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Note: This is the third book to my series. If you haven't read Twilight's Sun or A New Dawn, I suggest you do that first.

Breaking Eclipse: Renesmee and Jacob


I knew I was in danger. Jacob's death, lie or not, was burning in my chest like the night I broke up with him… only this time, I was going to be in pain for more than just 20 minutes. He was dead… never coming back. Knowing he'd be in heaven and having his last night on earth with me, as a memory was horrible.

Aro stared at me, and I stared back, both with thinking expressions. But I had to decide. This wasn't easy with tears pouring down to my left hand and to my third finger.

This wasn't going to be an easy death. I wasn't afraid of it though. Would he like it if I joined him or should I suffer pain like he'd think I deserved after the way I treated him. All I knew was that I didn't want to live in a world without Jacob. I wouldn't belong there. But if Jacob wanted me to stay out, then I may as well. I won't be thinking of my needs, I was putting Jacob first.

Either way, I had no one to blame but myself…

Chapter 1: Family

Renesmee Cullen

Dear Renesmee,

Your father and I understand that you love Jacob but the thing is

Charlie is great and all but the rest of your family love you too! Alice is just begging

Is Jacob taking care of you? How's Charlie? How's Billy? Sorry we haven't called but Rosalie's just

Yeah, we miss you too... a lot. Let us know if anything's changed.

Love Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family.

I understood how angry my mom and the rest of my family was now that I decided to stay in Forks. I really didn't mind Charlie. Or cooking for him. Not at all.

Sue obviously would need a break for cooking for 2 grown men who still talk like they're in high school rather then 50, 60 year olds who talk about sports instead of the weather like on TV.

She also had to cook for her two kids, Leah and Seth. Not to mention Leah's new boyfriend Kevin. It's been almost a year since I introduced the two.

A lot of hectic things happened on the week of my 16th birthday.

The best thing about Charlie was that he pretty much had no problem with me dating his best friend's son. Billy even got used to me hanging around the house more often than not.

Of course there were some ground rules like no making out in front of them and no staring.

Not that we've ever tried any of those things, especially around them. But how could you not stare at Jacob? He was just so... perfect!

Of course, I've seen other people stare at him but as far as I'm aware of, it was because of his height compared to me. I was a 5"4 teen age girl. Jacob was... huge! I've sure had my fair share of people staring at me, but not because of my height. Because of my looks. Of course my boyfriend had a problem with this but I don't really blame him.

Boyfriend... no that wasn't the right word. Not at all. But words like "imprint" and "soul mate" sounded hokey when you used it in a casual sentence. Since last March, we had a stronger word. One that we knew for sure that would happen... fiancé. I smiled at the word.

My family all moved to Alaska as planned in June. My best friend/travel partner, Nahuel threatened to kill my family and friends if I didn't agree to leave Jacob and be with him forever. After Jacob and his pack killed him— the part of the pack that wasn't in the hospital—I told my family I would stay in Forks at least until I graduate. Jacob says that I should stay until we get married but who knows how long that was going to be?

Possibly in the next year or so because our relationship was slowly getting more serious. This was obviously part of the werewolf imprinting. Maybe being a werepire had something to do with it too. Jacob proposed once, at prom a year ago, but I had to turn him down because I wasn't ready and I don't think he was either. All I knew was that I would know when the time came. I was ready when ever Jacob was. We were in no rush to get married. We want to enjoy the boyfriend girlfriend thing while it lasted. But… I could tell that Jacob was getting sick of it. Maybe I was too…

I heard the cooking timer go off and then I rushed down stairs toward the kitchen. I took out Charlie's dinner out of the oven and I left it out to cool a little. I don't join Charlie for dinner, the only times I eat human food is in public. Not that it would kill me but I still like to stick to my animal blood diet.

I got out a plate and prepared some coffee for him while I was at it. When everything was set, I realized that I prepared dinner too fast and there was nothing to do. My homework was done, like always. Charlie would be home soon but he wasn't really much of a talker, especially when he ate. Sometimes he would bring something up that came at the station, like a psycho killer in Seattle or something like that. But usually it was things that I already knew. It would usually come up when people are planning trips or it would catch my eye when I looked for the weather. He didn't have to worry so much. Besides, nothing much happens here in Forks… not since "the Cullens left."

