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Neko: Part 2/End

Ichigo's POV

I knew it was bound to happen sometime. But I still didn't expect it. I was sparring with Kenpachi when his sword skimmed my hat. It tore and fell uselessly to the ground. I could only stare at it, not really seeing it.

"Huh? Ichigo?" Kenpachi asked in surprise as he saw the orange tabby ears that were flattened against my head. "What're you, some kind of cat?"

I could have cried, really. Of all people to discover my new appendages, it had to be Zaraki Kenpachi, Scourge of Soul Society. Damn my new moods, damn my emotions for making me want to cry. I could actually feel tears welling up in my eyes as I stared down at the floor and covered my ears with my hands.

"Seriously?" Kenpachi asked incredulously. I said nothing, staring at the floor and feeling my tail twitch back and forth nervously in my Shihakusho. I was glad I couldn't see Kenpachi's face right now, knowing that he had to be disgusted with my weakness. Instead I jolted as a large hand came to rest on my head. I looked up at him to see him staring down at me with an indiscernible expression.

"Hey, Ichigo." His voice sounded hoarse and smooth at the same time, like nutty chocolate. "It's okay, isn't it?"

"Wh- what?" I asked, bringing my hands down from my ears to rub at my tears.

"So what if you have cat ears." He removed his hand and shrugged. "It's not a big deal is it?"

"I have a tail, too." I said mournfully, fidgeting with my sleeves and shifting my weight as I tried to look everywhere but at him.

"Huh? Really?" I snuck a peak up at him and blushed as I saw his gaze flicking over my body for signs of the allusive appendage.

"Yes." I looked at the ground again, cursing my submissive demeanor. Why did I have to get this way around Kenpachi of all people?

"Why are you so fidgety?" Kenpachi asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at me.

"I'm just…" How the hell am I suppose to explain this? 'Gee, Kenpachi, you're such a dominant male that it makes me want to roll onto my back and expose the soft side of my belly.'

Where the hell did that come from? I ignored my inner thoughts. Thank god Grimmjow wasn't around or it would be even worse, I'm sure.

"Not used to…" I gestured at my ears and crouched to the ground, picking up the hat that had been knocked to my feet. It served no point now. I wouldn't bother trying to hide them, not anymore.

Kenpachi was still studying me, trying to figure out something. "Is that why you came to Soul Society?" I nodded, fiddling with my ruined hat nervously.

"Ichi-chan!" I high pitched voice shrieked and suddenly there was a pink blob hitting my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I fell to the ground with a loud 'oof' and cringed as my tail was jarred within its confinement. Yachiru grinned up at me wildly, her eyes glistening as she took in my ears. "Kitty!"

Oh hell no! I could have gone centuries without ever hearing that. Now Kenpachi was giving me a look that said 'play along or die.'

"I always wanted a kitty!" Yachiru was now babbling. "And you're like a kitty now!"

She gave my ears a pat and I let out an unintentional purr. She squealed and hugged me again, putting her head against my rumbling chest. Kenpachi raised his eyebrow at me and I scowled.

"He's got a tail too." Kenpachi said with a smirk. Oh you evil, evil man.

She turned her eyes up to me pleadingly. "Let me see, Ichi-kitty!"

I glared at Kenpachi. This was pay back for removing his bells, I knew it. With a sigh I stood and set Yachiru on the ground, turning scarlet as I reached underneath the back of my kimono and undid the belt that was keeping my tail pinned to my back. I winced as it shifted free, and then sighed in contentment as it stretched out and the tip flicked back and forth.

Kenpachi's eyes actually widened a little as he caught sight of my orange tail, Yachiru gaped at it and clapped her hands together in glee.

"Kitty!" She shrieked and reached her hand out. Kenpachi thankfully hooked a finger in the back of her kimono and stopped her.

"What did I say about petting animals?" If I wasn't so pissed about being called an 'animal' I might have laughed over Kenpachi going into 'parent mode.'

"To be gentle." The pink-haired girl said with a pout. Kenpachi nodded and let her go. She reached out more carefully this time, and gently laid her hand on the tip of my tail. I twitched, but didn't move away.

"It's so soft!" She exclaimed in wonder. I sighed at the weird feeling, but allowed it. She was only a kid, after all, no matter how old she was. My tail flicked in agitation and she pulled away before leaping onto my shoulders.

"Your ears are soft too!" She said as she gave them a pat. I sighed in contentment and rubbed my head up against her hands. She giggled and then jumped off, running over to the staring Kenpachi and tugging on the leg of his hakama.

