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Spock was sleeping. He was curled up in a down comforter, head pillowed on his arm. His other hand was cupped protectively around his stomach, round and tight now with their child. As Kirk watched, he shifted slightly. The baby was probably kicking.

It was a sight he would never get tired of, and it was even cuter here, in Iowa, where the sense of home was almost overwhelming. Kirk chuckled to himself before turning back to the computer terminal at his desk.

He wasn't doing anything too important, this lazy Saturday afternoon, just tallying up a few of their expenses. He felt better when he knew where his money was, even if they had a company doing the record-keeping for them. But it was…tedious. Bored of numbers, he started clicking around the desktop, investigating what interesting files might be lurking around.

It was Spock's account, since Spock happened to like keeping track of the logical aspects of their life together. Normally, he wouldn't have been snooping, but he had nothing else to do. Anyway, Spock protected anything personal with passwords. Or so he thought.

There was a file titled "Photo Journal" on the desktop. He clicked it. It opened into a gallery program, image thumbnails lined up in neat little rows. He blinked. This was unexpected. After a moment of scrutinizing the screen, he immediately grinned.

It was, in effect, a diary in photographs of Spock's pregnancy. It seemed that every few weeks or so, Spock had been documenting his belly in a profile photo, to measure its growth.

The growth of their son.

Kirk clicked the latest image in the series, probably taken only a few days earlier. In the image, Spock was standing against a white wall, their bedroom wall. He was dressed in a dark Vulcan robe that emphasized his new shape with its close-fit cut. He wasn't looking at the camera, but down at his hands, linked above his belly-button. He was smiling gently.

Kirk felt the same expression on his own face as he glanced back at his lover. As he watched, the Vulcan carefully opened an eye. Spock seemed torn between speaking and going back to sleep. He made a questioning noise. Kirk laughed.

"Go back to sleep, t'hy'la. I love you."

And oh, how he did.

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