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"Jasper!" Bella held back her enthusiasm to keep from hugging him. He wasn't much of a hugger, and her happiness at seeing him was usually enough for the empath.

"Of course we're glad to see you too, Jazz. Alice is just more awesome." Rosalie teased. Jasper merely smirked at the joke.

"We've been looking for you." Bella stated, her expression getting a little more serious.

"Yeah, I know." Alice said, with a sigh.

"Were you...avoiding us on purpose?" Bella finally asked.

"Don't you think it was a very odd coincidence that me and Jazz left on our honeymoon a few weeks before things hit the fan with you three?" Alice asked, with a slight smirk.

"You...left because of...?" Bella started.

"As soon as I got the first glimpse of what was going to happen with you and Rosalie, I knew I had to get out of there before Edward caught me thinking of it. You guys...needed to deal with it on your own. I didn't think it would be fair for him to find out about it from my head."

Bella forced a smile. "I...appreciate that." In truth, as she thought about it, it would have made a very awkward situation, so much worse if Edward had found out about them before they even knew.

"Things have been going good with you three, I take it?" Alice asked, smirking. "You seem pretty happy."

"You'd know." Emmett replied, smiling.

Alice rolled her eyes. "I try not to delve too much into your personal matters." She then raised an eyebrow. "Couldn't help but to see the occasional...slip up though."

An electric shock went through Bella's cheeks. "Heh...you...saw that, huh?"

"It happens to all of us, Bella. Well...almost all of us. It's happened to me, and I even saw it before it happened. Can you imagine how frustrating that was? I was sure if I knew it was going to happen, I'd be able to control myself. You have to remember, we're defying our true natures. It's only natural that we're not always able to do it successfully."

Bella sighed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Doesn't make it any easier though."

Alice grinned. "If it was easy, everyone would do it."

Bella smiled back. "So...um, the reason I was trying to find you was because I wanted to ask you something."

"There shouldn't be any problems as far as I can tell. Emmett was really good at getting rid of the body. When it is found, it'll look like an accident so you shouldn't have to worry about anything and more importantly to you, we won't have to move." Alice replied.

Bella perked up immediately. "Really?" That was something that had been nagging her at the back of her mind. To be honest, it hadn't even triggered that she could ask Alice about that. At least that was something to look forward to.

"I can't see the wolves obviously, but you've been able to duck them so far. Your eyes will be back to normal in 2 wee-"

"Oh, for fuck's sake! She's being herded like fucking cattle!" Tanya exclaimed.

"W-what?" Bella asked, obviously confused.

"What, indeed. Alice keeps setting them up and you're all, 'Oo, piece of candy. Oo, piece of candy. Oo, piece of candy.' It's just getting irritating now!" Tanya continued to rant.

"Tanya! Be nice." Mike growled. It was the first time that they'd really seen him assert himself. It was slightly surreal though, because whatever had upset Tanya, Emmett and Jasper had apparently already figured out because they were trying to hide their snickers.

Tanya sighed, obviously trying to compose herself. "Okay, I'll be nice." She said, obviously forcing a smile and speaking through her gritted teeth. "Alice can see the future. She knows full well the question you want to ask and she keeps guiding you away from it with other things you find interesting. If the situation was different this would be funny but to be honest, it's pissing me off and I'll ask myself if you don't get with the fucking program."

Everyone went silent, giving Tanya looks of either confusion or annoyance, in Rosalie's case a mixture of the two. "Tanya...I've been trying to ignore it, but...are you sure you're...over Edward?" Mike asked.

Tanya seemed to blank for a fraction of a second before recovering herself. Taking a deep breath, she spoke, much more calmly. "Yes, I am. I guarantee you that's not the problem. The problem is her." Tanya flashed a look at Alice. "I repeat, she can see the future. And I'm sure given Bella's attraction to trouble, it's safe to assume that Alice is usually keeping an future eye on her. As soon as Bella wanted to find Alice, and especially after she came across us, Alice must have known we were looking for her and what we wanted to ask her. If Edward was fine, then she would have called you so that you wouldn't worry. Instead it was a bit of a hassle trying to find her. She was avoiding us. She even admitted it. Edward's a close friend and he seems to be either dead or worse. Forgive me for wanting the fucking bandaid pulled off quickly."

"...Oh..." Was all Mike was able to say. Sure, she could have been more subtle, but...that made a lot of sense. He obviously wasn't the only one who thought so as everyone else was looking at Alice, who looked rather exasperated.

"Edward is not dead, nor is he worse. In fact, he's quite content." Alice responded.

