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Chapter 1 Nakama Preschool

The silver SUV pulled up into the circular driveway and came to a stop. It rested for a second before the back door swung open and out steped a small boy. His spiky blond hair blew gently in the wind. Sighing and lifting his backpack up higher on his shoulder, he prepared himself for one of the hardest journeys in his life. And then, as if from no where, a fist came flying from the back of the car and hit the boy in the back of his head, sending him sprawling across the concrete until he eventually skidded to a stop. A girl, slightly taller than the boy with long pink hair stepped out of the cars doorway where the boy had just ben standing before. Her eyes angry and fist clenched she yelled at he boy as the SUV drove away.

"Naruto! What were you doing? Just standing there like that!"

Naruto looked up at the girl rubing the back of his head. "Geez Sakura! There's no need to be violent!"

"Well maby I wouldn't have to be if you would get you head out of the clouds and get moving!"

"Sheesh...your grumpy today."

"Im grumpy because its my first day of preschool and your ruining it! Just be glad that my parents let you carpool with me! It took you way to long to get out to the car and YOUR MAKING ME LATE!"

Naruto grumbled but didn't complain any further. As he stood up and brushed himself off, a sleek black limosiene pulled into the drop of area where the SUV had been, moments before. Sakura's eyes lit up as out stepped a boy with long spiky black hair.

"Ohmygosh!" she proclaimed, getting even more excited by the second, "Its Sauske Uchia!"

'Big deal.' Naruto thought 'he's just some snob'

Behind Sauske came another boy, older than Sauske. He had a permanent frown stuck on his face and a long black ponytail out of the back of his black hair. He looked at Sauske with a sarcastic smile and spoke, his voice oozing with false compassion.

"Hope you have a good day at Preschool brother."

Sauske scowled. "Go get run over Itatchi." Obviously he hated his brother.

Itatchi gave his brother one last sacastic smile before heading off to his elementry school.

Sakura ran over to Sauske. "Hi! I'm Sakura! Were in the same class! I already know who you are by the way..." She contined rambling and Sauske kept on not listening as the two walked to the doors of Nakama preschool.

Naruto stared at the tall building that very soon he would be forced to attend every day until he graduated to elementry school. With a sigh he picked up his backpack and walked inside Nakama Preeschool.

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