Chris, I can see what this place is doing to you. Talk to me."

"I don't want to talk I just want to get you out."

"Where are we?"

"Not where." Chris tugged on her hand and she jogged to keep up. "When." Honey looked around and realisation dawned. This was the place Chris sometimes still visited in his nightmares. The place she had learned to bring him back from with soft words and gentle caresses safe in the warmth of their bed. Chris pulled her into an abandoned building. Once it may have been grand judging by the marble floor and carved ceilings. But now everywhere was coated in a thick layer of dust and the walls were falling down leaving piles of brick and debris. "I need to get a few things." Chris said.

"Let me help."

"No!" He snapped. "It's too dangerous. I know this world. You don't.

"Chris, we're married. We're supposed to do things together."

"I know." He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I know. But not this. Please just trust me. I can't do what I need to if I'm worried about you. Not here. Not now."

Honey frowned slightly then reached up on tiptoe to pull him into a kiss. She breathed in the scent of him. "Alright. But be quick." She held onto his hand. "And be careful, love."

"Always." Chris gave her a flash of a grin as he orbed out.

Honey began pacing backwards and forwards measuring the passage of time by the number of breathes she took.


Honey whirled around. "Wyatt?" she said questioningly. The tall man standing in the shadows had the face of her brother-in-law but it wasn't him. She could tell. He was missing the lightness and humour she knew so well.

"You're supposed to be dead." He said darkly.

Honey backed up. "Wyatt… you don't understand…"

"You're right there." And then he was right in front of her his hand around her throat lifting her so that her toes just brushed the marble floor. Honey's fingers scrabbled desperately against his fist. With his free hand Wyatt clicked his fingers and a demon appeared bowing low. "Explain." He snapped.

The demon looked up and spotted Honey. Confusion covered his face. "I killed her, just as you ordered Master. Over a year ago."

"Then how is it," Wyatt said conversationally. "That I am holding her now and feeling her pulse?"

"I…I…" The demon stammered and stuttered and was suddenly silenced as Wyatt blew him up without another glance.

"Honey Williams. I ordered you dead you know. I saw your body. Or at least what was left of it. Demons. They do so like to play with their food." Honey gasped in a shallow breath her head spinning her hold on his wrist loosening. Wyatt tightened his hold. "And now it seems I have to kill you again personally."

"No." Honey wheezed. "No. I'm not from here. You don't have to…"

"I'm afraid I do have to." Wyatt said no hint of remorse. "You know the prophecy." He saw the confusion flitter across her eyes. "You don't know? Well I can't let you die without you knowing." He let her drop to the floor. Honey's hands flew to her bruised neck as she tried to take deep breaths. "There is a prophecy about you. That your child will topple a great tyrant. Now as with all prophecies it is fairly ambiguous. I tried to turn it in my favour. My child? With my power and your destiny? But you wouldn't have it. Even your aunt's death wouldn't change your mind. Are you still as stubborn where you're from?" he didn't want an answer and Honey didn't give him one. He dropped swiftly to his knees pulling her into a sitting position. "I will not risk it. You are a chance I will not take."

Honey felt a sudden ice cold pain as he slid a long thin knife up between her ribs. "Chris." She gasped out as Wyatt let her fall back.

"Goodbye Honey Williams."

Honey watched as her blood stained the marble floor starkly contrasting against the black and white tiles and felt strangely disconnected. Scenes from her life seemed to play dream like across her eyes, not huge moments, not life changing decisions, just the little moments that meant everything .

Sitting around the Halliwell table in the manor surrounded by Chris's family and feeling like she belonged.

Chris teaching her how to fight, showing her how to make a fist properly, where to kick and then in one of her less graceful moments tripping over her own trouser hem and being caught before she could hit the floor and realising that what she was feeling was more than a crush. That it was real.

Their first kiss, soft and gentle and so improbable and absolutely them.

Their honeymoon in Venice getting lost crossing bridges and laughing in the Venetian sun. And one night Chris orbing them into a genuine ball and proving that he was in fact a very good dancer.