Bella's eyes narrowed. "I know that...both you and Edward seemed to think that the best way to protect me is to lie to me...but that's gotten old. Very...very...old."

Alice sighed again. "I'm not lying Bella. Edward really is happy. Just...not in a way you're going to be happy with. He's joined the Volturi."

This obviously caught everyone's attention. "He...he wouldn't do that." Bella denied, shaking her head. "No matter how mad he might have been, he wouldn't have gone to them."

"That's exactly what he did, Bella. It was initially to get Chelsea to break his connection."

"I thought it didn't work like that. Her power didn't work on connections that strong." Tanya asked, curiously.

Alice nodded. "Normally, but...Bella and Edward's connection isn't...wasn't...strong anymore. It was difficult but she was able to break it, though what he hadn't planned for was for that she'd be able to make a new one to the Volturi. Because of the gap left from the previous connection, it's...comparable the one he previously had with Bella."

Bella seemed to have a thoughtful expression but to everyone's surprise, she shrugged. "He's safe though, right?"

"Of course, Bella. He's a member of the Volturi. Its hard to be safer than that." Alice answered.

"Good. Then he'll be fine until we go up to Volterra and drag his ass back. No harm, no foul." Bella stated, smirking.

"Bella..." Tanya started. "There's brave...there's reckless...there's suicidal...and then there's just dumb."

"How?" Bella protested. "It's not the first time we've gone against the Volturi."

"No...it's not the first time we've gone against the Volturi, but it's a completely different situation. You have to understand, Aro's wanted Edward for over a century. There's no way that he's going to give him up. This isn't having the Volturi meet us on our own terms, with the purpose of talking out a misunderstanding. This isn't even like going into Volterra to stop Edward from provoking them into killing him. You're talking about going into Volterra and taking one of Aro's most prized members. You might as well try to take away Jane. It's like Tanya said. Suicide." Alice agreed.

"Actually, I said it was dumb."

Bella glared at Tanya. "So, what? We're supposed to just leave him there? If we get everyone together again, they'll-"

"No, Bella. I'm not just saying this to be a bitch, but they won't. Edward joined the Volturi himself. They're not holding him prisoner. So even if we're able to get to him, which is highly unlikely on its own, on the off chance we're able to get through to Edward, there aren't any witnesses to curb the Volturi's actions this time. If Aro thought for a moment that we were actually getting through to him, we'd be dead. That's...you're just not going to get everyone to agree to that. I love Edward as much as anyone and I can guarantee you the rest of the Delani clan wouldn't."

"Fine! I'll go there by myself if I have to." Bella growled.

"No Bella. We'd go with you...because we love you...and we'd all die." Alice said, with a sigh, catching Bella's attention with her serious tone. "I've...looked at it every way I could think of, Bella. Edward's not going willingly and Aro's not giving him up. That's a combination that equates to our death if we go."

"But..." Bella was trying to find some kind of defense, but now all she could see were the Cullens dead because she couldn't leave well enough alone.

"Bella?" Jasper spoke up. "Do you remember what you used to tell me, when you were bragging about Alice? About what you told Edward when he was so sure he wouldn't turn you into a vampire even though Alice saw it. Do you remember the exact phrase?"

Bella's face fell. "That's a low blow, you know." She then let out a long sigh. "I said, 'I wouldn't be against Alice."

"Well...did you really mean that? Or should you have rephrased it, 'I wouldn't bet against Alice...as long as I agree with her.' Edward's our brother, and no offense but we've known him longer than you. Do you really think Alice would have given up on him if there were any other way?" Jasper asked.

Bella's face faltered further as she turned to Alice. "There's really nothing we can do?"

Alice shook her head. "Nothing that I can see." Finally the plans that Bella had been concocting faded. She finally let go. "I know it was hard, Bella, but...thank you."

"You said he was happy?"

A small smile formed on Alice's face. "Yes. Not the way we'd like, but...yeah he's happy."

"I suppose that'll have to be enough then."

Alice's face turned serious again. "I kind of wanted to wait until I knew you weren't going to try to go yourself, first, but...um..." Alice made a motion with her head. When Bella looked to see what Alice was trying to signal her to, she saw Jasper making a similar head motion. That was when she realized Rosalie wasn't among them anymore. That was all the motivation she needed as she dashed off. Bella was by no means a tracker, but Rosalie wasn't that far away, and she knew her smell well.

"Rose?" Bella asked, seeing Rosalie sitting on a rock, hugging her knees. "Rose, why'd you-?"

"You know full well, why! Don't play stupid with me. You're smarter than you let everyone believe. You're just stupidly optimistic." Rosalie grumbled.

