her bag over his arm and held his jacket in his other hand.

A demon shimmered behind Honey grabbed her around her waist and shimmered out again before either of them could do anything.

Chris stared in horror at the space where Honey had just been. "No!"


Honey stumbled to the rock floor in front of a tall robed figure with slicked back hair and a small goatee. "Ah my love, I apologise for any discomfort I may have caused you in your transportation."

Honey stared at him, "Um, well apology not accepted! I was most put out, and what the hell do you mean 'love'?!"


Back at the manor Melinda was scrying for Honey. Wyatt was scanning the book and Chris was pacing. "Why don't we call Phoebe or Paige? Or Laura, or Henry, or Prue? Just someone!"

Melinda looked at him calmly, "Chris we're fine just as we are. Now shush I'm trying to concentrate."

Chris flopped into one of the worn chairs, "Urgh! How could that happen? I was there! RIGHT there."

Melinda stood up, "Okay I've got her, c'mon one of you orb me with you." Chris took her hand and they disappeared in a shimmer of blue sparks.


Honey was fuming, she was strapped to a table in a dark, stuffy room with no light except the flickering light from a few foul smelling candles. Nixon walked back into the room, his long robe swirling behind him, his slicked hair shining in the light. "There you are my love."

Honey scowled at him, "Well I'm not exactly in a position to be moving around."

Nixon smiled his oily smile, "Once we have mated…"

Honey let out a soft scream. "MATED? As in… ew!"

Nixon continued as if there had been no interruption, "And you fall pregnant, our child will be one of the most powerful magical beings in all of history. The stars are aligned for this night, they pointed to you and I have had every seer I could find check over the signs, tonight is the night."

Honey pulled futilely at her bound hands, "Okay, I have to tell you I am so not into this whole bondage thing! Let me go!"

Nixon simply smiled again and circled closer around the table. A series of loud bangs and cries of pain came from behind the curtain that separated this cave from the other part of the cavern. Melinda's smiling face appeared around the side of it, "Hey there Honey! Oh!" she turned and another scream of agony accompanied by a flash of light burst from behind the curtain. "Whoa! Just can't get the demons nowadays can you?" Chris appeared next to her, his face wore an expression of deep worry in contrast with Melinda's casual but dangerous smile.

Chris pushed his way into the room, Melinda rushed back into the main cavern to help her brother, and a stray fireball set the curtain alight. Through the flames Honey could see Melinda and Wyatt blow up demon after demon, but more and more kept coming.

Chris walked carefully towards Nixon, his eyes never left the demons face, Nixon sighed, "Oh dear, this hasn't turned out quite as I'd hoped, of well," He turned as if to go and then spun around a crossbow poofed in his hand out of smoke, with one movement he shot an arrow at Chris striking him in the shoulder, Chris cried out in pain and sank to his knees.

"NO!" Honey heard the anguished scream come from her lips but she didn't really register it, with a surge of strength she twisted her palms inwards and transfigured the ropes into thin thread that snapped as she pulled her arms up. "Melinda! Wyatt! Get Nixon, don't let him escape!" They sprinted after the retreating demon. She threw herself at Chris, "No, no, oh no. Chris, Chris!" Chris grimaced. "Okay, alright," Honey carefully lay Chris down face up on the floor, "I'm gonna get rid of this arrow, okay? This won't hurt much." She laid her hands on the arrow and shut her eyes, under her palms it turned into water and washed over Chris's shoulder.

Chris's breath was coming in shallow gasps, "It won't help, the arrow was poisoned and the poison's in me. There's nothing you can do." He grimaced as a fresh wave of pain swept through him.

Honey felt tears trickling down her face, "I've got to try something! I can't just sit here and watch you die!" She laid her head on his chest and felt her tears slowly wet the fabric. Honey sniffed, and raised her head a burning, determined look in her eyes. She placed her hands over the wound, and shut her eyes. With her mind she reached out trying to feel the poison. She felt it touch the edge of her conscious, growing stronger. She could almost taste it, bitter and burning. Carefully she focused all her energy on changing that bitter, burning thing into cool, clear water. She felt the poison begin to fade. Beneath her palm Chris heaved a huge, shuddering breath, and then she couldn't sense the bitterness any more. She opened her eyes.

Chris smiled up at her, and she threw her arms around him. "Oh! I thought it wouldn't work!"

Melinda and Wyatt trudged in looking angry. Darkish red blobs stained their clothes. Wyatt sighed, "Trust us to get one of the ones that leaves a mess!"