I couldn't think of anything to do so I just got out my i-pod to listen to music. When his coffee was done brewing and the chicken was set, Charlie came through the door and hung up his belt and jacket. He was tired, as always. He walked lazily to the kitchen, glad that I prepared dinner for him already.

"Hey Nessie." He greeted me taking his seat. Then took a sip of his coffee as I set it down for him, probably glad I prepared it for him already.

"Grandpa… don't you think it's time you retire?" I asked this question at least a million times. He always gave me the same answer: "I love my job and I'll die doing it."

I had to ask again thinking his answer would be different. He looked so tired he looked like he was going to pass out on his dinner face flat!

Instead of answering the question, he changed the subject to what I was referring to.

"You know, did you hear about those animals going missing on the reservation?"

"No, why?"

"Apparently you need to tell Jake and his friends to try hunting somewhere else where the animal population won't go down so much." I rolled my eyes.

"I'll send the message." I just said. Charlie and Jacob never talk much. It was always Billy and Sue that he talked to now-a-days unless it's someone at the police station. Jacob and I always spend time with each other, unless I'm at work.

I work at a fancy restaurant down in Seattle. It was hard to get a job there, especially in such a busy city. But of course, I got the job as a waitress. I don't have to work, after all, my parents send me a five-thousand dollar check in the mail every month. But Charlie said it'd be good for me. It pays quite well. I get lots of tips of course. It's something I do when Jake's on patrol. After all, my life can't only be in school.

I couldn't see why Jake and his friends would be a problem of the animals down in La Push, as far as I'm aware of, they only ate human food.

As always, Charlie at his food in silence after that.

"Are you going to see Jake?" Charlie didn't even have to ask. He already knew the answer.

"Yeah, Claire's been dying to see me." I smiled.

That was true. Ever since her and Quil's big wedding—courtesy of Alice and I— she's been spending 24/7 with her new husband. They seriously wouldn't leave their honey moon—even claimed that she would've missed school on purpose to stay with Quil for another day—until Embry called Quil to say Billy died and he had to come for the funeral. Of course, they were all pissed, so Embry kind of owes them now… and Billy.

When I finished washing dishes, Charlie got up. I was expecting him to go to the couch to watch the television, but today he went toward the stairs. Weird thing, especially for Charlie.

"I'm turning in early Ness." He said. "Tell Jake I say hi."

"Will do, Grandpa." I smiled and heard his bedroom door close. I grabbed my coat and helmet and ran out into the rain to my motorcycle. Charlie wouldn't approve of me riding in the rain but I could see just fine.

It's not that long of a ride to La Push compared to where I used to live. Thankfully, Carlisle said he wouldn't take our old house down. He said that he'd leave it incase Jake and I decided to move in there, but maybe Jacob would prefer living close to home. It was only farther by a few minutes though. The Cullens always tried to stay off Quileute lands. But technically, I'm only half Cullen and I've been imprinted so it doesn't really apply to me. Sure, Jacob was allowed to lift the line since he was head of the pack, but that would mean talking to the elders as well for such an extreme law. I don't know what the big deal was though.

I loved La Push. The beach, the sea, the breeze, everything about it was an adventure, even for a day. Jacob was the best part of it all though. Then again, I can have two things at once. I can enjoy a beautiful sunset while kissing Jacob occasionally on the beach, with the cool breeze in my hair but never getting cold because of the warmth of Jacob's perfect body. Sure, I don't get cold anymore, but I usually like to put it on Jacob. Every day was perfect when I was with him.

I also had great friends in La Push. Everyone loved me… sometimes too much. Brady tried flirting with me once when I was his "frozen age". Claire was always nice to me but was always determined to get her way. You obviously could see why she and Alice always got along. I also made friends with the other imprints like Kim: Jared's imprint, and Emily: Sam's imprint, and Rachel, Jacob's sister and my sister in law to be, but she was also Paul's imprint.

All the imprints except for me, Leah, and Collin's 5 year old imprint—and Kim and Jared's only child—Vanessa, were married and had at least one kid. Sam and Emily were going for their third child even though their hands were already full from their two sons. Peter, who was 14 and always got in trouble, and Alexander, who was two years old and barely made any noise at all. Jared and Kim settled for one.

