"A Flight to Remember"

by William Raymer


All characters recognized as being from the 2009 Star Trek film are owned by CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures (Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry; 2009 film written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci).

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Pairings are as follows:

TROYELLA-Troy and Gabriella

CHAYLOR-Chad and Taylor

RYELSI-Ryan and Kelsi

KIRKPAY-Kirk and Sharpay

SPOTA-Spock and Nyota (Uhura)


Aboard Federation Starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701

En route to Sector 001

Stardate 2258.621 (June 21, 2258)

Captain James T. Kirk walked onto the Bridge of the Enterprise and watched the rolling waves of subspace energy fly past the ship as it cruised towards home.

"Captain, I have the information about the seven new crew members we will be picking up at Headquarters," Spock said.

"Put it on the viewscreen, Mr. Spock," Kirk said. Seven files appeared on the viewscreen. Spock read a precis of each one.

"First, Ensign Troy Bolton, command track. Top marks in tactical studies and advanced hand-to-hand combat," Spock said.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu turned to face Kirk. "I heard about him at the Academy, sir," Sulu said. "We could have used him on Vulcan."

"Next," Spock continued, "Ensign Gabriella Montez, engineering track. Top marks in warp field engineering and mechanics."

The voice of Chief Engineer Commander Montgomery Scott came on the speakers of Kirk's command chair. "Aye, Mr. Spock, I'm reading her file now. Most impressive," he said. Then, Scott yelled, "Get down, you [unintelligible]! I told you once, I've told you a thousand times: IT'S NOT A BLOODY CLIMBING FRAME!!!"

"Keenser must be acting up again," Kirk said with a smile. "Next, Mr. Spock?"

"Ensign Chad Danforth, tactical track," Spock said. "Like Ensign Bolton, Ensign Danforth has top marks in tactical studies and advanced hand-to-hand combat."

Ensign Pavel Chekov smiled. "Chad and I had a lot of classes together back at the Academy, Keptin. It will be wonderful working alongside him again," he said.

"Ensign Taylor McKessie, science track, is up next," Spock said. "Next to Lieutenant Uhura, she was one of my top students at the Academy."

"Ensign Kelsi Nielsen, medical track," Spock continued. "For the last couple of months, she has helped my future counterpart establish the Vulcan refugee colony on Gamma Germanicus VII."

"I've heard of her," Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy said. "She helped develop a medicine that has helped to slow, if not altogether stop, the onrush of Bendii's syndrome. She is quite an impressive doctor."

"Ensign Sharpay Evans, command track, and Ensign Ryan Evans, science track," Spock said. "Fraternal twins, although Sharpay was born first. Both have amazing records in their chosen fields, while they also helped administer the Academy's theater program."

"I remember Sharpay," Kirk said. "She played my mother in a theatrical production based on Admiral Pike's dissertation about the USS Kelvin."

"We are approaching the Terran system, sir," Sulu said. "Take us out of warp, Mr. Sulu," Kirk said.

Meanwhile, on the Spacedock orbiting Earth, Troy stood with his fellow transfers as they watched Enterprise come out of warp.

"She looks beautiful," Gabriella said. "Not as beautiful as you, Gabs," Troy said before they kissed. "Hey, get some quarters, you two," Sharpay said.

"USS Enterprise coming in for docking at Bay 4. All transfers, report there immediately," a voice called out.

"I guess that's us," Kelsi said. The seven friends picked up their bags, then began the walk to their new home.