Title: Sweet Tears

Rating: K

Pairing: One-sided (Possibly?) Chiaro/Cesare

Warning: Pining Cesare. XP

Word Count: 100

A/N: 100 word drabble, because I was bored. XP And this part of the manga had me in tears. ; - ; Poor Cesare!

"You really were drunk."

Chiaro's chuckle echoed in Cesare's ears, and his hands tightened at his side, his nails stinging.

"What do you want me to say?" he muttered, hiding his eyes behind his hand. He could still feel Chiaro's lips against his, tinted with the slight flavor of wine. The memory of the stolen, now-meaningless kiss made Cesare's knees weak, and he slumped against the wall, just to keep himself upright.

"You're such a fool," he hissed. His shoulders were shaking, but he didn't realize it, couldn't see it. And there, in the dark, barely lit room, Cesare wept.