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Characters: Aidou and Rima


What happens when a Dream becomes a Reality. In the midst of a dream you find that that it's your greatest fantasy. Happening right there. Would you grasp the chance?




From Dreams To Reality

By: Rima Hanabusa 819

(AKA, Izayoi Tashio 18 * I know new pen name yet again *)

Chapter 1: Dreams.

It started out like every other ordinary day. However this day was different. Everyday she would watch him the one she wanted to be with. He was untouchable in her eyes. The perfect one. Funny yet serious at times. Smart and loyal, but hopelessly clueless at times. He had character and wasn't afraid to stand for what he believed in. Yeah Shiki was an ok person to talk to. However he was to quiet at times. And he always steals my damn Pocky!!

Class was always interesting with him. I could sit all day and watch him. In my dreams he was always there. Our bodies moving in sync with each other. My dreams plagued me. I wanted to be with him, but I feared he wouldn't want me. Everyone thought that my relationship with Shiki was a physical one, it wasn't even close to that. Every morning I wake up my dreams replaying in my mind. My body slicked with sweat from my tossing and turning. My thighs covered in cum. My body sensitive to every touch, every change in the air. It was as if he had actually been touching me, my dreams felt so real. Made even more real feeling by the slight chill to the air.

His powers of ice were always put to good use in my dreams. That icy touch always made me squirm. My back arching as his fingers would crawl across my body. Down my neck, and over my breasts. His lips would always follow the same path right after. He would stop and softly kiss my stomach and run his hands across my sides. His kisses moving even lower he would look up at me and smirk with those beautiful blue eyes of his. I watch as he kisses my pussy softly inhaling deeply. It would always make me blush as he would state.

"You smell so good. Your taste makes me wanna eat you all up. And you can't stop me either."

That's when he would push my hips down opening my legs wide. His mouth latching onto my pussy with a ferocity that always made me moan out loud. My hands tugging at his hair as he blew on my pussy and licked shoving his tongue deep inside me. I arch my back as his tongue slides deeper. Thrashing about as he rubs a cold finger against my pussy. He looks up at me smirking as i mewel out. His finger slowly slides in along with his tongue. That Icy digit massaging against my hott walls. He places a second finger in snaking his tongue up to tease my clit. I moan arching harshly at the touch. My hands travel down my body to dig into his hair. I tugg harshly as he calls my name.


He speaks softly, his voice causing my orgasm as i cum in his mouth. I look down at him and he smirks crawling up to line his cock up to my entrance. He calls my name again talking dirty like every time.

"Mmmm Rima.... Im going to make you cum all over my cock."

This is where the dream always ends. I look at him with rosy cheeks and a half lidded stare. He grinns down at me as he pushes his cock slowly inside my tight pussy. I moan arching, as I call out his name.


But somehow this time is different. The dream ends and as I look up he's there. Inside me as he begins to thrust inside. My fingers digg into his shoulders as he leans down to wisper in my ear.

"Their not a dream tonight. To long I have watched you dreaming. And tonight I take what is mine. From dreams to reality."

He speaks out as he rams deep inside, as my back arches harshly

....... To Be Continued

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