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Characters: Aidou and Rima


What happens when a Dream becomes a Reality. In the midst of a dream you find that that it's your greatest fantasy. Happening right there. Would you grasp the chance?




From Dreams To Reality

By: Rima Hanabusa 819

(AKA, Izayoi Tashio 18 * I know new pen name yet again *)

Chapter 2: Reality.

(Last time)

"Their not a dream tonight. To long I have watched you dreaming. And tonight I take what is mine. From dreams to reality."

He speaks out as he rams deep inside, as my back arches harshly

....... To Be Continued

(This Time)

His cock rammed inside my tight pussy. My arms wrapping around his neck as i arch further up to him. My breath coming out in pants against his neck. His eyes glowing red as he diggs his fangs deep in my neck. He growls against my neck pulling back to tugg at my skin.

"Aidou... ahhh!"

I moan out as he pulls his fangs out, only to sink them into my throat. My tight pussy clenches harder on his cock. The tip ramming against my woumb. His fingers slide down and attack my clit.

"Ai...dou!! Uhhhh Please!!"

He silently tosses my legs over his shoulders as he rams in harder. I feel a cold finger pushing against the ring of tight muscles that make up my asshole. I arch further calling his name once more as he slides that cold finger deep in my ass. Having enough of the slow torture i roll pinning him. Little did he know my strange fetish. I reach to the side of the bed grabbing the chain cuffs i knew were there. Attaching them to his wrists so he cannot move. I lean down and dig my fangs into his throat. My body moves fast as I begin to ride him. Feeling my orgasm approaching quickly. I look down at him shaking over his body. My pussy clenches him tight as My cum leaks out over his body. I lean down kissing him softly. My eyes glowing with mischeif. I slide back slowly, Standing up I look at the helpless look on his face. Grabbing a dildo from a nearby drawer i crawl back over his bound form. I push his knees up holding them tight to the bed as i straddle him once more. His cock slowly sliding back in my pussy. his positioning perfect for what i had in mind.

"Im going to make you scream my name"

I state slowly pushing the dildo into his ass. He arches beautifully his eyes clenched tight. Tugging at the restraints he moans out as it slides past the first ring of muscles. He bites his lip muffeling a moan. I lean down kissing him as his eyes open to stare lustfully into mine. I begin to move on him riding him harder than before. I hold firmly to the toy and push it the rest of the way in him. My head falling back as i moan out his name.

"Uhhhhg... Aidou!!!"

I dig my nails into his stomach softly as my hand pumps the toy harshly into him. He arches tossing his head from side to side as he screams out.


............................. To Be Continued

I lied ..... one more chapter and a side story for Aidou's Pov that he wrote for me