Title: Just One

Rating: K+?

Pairing: One-sided Chiaro/Cesare

Warning: Pining, angsty Cesare

Word Count: 365

A/N: Okay, let me just put this out there: I HATE LUCRETIA. I HATE CHIARO/LUCRETIA. I HATE THE PARTS IN THE MANGA WHEN THEY ARE LOVERS. IT MADE CESARE EMO, AND THAT IT NOT OKAY. The end. - . - So. I was reading the part in the manga where the fake!demon!Vanozza is whispering in Cesare's ear, telling him that she's the only one that will love him, that he had nobody, ect. And I almost cried, I really did. T^T Cesare is a WONDERFUL character, and he deserves his Chiaro. .o But, anyway, I wrote this in a short amount of time, just because I'm on a Cantarella kick, and these are kind of fun to pop out.

Cesare didn't need soft demonic whispers to tell him that he was alone; he was already painfully aware of it. He knew he had no one to love, no one to trust; he knew he had nobody. But even though he knew this, he wanted, hoped for, wished for, just one person to love him – just one.

He did know about Lucretia's feelings – how could he not? – but he didn't return them. He'd grown up with her, and he hadn't stopped to think about ever having a relationship beyond that of brother and sister; anything else was…dirty, wrong. He tried to discourage these emotions, though he really hadn't expected Lucretia's favor to drift towards the one person Cesare desired.


Chiaro was perfect and beautiful and strong. And Cesare wanted him. He wanted his love, his body, his devotion; he wanted Chiaro to be that one person. He relied on Chiaro, trusted him, but even he couldn't deny that Chiaro loved Lucretia. Cesare had still hoped that his angel might want him, but he hadn't realized that he hadn't paid enough attention to Chiaro, hadn't kept him on a short enough leash. He wants Chiaro, but Chiaro does not want him. Cesare is his sin, and Chiaro must attone for it. He is a burden and a monster, and Chiaro stays to make sure his mistake does not ever bring about the chaos he is capable of.

Cesare is the mortal sin that Chiaro must bear.

Cesare knows this, and he mourns it. He wishes he had been the one to win Chiaro's affections, instead of his sister. He wishes that he was the one Chiaro's thoughts strayed to. He wishes Chiaro would think of him as more than a monster. He wishes…he wishes.

But wishing will get him nowhere; it is in doing that Cesare finds his strength. This is why he can sleep with Princess Sancia and all those other women who yearn for his attention. He does not enjoy it, but women are foolish and easily manipulated, swayed by sweet words and tender caresses. Still, whenever he is with them, he thinks of Chiaro, and wishes he had one person.

Just one.