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~~~CHAPTER 1~~~~~


The doors to the main office opened as a vibrant teen walked in. His chocolate brown hair ruffled as he entered and his green eyes locked onto the desk lady. He walked up to her and tried to get her attention.

"Excuse me?"

She didn't look away nor did she stop talking into the phone.

"Excuse me?"

She spared him a glance and pointed behind him. He turned to look and saw what she was pointing at. Three chairs sat there, next to the window. One was occupied by a student who looked like he was in serious trouble. At least that's what the cuffs suggested. The teen's eyes widened as realization came on. He turned back to the lady.

"Oh no. That's not for me. I'm a ne-"

The lady cut him off by pointing back at the chairs. The boy smiled grimly and looked at her.

"Okay, look. These are new pants and I really don-"

She gave him a sharp look and pointed at the chairs again.

"Obviously you feel very strongly about this," he said in dejection.

He sighed and turned. He walked to the farthest seat from the cuffed student. He watched as he turned to look at him. The brown haired teen saw that the other had RIP tattooed onto his forehead. He smiled in a cocky form.

"Hey cool! I have that same tattoo on my ass!"

The cuffed teen growled and tried to jump at the other but the cuffs were chained to the chair so he didn't get far. The other looked at him and smirked.

"I cannot believe you didn't try those out first," He laughed, "So what'd you do? Break a window with a teacher's head?"

"A student," The other furrowed his eyebrow at him, "How'd ya know? Ya psychic?"

No, you just have glass with blood on your shirt. He thought.

"Christopher Perry?" a lady called from an office.

Chris got up and followed her into the office. He sat down in the chair as she sat down behind her desk. She opened a file and smiled kindly at the teen.

"Chris, I'm Principal Roberts. I guess I'll be your new principal. First, I would like to ask why your parents did not fill out your registration."

"I don't have any parents. I have no guardians either. I live by myself and my cat. That's it."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that. It's just that your file says nothing about your parents. Next is about your classes. You understand that you must have four of the major classes consisting of Science, History, Math, and English. Since you are in eleventh grade, you have three electives. So, for your Science, what would you like?"

Chris thought about it, "Geosystems."

"And your History class?"

"Um, Psychology?"

Mrs. Roberts paused, "That's not-"

"I know. Just do it."

Her eyes flashed briefly before moving on, "Math."



"AP English 11."

She smiled before moving on, "Next are your electives. We've already sent you the choices, so have you chosen?"

"Yup! Art 3, Latin 4, and Cooking 201."

The principal raised her eyebrows at this before telling him he could go. Chris grinned before making his way out of the building. It soon disappeared as a voice floated through his thoughts.

Controlling the principal with magic because she was going to ask a lot of questions, my oh my, where did the good Chris go?

Chris ignored it with a scowl and walked determinately to a café. He went inside and ordered a drink. He drank a little of it when it came before walking out to get a newspaper. He stopped, however as a cop car walked up to him.

"Young man, aren't you supposed to be in school?"

Chris looked at the man before replying, "I'm new and waiting for my schedule to go through. Please leave."

The cop stiffened before turning away and leaving. Chris grinned and walked back inside with his paper. It disappeared when he saw a woman sitting in his seat. He walked over to her and tapped her. She turned to him and he got a full look at her. She was pale. Really pale and beautiful. Chris shook himself and glared at her.

"That's my seat."

She furrowed her eyebrows at him before saying, "No. I was sitting here."

"No, I was. I went outside to get the paper," He held up his paper, "I ordered a drink-pointed to the drink-and made a little crawling snake-and picks up the twisted wrapper."

"Sorry," She said, "Would you like me to move?"

"Not anymore," Chris smiled as he sat down next to her.

She smiled back, "I may be a little too old for you."

"Oh, it's okay!" He waves her off, "I'm gay."

She laughs before her eyes turned red. She blinks in surprise before smiling. Chris Picked up the thoughts that she thought he didn't see. He gasped before pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"Oh my god. Oh my god."

"What," She questioned.

"You're a vampire," Chris whispered.

Her eyes widened before moving to deny it. Chris stopped her.

"I knew it. Beautiful, pale skin, red eyes! Oh my god! Can't I walk into a town and not have magical creatures there in disguise?" he whispered in despair.

"How did you know that? Are you a creature too?"

Chris nodded before murmuring, "I'm a witch."

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