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A/N: Alternate ending to "Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing." What should have took place after Eric yells at Ryan to leave the lab! Very OC for Horatio in later chapters.

The Reason Why

by NickTonyK

He could see that he had no support from Calliegh by the look in her eyes, so Ryan quickly turned and left the lab. He grimaced as he felt a sharp pain shoot up his side, but he continued downhearted towards the locker room. 'I guess I really need to leave for good, I just lost whatever trust the team had in me. I'm just really tired,' he thought as he emptied his locker. The beaten CSI walked to Horatio's office, sat down and wrote his boss a brief letter. He slowly took his gun, badge and phone and placed them on H's desk. He put his note into an envelope and placed it right across them. As he stood up to leave, a wave of pain and dizziness made him grab hold of the desk to steady himself. Thinking about a trip to the doctors he slowly made his way out the main entrance. He didn't even realize he left the box with his stuff on the floor by Horatio's desk. Halfway to his car he collapsed.

The young couple were on their way to the lab to make a statement about the robbery of their home, when they saw Ryan fall to the ground. They ran over to the very still figure to see if they could help. "Is he alive honey?"the young woman asked as she pulled out her phone to call 911. The young man carefully checked for a pulse calling out to Ryan, "Are you alright?" There was no response. "He's alive Sue, but he's having trouble breathing." He loosened Ryan's tie and opened his collar gasping at the angry red welt that encircled his neck. "See if he has any I.D.,"Sue told her distressed husband, refocusing his attention. They were both relieved to hear the sirens, the young man needed help as fast as possible. A small crowd of onlookers were gathered trying to see what was happening, so the ambulance was able to find them quickly. Soon Ryan was on the way to the hospital leaving a very worried couple behind.

Ryan could feel the world slip from beneath him. He could hear voices, a man and woman he didn't recognize. His fuzzy brain couldn't figure out why he was asleep so early. 'Sirens making a lot of noise... wish they would stop... head hurts...' He could feel hands touching him, lifting him up. His eyes refused to open, soon all sensation was gone as he lost consciousness.


Meanwhile Horatio was on his way back to HQ with Billy. He had already contacted the FBI so that Billy's dad could be reunited with him. The ride back was quiet, the boy fell asleep as soon as they started moving. Now that he had time to think he became more worried about what Ryan had suffered through. Hearing him scream over the phone, thinking that Billy had been shot was unnerving! He was glad he was able to calm him with the good news that the boy was okay. Feeling that Ryan may be hurting more than he let on, H was determined to see that his CSI got some time off. As his Hummer neared the lab he barely glanced at the ambulance that sped by in the opposite direction. A few minutes later he pulled up in front of the shiny glass structure. Horatio looked around hoping to spot Ryan waiting to greet them, but was a little disappointed and surprised at not seeing him. "Wake up Billy," he gently called as he opened the door to the back seat. He lightly pulled the little boy into his arms and reassured him he was safe. "You'll soon be back with your dad,"he told the sleepy young boy. "Thank you," Billy softly replied as he snuggled against Horatio. "You are quite welcome," H answered with a soothing voice.

The Feds pulled up behind Horatio's Hummer a moment later with Billy's dad in the back. As soon as the sedan stopped the doors all flew open and a rush of men came at the lieutenant. Horatio gave Billy over to his father who tearfully thanked him repeatedly. Billy a little more awake asked,"Where's Ryan?"

'Good question,' thought Horatio. "I don't know son, but I'll be sure to tell him you said hi." "Will you give him a hug for me?" Billy asked shyly looking up from his dad's shoulder. "I sure will, I promise," Horatio answered as he gently ran his hand through the young man's hair. He said good-bye to them and turning to walk into the building, thought that something must be seriously wrong for Ryan not to be here. Horatio quickly entered the building and was almost to his office when he heard Eric call out to him,"Hey H, can I talk to you in private?"

"Sure Eric." As he stepped into his office he noticed the envelope, his name on it in bold, shaky lettering. He swiftly put it in his jacket pocket to look at later. He was surprised by the gun, badge and cell he found next. Before he could examine the items to find out who they belonged to Eric started to say something which distracted him.

"H, I need to talk to you about Ryan!"

Horatio really just wanted to find Ryan, so he bluntly asked,"Have you seen Mr. Wolfe?"

Eric was caught off guard by the urgent tone in Horatio's voice. "Yeah, I saw him about forty-five minutes ago. H there's something I gotta tell you concerning Ryan and what he did!"

Horatio sat down at his desk, he really didn't want to discuss what Ryan did and why but he could see that Eric was quite upset. He was just about to answer Eric when Calliegh knocked on the open door and stepped in looking just as angry. She closed the door behind, giving them privacy.

"H, do realize that Ryan withheld evidence and almost put an innocent man behind bars! You need to address this situation, he's gone too far!"

Horatio looked first at one then at the other seeing nothing but anger, not an ounce of understanding. It could only mean that they didn't let Ryan explain about Billy. "Sit down, please!" He waited until they both reluctantly sat. "I know exactly what Ryan did...and why he did it! Did either of you allow Mr. Wolfe the chance to explain himself?"

Too upset to think straight Calliegh replied, "There is no excuse for what he did, his actions were totally inappropriate! If you don't take some kind of action against him, we'll go straight to Stetler!"

"Calliegh's right," Eric chimed in,"Wolfe shouldn't be allowed to get away with what he did!"

Horatio was just about to reply angered by their unreasoning attitudes when his phone rang. "Lieutenant Caine speaking."

"Lieutenant, this is Nurse Michaels from Mercy General. They brought in a Mr. Ryan Wolfe and he is in need of emergency surgery. We found his work ID and need to contact his immediate family or his next of kin for consent. Do you have that information? Sir?... Sir?" As soon as the nurse mentioned surgery, Horatio paled and got up to leave as quick as he could. Covering the phone he yelled back at the two now watching him from the doorway, "Call you're in charge!" He was soon out the doors,"Sorry nurse Michaels, I'm his next of kin, please go ahead with whatever he needs! I'm on my way!"

"I'll let the doctors know they can start right away."

After Horatio's mad dash out the door Calliegh and Eric were speechless! Well almost speechless. "What was that all about!?"

"I have no idea Eric, I can only guess. I think something bad happened to someone he cares about."

"I think you may be right!"

They both finished up their work for the day and headed home.