Keronian Pirates Arrive

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Luffy: "I got a name for the first chapter: The Monkey and The Frog, an all out party!"

Usopp: (anime slap Luffy) "WHAT KIND OF RETARD NAME IS THAT?"

Keroro: "Oh, how about the Keroro Pirates?"

Giroro: (anime kick Keroro) "WE ARE NOT BECOMING PIRATES, IDIOT!"

Luffy: "'The Monkey and The Frog, an all out battle!'?"


Keroro: "'the Meat and the Gunpla!'?"

Giroro: (anime paper fan slap Keroro) "THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TODAY'S EPISODE!"

Luffy: "'the Cat and Dog Attack'?"


Luffy and Keroro: "the Meaty Gunpla or the Gunpla Meat?"

Usopp and Giroro: (anime bombing Luffy and Keroro) "THOSE ARE THE MOST RETARD NAMES I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!"

Normama: "…What about just 'Prologue'?"

Luffy and Keroro: "…Wow, it better than our 'the Sea of Invader'."

Usopp and Giroro: (anime whack Luffy and Keroro) "QUIT ADDING MORE CRAP!"

Tamama: "Well it's better than my 'Candy Voyage'."

Robin: "…Or my 'Dark Disaster'."

Kululu: "…Ku, Ku, Ku or my 'Disaster will follow the meeting of the Two Worlds'."


Chapter 00: Prologue

The bright sun shines down on a peaceful looking park. The birds were chirping, the squirrels were climbing, the frogs were sleeping… THE FROGS WERE SLEEPING? That's right; there are three strange looking frogs, apparently sleeping on a bench. They were about two feet tall and their skin had color ranging from ruby red, forest green, and sky blue.

The ruby red frog had a straw-hat covering its black messy hair and a Jolly Roger wearing an identical straw-hat symbol on his belly. The frog also wore sandals and had a gash under his left eye.

The forest green frog had a bandana covering his moss-like lime color hair and instead of a symbol on his belly it had a long scar, with the lower scar cover by a green Japanese-style sash covering his waist. Three earrings hang on the left side of his bandana and three swords laid next to him with their names seems recently craved on their sheath (name reads: Wado, Kitetsu III, and Shuusui).

The sky blue frog, unlike the other two, did not had a headgear to hide its short orange hair and had a symbol that looks like a pinwheel with a small tangerine hanging on one of the blade on its belly. It appears to be younger than the other two since it was the only one with a tail. On its right hand was a golden bracelet and on her left a strange looking compass. Lying next to it was a pikestaff with three spheres on it.

The strange frogs continue to sleep, seemingly unaware that the midsummer heat, which will kick in soon, will put them at risk of dehydration.

Fuyuki Hinata sweated as he tottered along the sidewalk as the sun's heat begins to kick in. He was carrying a large amount of grocery on one hand and a large amount of Gunpla on the other.

"Oh man, why did I have to open my big mouth and ask 'can I get you all anything while I'm out'?" Fuyuki complain as he decided to take a shortcut through the park.

"Well at least the park had shades that-" Fuyuki stopped in his track as he saw the three Keronians on the bench.

"What the…" Fuyuki panic as he got closer to get a better look in case his mind was playing tricks on him. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The three strange Keronians was still there: unconscious, reveal to all, and drying up fast! Fuyuki, being how his personality is, couldn't just leave them there. So after put the weapons (the swords and the pikestaff) into one of the bags, placing the ruby red Keronian on his head, and carrying the forest green and the sky blue Keronian under his arm, he sped off back to his house. Thankfully, due to the heat, everyone had remained inside so no one saw the running boy with more than he can carry.

"Today on the news, strange weather pattern had baffle scientist and meteorologist around the world, all starting with the sudden fall of snow in the Sahara Desert last night. Since then, other strange phenomenon began to occur such as heavy rain in Mexico, thunder storm in India, a tornado in France, and a hurricane in Sydney. Countless of people, who were caught off guard, end up seriously injure by these natural disaster. Scientist theorizes that the cause of these strange occurrences may be another affect of Global warming…"

The reporter was cut off as Natsumi turn off the power, deep in thought. The strange weather all over the world was definitely a sign of trouble… and there is only one (or five) who can cause this. How does she know? She had seen similar events happen many times in the past.

She gritted her teeth in anger as she stated, "It must be those stupid frogs again!" Just as she was about to head down to the basement to have a 'talk' with her alien slaves, she heard the front door opened. For a small moment, her anger subsides as she made her way toward the front door.

"Ah Fuyuki, did you get more-" Natsumi stopped as she stared down at her collapse brother with boxes of Gunpla, the grocery, and… "…FROGS?"

"N-Natsumi," Fuyuki pleaded, "hurry and get some water…I think they're dehydrated."

"So you just found them in the middle of the park… exposed?" Natsumi and Fuyuki had move the three Keronian to the living room's couch.

"Yeah," Fuyuki put the last wet towel on the sky blue Keronian before adding, "It's strange though, I never seen Keronian like these before."

"Fuyuki, they're aliens! You shouldn't be surprise that they sometime come in different fashion senses." Just then, the sky blue Keronian began to stir and wake. Fuyuki, instinctively, took a step back as it sat up, bobbing its head back and forth, apparently confused.

"W-Where am I?" it asked in an immature girly tone. Fuyuki and Natsumi observed as the now identify female alien scratch her aching head. As she looked down at her body, her face changes from sluggish to horror.

"W-What the…?" she shakily spoke. She leapt down from the couch, stumbling as she landed, and quickly ran over to a mirror to look at herself. Her red pupils shrunk in a deep horror as her hands reach up to her face.

Finally, her ear-piercing scream rang out. "KYAAH, WHY HAVE I BECOME A FROG?"

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