Mini-Chapter 3: Nami…Lost in her Head!?

Nami was still running from the event that happened in the last mini-chapter. For some reason, the combination of Zoro's calm demeanor and words snapped something in her. She didn't know what it was she was feeling; she never felt it that way before. She was still blushing heavily as her vision caught sight of a door. She quickly dash through it and slammed the door, leaning on it as if what ever it was that was making her act like this was on the other side trying to get in.

"…What is wrong with me?" Nami whimpered as she began to catch her breath. She began to unconsciously rub her face with her hands, as if the blush on her face could be wiped off. "Why am I acting like this? Why won't these blush go away? Was it because of what Zoro said to me? Why does my inside feel weird when he said that? This isn't like me! What's going on?"

"…My," a particular green alien frog mustered, "So many question, so little fact behind any of them…"

"…HUH?" Nami flinched as she finally looked up to see… "KERORO?"

"The one and only…"

"H-How long have you been there?" Nami exclaimed in confusion and embarrassment, noticing that he was building some Gundam Model.

"The entire time…"

"What the HECK? You were spying on me?"

"Bold words coming from someone who enter MY room so suddenly, and without knocking…"

"…Huh?" Nami scan the room to find that she had indeed somehow managed to run her way into Keroro's room. "Err…Oops! Sorry!"

"It's nothing~," Keroro muttered sarcastically as he peered down at a broken piece of a Gundam Model part, "It's just that your TIMELY interruption made me BROKE a piece of this Gundam Model part~. Do you HONESTLY have any IDEA how much money I have to save up to get this~?"

"Uh," Nami managed with a sweat drop; she too know the value of what had been bought with one's own money and knows that when it was wasted it is no light manner, "Sorry, my bad…"

"…Well, ok I'll forgive you," Nami began to sigh in relief until Keroro added, "but ONLY if you tell me the story behind your ranting and your barging in…"

"WHAT? I can't do that! It's personal-!"

"Is that so~? Very well, you just have to give me all the money you got and we can call it even…"

"WHAT? No way-!"

"The Gundam Model I bought with my own money wasn't cheap you know~," Keroro slyly mutter in a creepy kind of way, "not to mention you did barged in without permission~! You also said a lot of strange things too~! Hmm~, well even if you won't pay up, what I heard would be enough to make a great gossip, wouldn't you agree~?"

"Y-You wouldn't DARE!"

"Oh, wouldn't I?"

"You're bluffing!"

"We shall see," Keroro smirked as he pulled out a cell phone and made a call, "Hey~! Sergeant Major Kululu~!" At the mention of the name, Nami froze in horror as her body began to sweat rapidly. "Listen, I heard something very interest from the Straw Hat's Navigator~! Oh~, you want to know too~? Very well, she said-!"


"Gero," Keroro hummed in thought as Nami concluded her story, "so you're acting all funny because how Zoro suddenly act and you don't know why, huh?"

"Announce it to the whole word, why don't you?" Nami huffed in humiliation (Normama: News Flash~! He pretty much did~!), "Anyway, now that you heard my story, you won't press the matter anymore, right?"

"I have already forgotten," Keroro smiled honestly, "So~, have you figure out why you were acting the way you did?"

"What, you have an idea?" Nami mumbled.

"Kind of, but I need a little bit more to fully grasp it…"


"Really," Keroro nodded. Suddenly the room turned into a psychiatrist room, with Keroro in a doctor suit writing in a notepad as he sat, in an armchair, next to Nami as she laid down on a specialize chair. Neither of the two seems to mind this sudden change in scenery though. "So tell, Nami the Navigator, what exactly did you feel when the event occurred?"

Nami thought about it for a moment. "I…I honestly don't know really. My mind became so fuzzy at that time…"

"Then perhaps you remember how the rest of your body felt at the time, maybe?"

"My body? Hmm, now that I think about it, something did happen!"

"And that would be?"

"Well, aside from my blushing face, my heart was beating faster than usual and I could swore that my eyes was getting watery…"

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, my legs for a moment felt like noodles and my insides felt…"


"…Warm, I think. It's the best I could describe it…"

"How did it all felt to you together? Were you anger, sad, maybe even tired?"

"No nothing like that. It was more like…I felt overall…happy…"

"Hmm, I see! Say no more I have discover your problem."

"You DID? What is it?"

"Yes, it's quite obvious," Keroro spoke, closing the notepad he's been writing in, before sneering at the Navigator, "You're obviously falling for the guy~!"

"…Huh?" Nami managed as the scene shattered back to Keroro's room, "Come again?"

"Like I told you, de arimasu! You're in love with Zoro!"

"Say WHAT?" Nami comically spit out all the water out of her mouth, despite not drinking anything at the time, onto Keroro's face.

"Oh, come on, author! She didn't even have a cup!" Live with it, Keroro. "Fine. Anyway, Nami, you are a 100% growing affections for the one label the First Mate of your crew…"

"T-That's not true! Why should I fall for a guy like him? Maybe Sanji or at worse Luffy, but how him?"

"…You don't have a reason for Zoro?"


"Then what you have is genuine love for the guy…"

"Excuse me?"

"Let me ask you this then, have ever been able to do something in front of others but could do so well at the very least in front of Zoro?"

