Title: If They Hurt You, They Hurt Me Too
Author: Emono
Rating: FRM
Fandom: Wrestling
Pairings: Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes (Codiasi)
Summary: At "Hell In The Cell", this is two ways it could've gone. One chapter is if Ted got hurt, the other if Cody got hurt. No death, just slash.
Disclaimer: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
Warnings: No real spoilers, slash, H/C, a little angst
AN: I wanted some H/C Codiasi, and the bunnies hopped to it.

Cody snapped before anyone could stop him.

Ted was taken off in a stretcher, in a neck brace for God's sake. That move Hunter did was uncalled for, nearly snapping Ted's skill right in half by putting his neck in that folded chair. Cody was bruised and bleeding, but livid as hell about the entire situation. Randy hadn't gotten backstage in time to stop the young Rhodes from grabbing a chair and stalking a clueless Hunter.


Randy's desperate shout was the only warning Hunter got before a metal chair came down upon his back. This was no stunt strike, there were no fans around to please with violence. This assault was out of revenge, out of hate. Shawn didn't do a thing, frozen at the sight of who they thought of to be young, sweet boy consumed with such loathing.

"You fucking bastard!" Cody screamed as Randy caught him around the waist, dragging him from a fallen Triple H kicking and screaming "You could've killed him! You could've broken his neck with that stunt! What the hell were you thinking?!"

"That's enough, Cody!" Randy kept his arms locked around him, straining.

Tears spilled from Cody's eyes without his consent, but he kept struggling to get loose, "He's in the hospital because of you! For what? The goddamn entertainment?!"

"It's what they wanted!" Hunter shot back, getting to his feet "They wanted to see the villain punished, and I gave that to them! It was entertainment, Rhodes, it's our job."

Cody pushed Randy away, walking past them, "Fuck the job. And fuck them for enjoying his pain so much."


After they changed out of their ring gear and showered, Randy drove Cody to the hospital himself. They sat there in the waiting room together, silent, waiting for Ted's fate to be read to them.

"What if he's paralyzed?" Cody whispered gravely, arms curled around himself protectively "What if he's dead?"

"Don't say shit like that" Randy put a hand on the back of the youth's neck, trying to offer comfort the only way he knew how "Ted's strong, he'll be fine."

Cody palmed away his tears, "But what if…?"

"Are you two here for Mr. DiBiase?"

Cody looked up, a petite red headed nurse was standing there in front of him. He nodded, she smiled gently.

"You must be Mr. Runnels" her tone was soft "You're on Mr. DiBiase's list of emergency contacts. The doctor will speak with you now."

"Can he come with me?" Cody pleaded.

She nodded.

They followed the small woman down the hall, the click of her kitten heels loud on the tile. They approached a middle-aged back man in a stark white coat, his eyes were kind.

"I'm Dr. Foreman" they both shook his hand politely "I'm Mr. DiBiase's doctor. I'll tell you now, your friend will recover."

Randy sighed in relief, Cody nearly fainted.

"I'm afraid he'll be out of the ring for some time" Dr. Foreman continued, apologetic "The injury to his neck…well, I won't bore you with the medical jargon, but he'll need to wear a brace. We're going to put it on him at the end of shift so he won't hurt himself more during the night, but I thought you'd like to see him first. He's on a morphine drip, but he's awake and aware."

Cody turned to Randy, "Can I…?"

"Go on, Codes" the older man assured him, "Go see your man."

Cody punched him in the arm, "You make me sound like a girl."

"You are a girl" Randy nudged him "Go."

Cody stepped past them both, turning the handle of the door and slipping inside. He closed it firmly behind him, the click final.

The room was dim, the only light from the backlight on the head board of the bed. Ted's insurance had gotten him a single room, alone where most would be crowded with two or three. The sounds in in the room were soft, muffled. The steady drip of the IV, the slow beep of the heart monitor, the low hum of the a/c.