Bella slightly winced. Rosalie's tone was...well...'old Rosalie'. Bitchy Rosalie. The 'I want to throttle your pretty little neck' Rosalie. "Well...I'm not going there. None of us are. You...know I'd do the same for you, right?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, that totally makes everything better. Every girl loves to be an afterthought."

"That's not what I meant and you know it. Is this really because I wanted to go to bring Edward back?" Bella asked, slightly dumbfounded by Rosalie's confrontational attitude.

"You want him back?" Rosalie grumbled.

"Of course I-..." Bella stopped once she got Rosalie's meaning with the question. "Rose, you can't be serious. I don't want him back like that. You should know that. I'm with you. I love you."

Rosalie unleashed a very dry laughter. "Yeah, I'm just being silly aren't I? It's not like Edward was practically the very meaning of your existence or anything."

Bella glared. Rosalie's attitude was starting wear on her. "Yeah, well if you hadn't been such a bitch and been the real you, I'd have fallen for you sooner."

Rosalie got off of the rock, putting her hands on her hips. "Oh, so this is all my fault."

"You're the one being all confrontational!"

"I can't help it, Bella! I can't..." Rosalie seemed to be shaking with frustration now. "I'm not used to feeling this way!" Her shoulder's suddenly drooped as she seemed to lose her resolve. "I told you...it's like my heart's enlarged to accept both you and Em into it. If you left me...I...I don't think I could take it, Bella. I'm scared...I'm so fucking scared that these past few months will turn out to be a fling the next time you look into Edward's eyes. I...I'm so scared I'm going to lose you. I can't take it..."

"You silly girl." Bella said, wrapping her arms around Rosalie. "I don't know how much more I can do to prove to you how much you mean to me, Rose. Edward might have had me first, and I may share my body with Emmett..." Bella and Rose couldn't help but to smirk as they heard Emmett's 'Heh heh' in the distance. "...but you, and only you, have my heart. And you and only you have my soul. I love you with all of my being. So you're stuck with me whether you like it or not, which is too bad for you because I have it on good authority that I'm a pain in the ass."

Rosalie chuckled, returning the embrace. "You got that right. You're irritating as Hell."

Bella smirked back. "Now whose the one whose 'blatantly the girl', hm?"

"Oh fuck you!"

Bella chuckled, as she slowly kissed Rosalie's neck. "Do I really have to prove what you mean to me?"

Rosalie let out a moan. "Well, I wouldn't say no to the idea..."

"It might take a while. You mean a lot after all." Bella purred, taking advantage of the fact that Rosalie had thrown her head back, to kiss the front of her neck.

"Ooooh, go ahead...mmmm...take your time..." Rosalie gasped.

'Damn, when did Bella become such a pimp?'

'Shush Mike, you're ruining the moment...'

Bella and Rosalie stopped once they heard the voices, and both chuckled at each other. One of the drawbacks of hanging around vampires was their keen senses of hearing. "Maybe we should...finish this conversation later." Bella suggested.

Rosalie smiled. "Agreed. Mike's right though, since when have you been so...?" She looked up, thinking for the right word.

"Assertive?" Bella suggested.

"I was thinking 'sexy' actually, I suppose either works though." Rosalie replied, with a wink.

Bella smirked back. "It's just what you bring out of me." The two vampires walked hand in hand to join the others. "Hey guys, look who I found."

"What? She was gone?" Emmett teased, causing everyone to laugh.

"Smart ass." Rosalie grumbled, playfully.

"I'd just like to...thank everyone. Whether you tried to trick me or you punched me in the face, you still helped and I really appreciate it. That said...I really want to go home."

"I'd second that." Alice said, smiling widely. "I missed you guys." Alice wrapped her arms around Rosalie, who looked none too pleased at the sudden display of affection, once again causing a chorus of laughter. Everything had been so hectic, it seemed that everyone was more than embracing the atmosphere now that it all seemed to be over.

"We'll leave you guys to it then. I'm sure Tanya's really sorry about that face punching thing." Mike gave Tanya a look.

Tanya sighed. "Yeah, fine. I guess that was a...overreaction on my part."

"Just remember what I said." Rosalie threatened, which didn't come across as quite as threatening as it would have as Alice was still clinging to her, regardless of her attempts at shaking the little pixie off.

Bella simply smiled, looking at Rosalie trying to get Alice to let go of her, while Emmett and Jasper were snickering, and Mike and Tanya seemed to be already planning what they were going to do once they left. In a way Bella already felt like she was home, she just had to go to the actual house.

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