Before I reached Jacob's house, he was already outside smiling as I was heading in that direction. I don't know why he liked to watch me take my helmet off, he'd always go big eyed as I shook my bronze hair out of my helmet. No one likes helmet hair, that was the only reason why I did it. My dad would probably call it "dazzling".

"You do dazzle me." Jacob said. I looked at him with a confused expression, he was just smiling. He was holding my left hand in his.

Ever since I became half of his kind, he was the only one who could read my thoughts, other than Edward of course.

Jacob kissed my hand and I shoved it back and hung my helmet up.

"Will you stop doing that?" I asked. He only shrugged.

"I like hearing your thoughts." He smiled again.

"Only when I'm thinking of you." I teased. He chuckled this time as we walked inside Billy's house. Esme built him his own house just across from Billy's. I think Billy was glad he got his own house, after all, his tiny little house could only hold so many. Jacob's pack may've been getting smaller, but Jacob was just too big to live there.

When I removed my jacket and shoes, Jacob took my hand and followed me down the hall to the kitchen where Billy sat reading his book. Billy looked different then he did a year ago. He had to wear glasses and had a bad case of diabetes.

"Hi Billy."I said smiling a little.

"Hey Nessie." Billy greeted me with a smile of his own. "How's Charlie?"

"Fine, he went to bed early today." Jacob looked at me suddenly interested.

"Why's that?" Billy asked with confused eyes.

"He says that there's a bunch on animals going missing here on the reservation and he went to check it out. Have you heard about it?"

"Yes, I have. Why would the police be involved in something like this?" I shrugged.

"Beats me. I think they're thinking it's that wolf problem again and wants to make sure no one here gets hurt. Even Charlie believes it."

"C'mon! Charlie knows we eat human food, we never hunt on the reservation."

"Well, you know Charlie." Billy said. "Chief of police, always assuming these things." Jacob rolled his eyes.

The phone then began to ring.

"I'll get it!" Billy said racing to the phone.

"How was your day?" I asked as he leaned against the kitchen counter.

"Slow." He said.

"Same here. It's always boring when you're not around." Jake smiled a little.

Billy came back into the room.

"Well Jake, Jeremy wants to go fishing today. You wanna come?"

"Not today dad." Jacob was never into fishing like Billy was.

"Just asking." Billy smiled a little at us as Jacob put his hand around my waist. Then he left with his book to the living room. Jake and I just talked after that. About graduation, Bella's messy hand writing on my letter, just casual talk that we'd have. Not every conversation between us had to be about our relationship. We stayed in the kitchen until Jeremy came to pick up Billy.

I followed Jacob to the front door to meet him. Jeremy was there with another boy. Well, he looked about my age so I guess I wouldn't call him a boy. He was a few inches smaller then Jacob, he could've passed as his brother with his black hair, but unlike Jacob's his hair was up to the top of his ears. His skin was a little darker then Jacob's, probably from being under the sun his whole life. Jeremy almost looked just like him, but I wouldn't know since I've never met Rebecca. He smiled brightly at me when he saw me.

"Nessie, this is Jeremy and his son Mitch." Billy introduced us. I shook both their hands, I thought I saw Mitch wink at me.

"Pleasure to meet you." I smiled. "I'm Renesmee. People call me Nessie."

"So I hear." Jeremy said. Jacob came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, giving me a light kiss on my head.

"Great to have you back in Forks." He said. He didn't smile, that confused me. Wouldn't you usually smile at family?

"Wow, you've got a girlfriend now?" Jeremy snorted. "Figures. Thought it'd never happen, better tell your sister." Jeremy took Billy's chair and Mitch continued to stare at the both of us. Then he turned and helped open the back seat to his car.

"You kids have fun." Billy said as he was pulled into the back and drove away. I undid Jacob's grasp around my waist.

"What was that?" I asked turning to look at him.

"C'mon! Did you see Mitch's face? He was totally checking you out! And he's my nephew for crying out loud!"

"Really?" I asked. "If it helps, I never even noticed."

"Really?" I nodded and kissed his cheek lightly. He smiled.

"Looks like it stopped raining." I said. "Want to go to the beach?"

Jacob just smiled.

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