Cody approached slowly, eyes drifting over his lover's form. Poor Ted. He looked…fragile. They had wrestled him into one of those powder blue hospital gown, the stark sheet pulled up his body to pool at his hips. Though Ted was physically bigger than him, and Cody knew from personal experience just how strong he was, he looked quite small with those bed gates on either side of him. The bed was tilted up, raising his upper body up. His head was supported by a flat pillow, but he looked dead asleep.

"Teddy" Cody whimpered, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. His protector, his idol, laid broken down in front of him. It made his very heart tremble. He inched closer, taking in details he'd rather forget. There was an IV in his wrist, a breathing mask over his face, and a red shiner under his left eye. The sight of this made his chest ache.

Cody slipped his hand in the others, lacing their fingers, "God, Teddy…"

Cody gave a little gasp of surprise when the hand squeezed him back.

"Codes?" azure eyes fluttered open, peering at him sleepily.

"Yeah, Teddy, it's me" Cody replied weakly, running his thumb over the knuckles.

"This morphine is the shit" Ted smiled up at him, raising his other hand slowly to show the drip line "I know those assholes fucked me up, but I can't feel a damn thing."

Cody couldn't reply, pale at his entire situation.

"Don't be freaked out, Baby-boy" Ted reached behind his head, being careful as he shed off the mask and dropped it onto the tray beside the bed "See? I'm fine."

"Ted, don't-!"

"They told me I didn't need it" Ted cut of his lover's concern, touched "Looks like I'm gonna be in a brace for a while Sucks, man."

"Y-Yeah" Cody's smile was shaky at best, his voice threatening to break.

Ted's brow creased as he slowly realized all was not well with the younger man, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" Cody snapped, anger getting the best of him "You could've died, Ted. You could've been killed out there, and you ask me what's wrong?! I almost lost you!"

Ted was still confused, "We knew this could happen. It's our job, Codes."

"Fuck the job! I don't wanna hear another word about our damn job!" Cody was almost in tears again "You mean more to me than wrestling, you're more than my partner! You're my best friend, my lover, and I can't lose you! I just…can't."

Cody's voice cracked and shattered, tears without sobs pouring down his cheeks. He ducked his head, eyes screwed shut as he tried to swallow them down.

//Stop it! Stop crying! You're always getting emotional, what are you? Five? Ted doesn't need this, he needs a man. Be a damn man for him!//

Before the brunette could even try to gain back his composure, warm fingertips brushed the tears off his cheek.

Cody snapped his gaze up, finding his love staring back at him.

"I get it, Baby-boy, I do" Ted confessed in a hushed tone "I almost lost you today too. When Hunter put my neck in that damn chair, I almost broke face and ran out of there. All I could think of was you, your smile, how much I fuckin' love you. I didn't wanna leave you."

Cody was trembling all over now, "We could've lost everything tonight."

Ted made a sound of frustration, "I…I can't move, I could hurt something without the brace. I wanna hug you so bad right now, Codes, but…"

But Ted saw how much his lover needed him.

"Get up here, Cody."

Blue eyes went wide, "What?"

"It's big enough for both of us, and I don' give a shit what they think" Ted lazily patted his stomach "C'mere, Baby-boy."

Cody wanted to protest, say that his lover was hurt, but couldn't do anything more than nod. Being as careful as he could, he eased himself over the older man's legs and laid out along his body. They both sighed as he finally rested his head on Ted's rock hard stomach, his arms circling his hips lovingly and holding him in a hug.

Ted's eyes fluttered shut, his nose crinkling up. He laced his hand in brunette hair, desperate now to have his lover so close.

"Fuckin' morphine" Ted rasped, sounding like he was in pain "I can't feel you, baby. I can't even feel your hair…God, I already miss…"

"Shhh" Cody rubbed his cheek against him like a content kitten, heart breaking at the sad tone his lover used "It's going to be ok, Teddy. I swear."

Ted wanted to protest, say something profound, but the meds were catching up with him.

Cody held his lover as he fell asleep, vowing to never again let it go this far.