Chris holding her bridal style when they returned home as husband and wife and her laughing and wondering if it counted when you orbed over the threshold.

Lounging in the new bath in their new apartment with candles and bubbles and then the romantic mood degenerating into a full on water fight no holding back. Explaining to Wyatt how Chris had got the huge bruise on his forehead had been cringe-worthy.

Waking up in his arms and knowing that she was exactly where she was supposed to be. That Chris was her destiny. Always.

She struggled to maintain her grip on consciousness but darkness, blissfully pain-free darkness beckoned and then claimed her.

Chris skidded to a halt next to the prone body of his wife wondering bleakly if this would be it this time, if he really would have to hold her while she moved on to where he couldn't follow her. "Honey, Honey please." He lifted her gently into his lap, "This isn't your time yet. I know it isn't. Please wake up." Tears fell from his eyes. "My fault." He wept. "I was supposed to hold your hand." He took hold of her cooling hand and pressed a kiss against the soft skin of her wrist. He felt a faint fluttering against his lips. "Honey." He gasped. "Hold on, sweetheart. Please hold on for me." He drew the triquetra around them on the floor. He arranged her carefully in his arms holding onto her as tightly as he dared as he spoke the incantation from the book and once more they fell through time and space.

Then everything was colours and shouting and hands pulling at him. Chris kept his arms locked around Honey as his family descended on them.

Chris sighed. Leo had healed the knife wound in her side. Piper, Paige and Phoebe had chanted every incantation they could think of over her. Melinda had poured potion after potion down her throat. Honey remained unconscious. Two days. Two long days she had not deteriorated but neither had she gotten any better. Her skin was still a shade too pale her breathing just too shallow. He lay curled up next to her prone form on the bed his voice hoarse from begging. "Honey." He whispered. Something was niggling at the back of his mind. A story he couldn't remember being told. "In the beginning the creator took the blood of an angel and the blood of a demon and gave them to a woman to drink. This woman's daughter became the first witch and because the blood of both heaven and hell ran through her veins she had the potential for great good and great evil." He sighed again. "Oh Honey what can I do? What do you need?"

He rested his hand over her heart the other weaving their fingers together. "I love you so much." He closed his eyes and brought her hand up to his lips. He felt a breeze ruffle his hair and opened his eyes. A soft glow was spreading from his skin over Honey's. The light intensified engulfing both of them. It faded and Chris held his breath.

Her eyelids fluttered and opened. "Chris. Where was I?"

"I don't know. But I am so glad you're back." He wrapped his arms tight around her and she tangled her legs with his. "I couldn't have gone on without you, Honey. Thank you for coming back."

She pulled away enough to look up into his eyes. "Someone has to hold your hand don't they?"


Piper had decided that the only way to celebrate Honey's not dying was by cooking an enormous family meal. When they had all eaten their fill and had moved into the living room Chris glanced up to see Honey slipping out into the garden. He came up behind her and slid his arms around her. He swayed her gently on the spot. "Are you alright?"

"I'm terrified."

"Of what?"

"I told you what Other Wyatt told me. Our child has a great destiny. That was why Nixon wanted me. That's why the elders feared us. That's why in the other world I was murdered. How can we bring a child into the world knowing what they will have to face?"

Chris spun her around. "Honey I want to have children with you. I can't lie to you and say that they are never going to face danger because they are. Even if we weren't who we are there are cars on the roads or illnesses or freak weather storms…"

"Hello! You're supposed to be making me feel better!"

"But what I can promise you is that they will be so loved and I will do everything in my power to protect our family."

Honey leant into his embrace tucking her head underneath his chin.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"And I do want children with you and everything that will mean for us but not yet. I want you to myself for a few more years yet."

Chris grinned. "Yes ma'am." He pressed his lips to hers and pulled her closer his hand at her back sliding underneath her shirt, stroking over the soft skin he found there.

"Oh my… For the love of all that is holy… will you two control yourselves for more than thirty seconds!"

"Wyatt!" Piper yelled.