The Houses of Healing

Arthur, Gwen, and Gaius enter into the room. Their heads were held low. It was only yesterday someone they loved gave their life to save theirs. He had to be laid to rest. The only thing going through their heads were what if things went differently. But they didn't this is the outcome and they had to live with it. They expected to find Olwen with Merlin's body. But there was no one there.

"Where did she go?" Gaius asked.

"She couldn't have gotten far. We must go find her now." Arthur grabbed Gwen's hand and the both of them began to walk out the door.

"What should I do?" Gaius asked.

"Stay here and wait to see if maybe she will return."

And with that Arthur and Gwen were out the door.

With a sigh

You turn away

With a deepening heart

No words to say

You will find

That the world has changed


Deep in the woods there are figures cloaked in black. They are carrying Merlin. And in front of them is young woman. They come to a lake. The young woman steps into the water and slowly runs her hand over the surface. She grabs a knife and pricks her finger. As the blood drops from her finger into the water something happens.

And the trees are now

Turning from green to gold

And the sun is now fading

I wish I could hold you


The water begins to shine a beautiful gold. The young woman then motions for the cloak figures to come closer. They place Merlin in the water. Miraculously Merlin stands on his own. He opens his eyes and looks down.

"Olwen, What's going on?"

"You died and I brought you back to life. Well almost. There is still one more thing."

Olwen grabs Merlin's hand and leads him further into the water. When they go under Arthur and Gwen show up. Arthur climbs off his horse and sees no one is there.

"Arthur No one is here." Gwen says.

"I heard something. She has to be here." Arthur says looking around.

Then the water glows in the middle of the lake. The golden glow moves closer to where Arthur stands. Arthur pulls out his sword ready to fight whatever it is. But he puts down his sword when he sees Olwen come out of the water with Merlin.

"How is this even possible?" Arthur asks.

"Some things are just hard to explain" Gwen says from beside Arthur.

Gwen is the first to go over and give Merlin a hug. And then she hugs Olwen.

"How did you do all this?" Gwen asked

"Like you said some things are just hard to explain" Olwen Says.

Merlin is standing in front of Arthur. Without even thinking he grabs Merlin and hugs him. Then he lets go.

"We thought you were dead" Arthur said.

"I was" Merlin said.

"Glad to have you back" Arthur said.

"Glad to be back." Merlin said.

And the four of them went back to Camelot. But someone was watching them. Olwen glanced over and noticed the green cloak. She bowed her head to the person. And in return the person bowed their head back.

"Thank You for your help Morgana" She told her through her thoughts.

"Your Welcome" Morgana disappeared.

The song is The Houses of Healing by Howard Shore feat. Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Soundtrack. Might write a prequel. But if you liked it, hate it, or think it's not to bad. Just let me know. Oh and also I don't own the song or Merlin. Or any of the characters. Oh and Olwen is from Culhwch and Olwen. Arthurian Legend.