(A/N: This story's going to be a first for me in a couple of ways. One, because it's my first to involve girl/girl, and two because it's my first lemon/actual story. Don't know how this will change as I write it. Might be more lemon, might be more story. All how it works out in my head. I'd say this happens about…10 years after the end of Breaking Dawn. And I'd also say this happens in the same reality as my previous story, "All the way to La Push". Possibly "Mike's Chance" as well. Depends on how my ideas work out. Anyway, on with the show!)

"Enough!" Bella exclaimed. She had a fairly good temper even with being a vampire and you'd think that you'd get used to Rosalie but that girl was getting on her last nerve.

"Oh please." Rosalie stated, rolling her eyes. "You're the one who came in here, don't get mad at me because of what you hear me say."

"I did try to come up here and talk about the situation normally. But you never seem to understand anything unless it's in Bitch-ese! I only asked you to just try…just TRY to not be a total fucking bitch. Especially to Nessie since she, for God knows what reason, actually still likes you." Bella growled.

Rosalie actually got off the bed that she and Emmett were sitting on and got into Bella's face. "Oh I'm the bitch? Me? Get over yourself! The only reason you're even a part of this family is because of your fucking shield! If Edward could actually read your mind like he can everyone else's he wouldn't have given you the time of day! Or did you think it was a coincidence that he 'fell' for the only girl whose mind he couldn't get into?"

A growl escaped from Bella's lips, but then she seemed to be calming herself down. "You know what? You could be right… Though…at least people like me. Everyone here only tolerates you because of Emmett. And he only tolerates you because you're a good fuck."

Rosalie's following growl wasn't quite so subtle…or well controlled for that matter. "At least I didn't have to practically beg him to fuck me." Rosalie did her 'Bella' impression…which was basically raising her voice a few octaves and prancing around like an idiot. "Oh please Edward! I'm begging you! Please have sex with me! Please? Please? Pretty please? I'll marry you if you do!"

The loud crack that followed was inevitable and actually caused Emmett to stop being a spectator and get in between the two. Rosalie rubbed her jaw as Bella growled back. "That's just because he wanted to wait until I got turned you bitch. He didn't want to fuck you at all. If you hadn't lucked across Emmett, no one would have wanted you!"

"Ladies. Ladies. No need for this to get personal." Emmett said, trying to push them apart.

Rosalie shoved Emmett out of the way. "Now you look here, you stuck up little-!"

"You're calling me stuck up? Ha!" Bella exclaimed. "You've always had an issue with me. First, it was because I was endangering the family. Then, because Edward liked me better than you. Then, because I wanted to be a vampire and wouldn't have a baby. And now that all of that's sorted, you're still being a total bitch! Maybe you are jealous!"

Rosalie blanked for a very short moment. So short in fact, a human wouldn't have caught it. "You think…that I'm…jealous…of you?"

Bella shrugged. "I'm not the one who said it. Just something I've heard around. That you feel threatened by me. You're not clearly the most beautiful anymore." While Bella didn't actually believe this for a second, she had actually heard the others wondering if that was the reason Rosalie had gone back to her previous treatment of Bella once Nessie was grown up and no longer a distraction. Bella might not have believed it…but it did get the desired reaction from the horror sketched on Rosalie's face.

"Maybe you're right, Bella…why don't you get closer so I can have a better look?" Rosalie growled through her clenched teeth.

Faster than even a blur, Bella was nose to nose to Rosalie's face. "Close enough? What are you going to do? We both know you won't hurt me. Everyone here actually likes m-"

Bella wasn't able to stop the attack. Though it wasn't exactly conventional. Sure, Rosalie has grabbed her face, but instead of actually inflicting pain, she had pulled Bella's face closer to hers and was currently kissing her. The kiss wasn't very long before Rosalie pushed Bella away. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Rosalie roared.

Bella was thoroughly confused in more ways than one before she could answer. "Me? You…you're the one who-"

"And you kissed me back! Freak…" Rosalie grumbled.

"I did not!" Bella exclaimed.

"Uh…as an impartial third party who was paying extremely close attention. You totally kissed her back." Emmett said, still on the floor with a huge smile on his face.

"Told you." Rosalie stated, victoriously crossing her arms.

Bella suddenly became flustered, it was obvious if she could blush she'd be beet red at the moment. "That's not the point. You kissed me!" Bella then thought more intently about it. "Actually…that would explain a lot…unless you were doing it to annoy me…"

Rosalie sighed, looking unusually vulnerable. "…I'd probably have gone the 'to annoy you' route if you hadn't kissed me back…"

"I didn't kiss you back!" Bella yelled.

"Yes you did." Rosalie and Emmett said simultaneously.

"I was kinda there…" Rosalie said, coyly.

Bella now seemed to be getting angry. "I don't care what you two said, I didn't-" Once again, Bella's words were cut off as Rosalie kissed her. This time, Rosalie was embracing her along with the kiss. Rosalie didn't seem as eager to end it this time and to Bella's surprise, she wasn't ending it either.

"It's times like these that I wish that I could actually eat popcorn." Emmett commented as he watched intently.

"Shut up, Emmett." Rosalie and Bella said at the same time, ending the kiss.

"Guess you weren't kissing me back that time either, huh?" Rosalie teased.

"You shut up too." Bella murmured. "Bi-polar, much?"

Rosalie shrugged. "I'm a complicated person."

Bella rolled her eyes as she started to leave.

"Bella wait!" Rosalie called.

"What?" Bella asked, slowly turning back.

"Um…Edward…doesn't have to know about this…right?"

Bella's face went blank, before she recovered herself. "You do your part and I'll do mine." In the previous years, Bella had learned how to use her shield to block out specific thoughts or specific trains of thought. Originally, Edward could see the gaps, but Bella had been practicing to the extent that even he couldn't tell anymore.

"Oh, and Bella?" Rosalie called as Bella started to leave again.

"What?" Bella's voice was significantly more irritated this time.

"I'll…try to be nicer to Nessie."

Bella blinked a few times before giving Rosalie a confused look. "Maybe I should kiss you more often…"

"I'd be all for that." Emmett chimed in, noting the looks he got from both girls before adding, "Shutting up now…