"Can I keep him?" She asked. Kenpachi grinned and glanced over at where I was sulking with my arms crossed over my chest. "Nah, I think Yoruichi might get a little angry if you take him away."

"Is cat, Yoruichi kitty, Ichigo's mommy?"

I think I choked on my saliva a little bit when she said that.

"Yeah, I guess kind of."

"Oh, okay." Yachiru said, putting her finger against her mouth and staring up at Ichigo with glistening eyes. "Can I still play with him?"


She smiled again and gave a wave to the both of us before bouncing over the rooftops and out of sight. I stared at Kenpachi. He stared back at me.

"So you feel them?" He asked, staring blatantly at my tail.


"Your ears and tail. You feel them?"

"Well, yeah. They are a part of me." I scratched the back of my head sheepishly and looked anywhere but at him. "Are we done for today?"

"You don't think I'm letting you leave yet, do you?" Kenpachi unsheathed his sword. "Let's see if that tail of yours helps with balance at all."


Kenpachi's POV

Ichigo has always been…special to me. He's one of the few Shinigami that doesn't cower around me, and is interesting to talk to as well as fight. The jabs he throws my way when we spar always makes me grin. He's adorable even with all the fucking power rolling off him with intent to kill. Besides, Yachiru likes him.

The ears and tails suit him, although I withheld telling him that because he seemed aggravated enough as it was that Yachiru adored them. I was tempted to reach out and play with the appendages as well but I know Ichigo wouldn't have taken that well. I liked fighting him, but I also enjoyed being around him and I knew to respect the line between when we fight and when we hang out.

As hard as it is sometimes to keep the two separate, I don't want him to run away from me, I want him to come closer. Alienating him wouldn't do me any good at all. However it seemed impossible not to push his buttons sometimes, and when I felt such aching want for him it got worse.

Back to Ichigo's POV

Walking down the streets of Seireitei, I couldn't help but be aware of the murmurs and stares of the Shinigami that had seen me before. I had felt hot and dizzy all day and I wondered if it had something to do with my new… extra parts, but Yoruichi wasn't around for me to ask. I slept for most of the day and only forced myself to get out of bed when it was time to meet Kenpachi for our sparring session.

It was a mistake though. I should have known that the glances thrown my way were different than normal, but I didn't figure out that I was giving off pheromones until I met up with Kenpachi. He went to greet me with his crazy grin, like normal, but then he paused. His nostrils flared and his brow furrowed in confusion as he stared at me.

I took a step back then as a strange look flashed over his face and rested my hand on the hilt of my sword.

"Kenpachi…" I said it warningly even as I felt my groin harden and I realized exactly what was going on with me.

"Wait-" I didn't get the chance to finish as he slammed me bodily against the wall, forcing my chest and face to press against the hard granite. He grabbed by sword and threw it away from me as I tried to grab it, unable to move as he breathed against me and pressed his hard on against my back.

I had to keep telling myself that I wasn't some cat in heat as Kenpachi nuzzled my hair and gently nipped the tip of my ear. My tail nervously twitched and I arched my back, clawing at the wall as I felt myself get hard and wet, the urge to hold my tail out of the way was overwhelming. My feet scraped against the ground as I fought for purchase.

"Ichigo." He said against my ear, undoing my Shihakusho and sliding his hands over my erection.

I couldn't help but mewl and push against his touch. One of his hands traveled to my back and he gently stroked the base of my tail. I gasped and jerked at the unfamiliar sensation, my eyes going wide. I felt kind of wet…down there, inside of me. It was uncomfortable and it made me want to clean myself. Then Kenpachi slid his fingers down further and prodded against my entrance.

I yelped and moved my hips away, glaring at him over my shoulder as my ears pinned back.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at him angrily.

He grinned manically and leaned his head close to mine so we were staring eye to eye.

"You're not an idiot." His gruff but smooth voice sent shivers down my spine. "Figure it out." He prodded my entrance again and this time slid a finger inside. Fuck, there was a slight ache as he pressed it in. I squirmed and reached my hand back to grab Kenpachi's.

"No! That doesn't go there!" Even as I said it I felt my body get hotter and felt an inexplicable desire to rub against him.

"Hn. You know…" He added another finger and I sunk my nails into his arm, biting my lower lip. "You're very wet down here." He moved his fingers around and shoved them in even deeper. It hurt in a stabbing sort of way that made me tremble and grip onto him harder. "Is it because of the ears and tail?"