Nami thought about it for a moment. "Well, the most recent of ones I could remember is the time when I first discover that I had become Keronian and end up bulk naked right in front of him. My first instinct was to cover up my 'expose' areas and then punch him away…"

"And you only use that routine in front of Zoro right?"

"Yeah…I couldn't explain why at the time so I just went along with what Natsumi guessed…"

"And that was?"

At this Nami slightly blushed. "W-Well, she thought that I like him, but I was just going along with because I had nothing else at the time. I honestly didn't think that far ahead…"

"I rest my case then, you're in love, no matter how you look at it," Keroro proclaimed then halting Nami before she could speak, "Look Nami, I have no idea why or how it happen, but it happen. Maybe that little white lie of yours became the trigger point, maybe you always had liked him but hadn't realize it until now. I don't know, I'm not all-knowing but I do know that if you continue to deny it, it will grow…"

"It will?"

"Yep, I see it happen all the time. I believe that's how my mom and dad got together…"

"Um…ok?" Nami mumbled, "But, what am I going to do now? Even thinking about Zoro is making my head spin…"

"Hmm, good question. You don't want to be seen like this in front of others…"


"Well, you came and talked to the right Sergeant. I happen to know an excellent way to solve this temporarily…the blushing and the dizziness I mean…"

"You do?"

"Sure~! Just give me a minute and stay here while I organize it…"

"Wait a minute," Keroro halted as he began to exit the door, "why are you helping when only several minutes ago were tempting to blackmail me?"

"Nami," Keroro sighed, "let's just say I got this far with you and I'm no easy quitter, contrary to popular beliefs…"

With that Keroro left the room.

"I wonder what his plan is," Nami wonder to herself as several minutes slowly ticked by, "whatever it is, I hope it won't draw attention…" Suddenly the door behind her began to creek open, causing Nami to turn to it in curiosity only to reel back in surprise. "ZORO?"

"Hey," Zoro muttered in his usual tone and his usual face.

"W-What the heck you're doing here for?"

"Blame Keroro," Zoro rolled his eyes.


"He said that there was something wrong with you and only I can help fix it…"

"H-He did?" Nami sweated in worry as Zoro came closer, "Why are you-?"

"According to him I was the cause of your problem, so it's kind of my fault," Zoro explained as he halted right in front of her, "So, in a sense, I have take responsibility…"

After a few minutes staring at the sharp-eye Keronian, Nami jerk her head away, trying to hide her blushing cheeks with her hands.

"W-W-W-W-W-What! What the heck are you saying?" Nami managed before thinking to herself, 'What was Keroro thinking? Don't tell me he told him everything! How is this meant to-?'

But before she continues her trail of thought, Zoro suddenly grabbed her butt, ending Nami's trail of thought with a jolt. A few second ticked by before Nami, with fire in her eyes, turned around and…SMACK…slap Zoro across the face, sending him hurling into the wall, screaming in pain.

"What the HELL?" Nami angrily yelled as Zoro steadily got up, a slap mark clear on his right cheek, "You DIRTY bastard! You can't just grab a girl's…behind…like THAT! Idiot! PERVERT!"

"Don't blame me," Zoro mutter as he rubbed his sore cheek, "It's Keroro who told me to…"


"He told me the only way to get you back to normal was to do that," Zoro glared at her, "And considering that you're yelling again, I say he was right…"

Nami paused for a moment before looking down at her hands. She was definitely back to the way she was.

"I guess so," Nami huffed before glaring at Zoro, "but you owe me a Hundred Million Belis!"

"WHAT?" Zoro exclaimed in shock, "What for?"

"For touching my behind!"

"Isn't a slap mark bad enough?" Zoro pointed to his right cheek, still redden by the slap.

"You actually think a slap mark was enough?"


"No buts! You'll have to pay up whether you like it or not!"

"Aw man," Zoro grumbled to himself as he started out the door, "I knew something like this was going to happen! I do a good thing and…"

Zoro voice trail off as Keroro enter the room, feeling proud of himself.

"So Nami," Keroro voiced, "Was that shock treatment enough for you?"

"…Yeah," Nami huffed, "It will do for now, I suppose."

"Good~! Well if you don't mind, I'll be going back to my Gundam Model-!"

But before he could do so, Nami halted him by grabbing his shoulder from behind.

"Hold it," Nami growled as black auras of anger began to envelop her, "I appreciate the help so I won't charge you, but I can't easily forgive you for giving Zoro THAT suggestion…"

"Uh," Keroro began to sweat, as if realizing that he had thought this far, "Well…"

"You're going to learn the hard way why boys shouldn't even think about such a thing…"

If there were anybody near the house of Hinata Family or had even walked pass it and had bother to take note about it, they would all have swore that they could hear the piercing cry of someone in tremendous pain, shouting: "GERO~!"

Luffy: "Man-..."


Luffy: "Yes madam..."

Usopp: "You're in a bad mood today, Nami..."

Nami (glaring at Usopp): "Bad~ Mood~?"

Usopp (Freezing Comically in Fear): "...!"

Nami: "I'm~ not~ in~ a~ bad~ mood~. I feel great today~!"

Usopp (on the floor cover in ketchup): "...Tune in in next time, another chapter of the main story will begin with a surprising new guest~!"

Vivi: "Nami, you are scaring Usopp to death..."

Nami (shock): "...! You're...!"