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"Here let me do that." Bill smiled softly as he buttoned her blouse.

"I am perfectly capable you know." Hermione's voice sounded tired and petulant.

"I know but I want to. You shouldn't over do, Sunshine especially now." Bill kissed her nose as he finished the last button.

"I really hate this, people are going to stare. I am sure small children will be frightened." Hermione whined.

"No one is going to stare." Bill was helping her find her things.

"You just don't notice, they stare and some even point. Who can blame them I look like a beached whale." Bill could see the tears begin to pool in her eyes. Thomas had warned him that it would be rough from here on out.

"They are just in awe of how beautiful you are that's all. You are glowing." Bill's hand was on the small of her back as they walked to the door.

"What glow? That is perspiration; it must be 101 in the shade. Aren't you hot?" Hermione slowly made her way down the steps.

"Sunshine, I think it is pleasant this morning, but then again I am not carrying around two extra people. You have every right to be 'glowing'."

Bill looked at his watch, "We had better hurry or we will be late."

Bill was helping her maneuver through the crowd toward their appointment.

"Hurry, did you say hurry? William, women in my condition do not hurry unless of course it is to use the loo. Even then, I need a ten minute head start." Hermione stopped and tried to take a deep breath.

Bill smiled and rubbed her back where his hand was resting. "They will wait for us, take your time Sunshine."

Hermione leaned her head into his shoulder. This was torturous and wonderful at the same time. "Are you sure you want to do this? You still have time to escape." Hermione smiled when he laughed at her question.

She began to take a step and abruptly stopped. She gasped and held the left side of her abdomen. Bill was in front of her. "What?"

Hermione grimaced, "A strong kick or head-butt, I am not completely certain."

"Should we head to the hospital?" Bill was worried.

"No, I think I am fine, like you said they are waiting for us." Hermione tightened her hold on Bill's arm and continued down the street.

After a very long ten minutes, they had arrived. Together they ascended the steps and entered the small chapel located directly across from the Leaky Cauldron in muggle London.

Hermione looked up at Bill before they entered the sanctuary. She couldn't help but remember another long walk she had taken with him all those months ago. Some where she had heard that type of walk referred to as the 'walk of shame'. Every employee in Gringotts came out of their hidey-holes to watch her and Bill emerge from his office and walk to the entrance.

She remembered that her face felt as if it was on fire. Mrs. MacAnelly seemed to be dazed as they walked past her. Hermione giggled as she tried to remember whether or not she had been loud. Had everyone heard them?

As they stood in the shadows of the cool stone archway, Bill brought her back to the present. "Sunshine thank you. This is well, it is perfect. What I mean is that despite what ever it was that brought us together, I am thankful it did. You are my world. I never believed it possible but I have been blessed twice in my life to find truly great love. Marry me?"

Hermione did not answer right away. She was momentarily, lost again in memories. How many times had he asked that question? It was a joke between them.

Healer Corcoran had advised them to wait two weeks before coming in to his office for a pregnancy test. It was the longest fourteen days of both of their lives. They fought and made up dozens of times and Bill had spent most nights on the sofa. It was after they received confirmation of what Hermione already knew, that Bill had asked her to marry him for the first time.

Hermione recalled being surprised at his request. Marriage seemed a tad extreme. She had been married and did not feel the need to do it again.

Every week, Bill would ask and every week Hermione would not say yes, but also not say no. It became an inside joke between them and their friends. Would proposal number twenty-six be the lucky number?

"Pass the salt and will you marry me? Hermione what do you want to order for dinner and will you marry me?" But her favorite proposal was when Bill yelled from behind the closed loo door "Woman, where bloody hell is the extra roll? Marry me?"

Hermione smiled when she thought of Bill's face when she had finally said yes to his proposal. It was after their most recent appointment with Thomas. They had been told that she could go into labor anytime and to be prepared.

Bill was adamant that they make their relationship legal. He wanted to be her next of kin just in case. Hermione had agreed that made sense and they had scheduled time with the vicar.

Some one handed Hermione a small bunch of lily of the valley. She looked at Bill and answered, "Yes, Bill, I want to marry you. I know that we both have done this before, but this is different. It is wonderful, a little bit crazy, and perfect."

Bill's hand cradled her cheek, "I love you, Sunshine."

Hermione kissed the palm of his hand, "I know and I love you too."

Together they walked through the open doors toward their gathered friend and relatives. They vowed to keep each other in sickness and health, forsaking all others. With their vows, they became a family.

"Poppa, Poppa tell us again." Bill Weasley wondered how two small voices could make his heart smile. Seated next to him on the sofa was his son, William Ronald Weasley, Will for short and on the other side was his daughter, Molly Fleur Weasley. His wife had successfully argued that there should only be one Hermione in a family.

"Tell you what?" Bill knew exactly what story they wanted to hear.

"About the wedding and the babies, Poppa" Will explained in a patient tone as if he was speaking to a very dim person. He was his mother's son.

"Oh yes! Poppa, I like the part about the kiss the best! Tell us about the kiss Poppa!" His daughter, Molly was all butterflies and bows. Hermione often laughed at how different they were.

"Shss, keep it down you two, Momma is resting." Bill peered through the slightly opened door to the bedroom to see his wife sleeping.

The two settled down and waited.

"Well it ended with a kiss. The most perfect kiss that sealed our vow…"

Hermione smiled as she listened to her husband explain in fairytale terms to the twins how they became a family.

She rubbed the sore spot underneath her ribcage where the latest Weasley kept poking her. "Settle down in there. Poppa will tell you the story just as soon as you get here."

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