"I…I don't know…" I spoke brokenly, finding it hard to think right now.

"It makes it easier."

"Makes wh-what easier?" I asked, gasping as his tongue darted out and licked my ear.

"Sex." He removed his fingers and I felt a small amount of relief until what he said registered in my brain.

"What?" I shrieked, trying to turn around but was stopped by his massive hand effectively keeping me pinned to the wall. "We're not having sex!"

"We are in a second." He said with a laugh and I heard his clothes rustle.

"Wait! Kenpachi-"

Something blunt pressed against my entrance and I yowled, my hands and claws scratching desperately against the wall as he pressed inside of me. It was like being split in half. His breath ghosted across the back of my neck, and then his teeth dug into the skin and muscle, clamping down hard. My hands instantly fell and my body curled inward slightly as I stopped struggling. My knees could no longer hold my weight up and they gave out. Kenpachi gripped my hips tightly as he pushed the rest of the way in and gently lowered me onto the ground.

Even though I was still in a great deal of pain, my body was relaxing around the intrusion as I dropped my head onto my trembling forearms. His mouth didn't let up on the tight hold, and I could hear him growling roughly against my neck as his hips pulled away then thrust forward sharply. I heard our skin slap together and winced, trying to draw my hips forward with what strength I had left. Kenpachi's hands slid over my body and grabbed my erection, holding my hips tightly to him so I couldn't escape.

I shuddered and my body tightened in pleasure. The pain from Kenpachi's brutal thrusts seemed distant when he pumped my aching hard on. His other hand was gently stroking my tail in a way that was contrary to all of his over actions. I felt something tighten inside of me and I was releasing into Kenpachi's hand. Pleasure wracked my body and I keened, pushing back against Kenpachi.

He grunted and thrust even harder, forcing me even further into the ground as mindless lust took over him. His teeth tightened their hold on my neck and I flinched as I was filled with something warm and sticky that made me feel uncomfortable. We both panted hard and he slowly released the hold on my neck. It hurt, and I was sure that the wet trickling feeling on my neck was blood.

He pulled out of me and I yelped at the suddenness, wincing and burying my head in my arms pathetically. I felt so stupid and vulnerable right now.

"Ichigo?" I heard him ask. I felt tears prickling my eyes as all my aches and pains made themselves known. I didn't get why I just wanted to curl up and sob, I was feeling so damned emotional and helpless. I felt a large hand rest on my head and flinched. The hand paused, then stroked my ears gently.

"Ichigo?" He repeated.

I sniffled slightly.

"Yeah?" I mumbled, my voice muffled by my arms I was still burying my head into.

His hand moved down and stroked my back. "You okay?"

I didn't answer for a moment, when I did I knew it wasn't what he was expecting.

"That was sex?" I asked.

"Yeah." He replied, his hands now moving down to my tail, curling it slightly in his fingers.

"I didn't expect it to…" Hurt. "…be so intense." Painful.

"You'll get used to it." That didn't sound like fun.

"I don't want to."

His hands paused. "Ichigo…" I heard a gruff sigh. "It's not always…" He stopped again.

"I didn't mean to be so rough." It almost sounded like an apology, or at least as close to one as I would ever get.

"Never mind." I pushed his hands off of me and stood on weak legs, clutching my stomach and wincing at the pain that decided to spear through me. His eye was wide and surprised, hand held mid air as I stumbled to my feet.

"Let's just forget about it." His eye narrowed and suddenly the atmosphere got a little darker.

"I don't think so." I recognized that tone. "We're not going to forget about it." He grabbed my hand and yanked me back to him. I fell into his lap and realized that he was getting hard again.

I panicked and tried to scratch at him but his hands caught mine and he frowned at me.

"No more sex!" I yelled and squirmed in his lap.

"It felt good too, didn't it?" He asked with a frown and used his grip on my hands to pull me further onto his lap. I blushed and stopped squirming as I felt his hard penis brush up against me. I said the only thing I could think of.


The look on his face was almost laughable.

"Huh?" He asked with his brows furrowed.

"You're a pervert!"

"Nah," He looked at me almost quizzically, his head cocked to the side as he studied me.

"It's just you're scent." Kenpachi leaned forward and licked at my neck delicately despite my attempts to get away. "It makes me want to take you."

I felt hurt, and I hated that I felt hurt.

"Is that why?" I asked quietly.

The confused expression came back to his face. "No, that's what makes me a pervert. I want to because you're…" Kenpachi frowned, looking for the words. "You."

