A/N: Wow I'm writing, like, ALL angst for GYPSY these says, aren't I?

She cried herself to sleep every night for a month after he left. She needed his support now more than ever, but now she had no one left but the Good Lord, but she even doubted that. She'd used him, played with him, pushed him away. She hadn't realized till too late that she loved him, and now she was paying the price.

Three years passed – three long, painful years, I should say – before she heard anything of him again. She got a letter (care of Louise) dated a week prior her getting it saying he was over her, but just wanted to see her again. She agreed, meeting up with him a month later at the train station near NYC. She'd missed him, she realized. She truly missed him

"You've changed, Rose."

"You have too. But what can I say? It's been three years."

He sighed, looking away before saying, "Offer still stands, Rose."

She took a breath before replying, "Offer accepted, Herbie."

Two months later, they were married and for the first time in her life, she had the support she so desperately needed.

A/N: Weird much? That is probably the weirdest GYPSY fic that I've posted (written) in my time of writing GYPSY fics. Probably the weirdest proposal I've ever heard of, too. Besides the one where the guy proposed via a crossword proposal. But that one was strange, not weird. And kinda sweet.

A/N (2): Geez, this one's short. Wow. Looks longer than that on paper.