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Chapter One

The day had started out simply enough. Check in with head quarters. Follow the intersect to work. Keep the perimeter of the store secure. Keep an eye on Chuck Bartowski. Perhaps move a little merchandise in the process.

John surveyed the ensemble gathered at the Nerd Herd central desk. He had been in the middle of unpacking a shipment in the back when he had heard the page over the intercom.

Chuck didn't seem stressed or overanxious. If he had flashed, he would more than likely have been watching for Casey as Casey had entered the sales floor.

The two green shirts standing near Chuck and the female customer standing in front of the help desk seemed to have Chuck's full attention. Perhaps Chuck hadn't flashed on anyone after all. Maybe this was simply BuyMore store business.

In fact, Chuck actually seemed amused now that Casey had had a chance to study his demeanor. Casey shifted his attention to the customer. A blue-eyed brunette in black boots, black jeans, red pullover, and a black suede jacket.

Chuck saw Casey approaching and waved him closer. "John, this customer was asking for you. Said that you had helped her earlier. Showed her a high def big screen."

The brunette turned at John's approach and smiled. "Yes, I was in here the other day and you really were so helpful that I wanted to make sure that you got credit for the sale."

"Well, ma'm, that's very kind of you, but we don't receive commission. Although I'll be glad to accompany you to the register and help you with the paper work so your big screen can be delivered for you."

The brunette's gaze lingered on his face for a moment before traveling once down his body, then back up to his eyes. "I'd appreciate that very much Mr. Casey. John, is it?"

Minimal time was needed at the register. A swipe of a credit card, a few questions, and then Casey was following the woman out of the store and onto the sidewalk. She glanced back at him and smiled, before continuing to her car.

Leaning against the '66 mustang at the far end of the parking lot, she watched as he surveyed the area before approaching her. Having more than a half a foot on her in height might have made Casey seem intimidating to most people, but the woman merely smiled up at him as he loomed over her.

Leaning forward to trace a finger along her jaw line, Casey then touched her lips gently with his. As she returned to pressure, his kiss became more urgent. He slid his hand down her shoulder to her back, bringing her closer to him.

Casey felt her hand on his chest and realized he needed to focus. Breaking the kiss, he took a step back. "How'd you find me," he demanded.

She smiled and reached forward to straighten his name tag. "It wasn't very hard this time." She paused. "Or maybe, I'm just getting better."

Casey's gaze traveled the length of her body. He considered the black boots, and the waist length jacket. "You carrying concealed?" he speculated.

"Of course," she answered, indignant. "But, how about answering one of my questions now. Where'd you have our TV delivered to?"

Casey's lips were set in a grim line. He could tell it was going to be a long day. "Well, at least you don't know everything."

"I just got into town this morning. Give me time." She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him again before climbing into the Mustang. "Now, I need your address and your keys." She snapped her fingers impatiently.

"There's sensitive material and safety precautions there that I'm not comfortable trusting you with." He grimaced. "You'll have to wait until I get off work here."

"Fine, I'll wait at the Weinerlicious." She climbed back out of the car, bringing a lap top with her. "I can do some work, while I wait."
"Not the Weinerlicious," Casey scowled. "There's a sandwich shop in the mall. Wait there."

"Can do," she replied walking away.

Casey followed her progress, analyzing her posture, and demeanor. She didn't seem to be paying much attention to her surroundings. Sloppy. However, appearances could be deceiving.

The day had just gotten a whole lot more complicated.

The brunette followed Casey up the sidewalk towards his home. She watched him walk, her gaze lingering on his shoulders and back before traveling further downward. She was glad he had changed before leaving the store. The BuyMore green didn't suit him in her opinion. She was used to seeing him in black or camouflage.

Casey turned back to her and surveyed the double suitcase she was rolling behind her. "Hell, Jamie, how long are you planning on staying?" he demanded before entering his house.

"As long as you are," Jamie replied slinging the carry-on over her shoulder and adjusting her grip on the suitcase handles as she waited for Casey to punch in numerous codes on several keypads throughout the house.

"Damn it, Jamie. I'm on a mission." Casey rubbed the ridge of skin between his eyebrows. He could feel the start of a tension headache beginning.

"You know the rules. This mission is taking longer than expected and you're on home soil." Jamie crossed her arms and glared across the central command/living room at him. "Are you going to kick me out?"

Casey crossed the few feet separating them and leaned down to kiss his fiancé. "I really didn't think that was an option."

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