I could feel heat rush to my face and I looked to the side. "Oh…"

"Hm." His hands dropped mine and he reached around to grab my ass with a smirk.

I jolted and cried out sharply in surprise, glaring at him.

"We're not having sex again." I hissed threateningly.

"Oh really?" He must have taken it as a challenge because his hands slipped back and fingers slid into my entrance.

I let out a harsh yelp.

"It still…hurts." I whispered. His movement stilled and then the fingers pulled away. He lifted me up into his arms then, and flash stepped to what I assumed was his quarters. He dropped me on the bed, rather than set me on it and I grunted, giving him a glare before lunging off of it.

He grabbed me by the stomach and lifted me, squirming and clawing, before bodily tossing me down again. He straddled my legs and glared down at me as he snatched my flailing hands. My ears flattened against my head and I pressed hard against the mattress in an attempt to move away from him as he leaned down.

"You're only making this more fun for me."

I stilled and stared up at him making Kenpachi grin. He loosened his grip on my wrists and leaned down farther to brush his lips over mine. I hesitantly opened my mouth to him and moaned as his tongue slipped inside. I felt his erection pressed against me and flinched, making him pull away with a sigh.

He rolled off of me and yanked the covers up, throwing them over me. I growled as they covered my head and pushed them back down so I could breathe. I blinked as I realized he was standing right next to me and he reached down to caress my hair. My chest rumbled in pleasure as he smoothed over my ears and he chuckled.

"Rest for now, I'll be back later."

Third Person POV

He left, and Ichigo was left to curl into the blankets. He was so sleepy and sore, and the little nest felt good. He fell asleep easily and didn't wake even when Kenpachi first came back to check on him. The large captain stared down at Ichigo who looked much more peaceful as he slept.

He leaned down and kissed his lips, pulling away when Ichigo murmured under his breath and shifted.

"Ichigo…" He pushed the covers down and slid his hand down the still bare skin. He stroked his slim hip and reached around to brush against the soft tail. Ichigo squirmed as he moved his hand lower still and investigated his entrance.

Kenpachi pulled away just long enough to discard his own clothes and slip behind Ichigo in the bed. He tugged the covers back up so Ichigo wouldn't get cold and continued his exploration of his body. He grinned when he saw that Ichigo was erect and pressed a kiss to his neck before rubbing the tight hole once more.

"Ah!" Ichigo woke up as two fingers pressed inside of him and shuddered. "Kenpachi?" He questioned and Kenpachi snorted.

"Who else would be doing this?" Kenpachi growled and slipped his fingers out him, satisfied that he was ready.

Ichigo drew a shaky breath as he was flipped onto his stomach and then entered in a single thrust. Pain shot up his spine and he let out a little yelp as he stiffened, then relaxed as Kenpachi stayed still and stroked his back.

"Fuck, Ichigo." Kenpachi said huskily and began to move.

It still hurt, but Ichigo was amazed with how much better it felt than the first time. Maybe because Kenpachi wasn't being as rough. He pressed back against the penetration and Kenpachi began to thrust even harder, bringing them both to the brink as Ichigo called out his name and came.

Kenpachi slumped over him as he filled Ichigo with his seed for the second time that day. He pulled out and noticed with some amusement that it was trickling out of him and making Ichigo's tail slimy and wet. Ichigo noticed as well and shifted in discomfort before Kenpachi lifted him up, making Ichigo yelp.

"Let's take a bath."

Ichigo wasn't going to argue, he wanted to get clean and a bath sounded really good. He felt slight fear take him over as he stared at the water and for a moment he was certain he was going to drown. Then Kenpachi dropped him in and he scrambled for the side before remembering that he could easily just put his feet down to stand.

Kenpachi laughed and got in with him, dragging Ichigo to him so their bodies spooned together. "Time to mate again."

Ichigo's tail twitched and he scowled at Kenpachi. "No way in hell! I'm still sore!"

They argued, but in the end went for one more round in the bath before going to bed and Ichigo convinced Kenpachi that he needed sleep to rejuvenate. Of course, in Kenpachi's terms that meant Ichigo was resting up for even more sex, which they had a lot.

Yachiru was happy that she got a 'mommy' and Yoruichi was just happy that somebody was able to get Ichigo to loosen up a bit. Although she wished they would sound proof the walls so the rest of the division wouldn't be scarred for life. Ichigo was quite vocal, surprisingly. At least that was according to an amused Yumichika and traumatized Ikkaku.

Kenpachi enjoyed giving Ichigo his lessons even more, especially when they led to more mating.


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