Chapter 6
The Substitute Teacher

The escape caused by Zoro and Sauske had captured everyone attention and almost immediately the entire class, minus Garra who was still in his sandbox, stood at the unconscious toddlers. A dark Shadow loomed over them and they looked up in fear to see... a dark haired woman with a mile on her face. She carried a bundle in her arms like It meant the world to her. She squatted down so that she was on eye level with all the children and began to speak.
"Hello everyone!" The woman said with a smile. "As you all must know, your teacher Iruka is out with the flu today so instead I will be in charge of you today. My name is Robin, and this," she said holding out the bundle, "Is Chopper." The bundle revealed a tiny baby reindeer with a blue nose. The children crowded around the baby like it was some kind of alien. Every one but Sanji. He was to busy staring at the beautiful woman who stood before him. He started to drool.
Robin looked behind her remembering the two naughty escapees. She picked them up and placed them on their nap mats where they wouldn't wake up until it was time to go home.

Usopp looked up at Robin. "C...can I hold him Miss? Please?" He said wit pleading eyes.

"Okay, But only for a little while." She handed Chopper wrapped up in a bundle to Ussop with incredible care. All the students crowded around Usopp and stared at the strange reindeer baby. A few seconds passed and Usopp felt something wet and warm spreading across Choppers blanket.
"Ewww! He Pee'd on me!" Ussop said letting go of Chopper. The baby fell through the air and as it was about to hit the ground, arms sprang up from the floor and caught the infant. Every one stared in shock as the arms retreaded back into the floor.
Shikamaru punched Usopp in his arm. "Nice one idiot"
Naruto looked up at Robin "By any chance... did you do that?"
"Yes, actually. I did. When i was little I ate a devils fruit and it gave me the power to grow arms from any surface."
"I ate a devils fruit too!" Luffy said. "Mines the rubber fruit!" To prove his point he stretched his cheek.
Robin giggled."Iruka told me all about you. Luffy and Naruto are the trouble makers, Sakura is the peppy one, Nami is a block hoarder, Garra is the king of the sand box, Hinata is the quiet one, Usopp likes robots-"
"I do like my robots" Usopp interuptd.
"Shikamaru is the smart one, Sanji loves to cook, and Zoro and Sauske are the delinquents who want to escape"
"Can I ask you something Robin?" Nami asked
"Sure what is it?"
"Is that your baby?"
Robin laughed. "No Nami, I work over in the nursery with some other teachers and when Iruka called me and asked me to be a substitute teacher, I had to bring Chopper with me when I came to your class."
Sanji walked up to Robin, "Robin... do you have a boyfriend?"
Robin looked startled by the toddlers strange question. "As a matter of fact, I'm engaged."
"Well cancel that" Sanji boldly said. "'Cuz you just got your self a new and much better boyfriend!"
Robin looked at Sanji blankly.
"Sanji got down on one knee in front of Robin. "Robin... will you marry me?"
"NO!" Robin exclaimed. "I told you that I'm already engaged!"
"Yes but you canceled that cuz I'm much better than him!"
"Sanji... I'm not going to dump my fiance for you."
"So your getting a divorce?"
"NO!" Robin said. "We were never married!"
"Then what am I supposed to tell our son?"
"What son?"
"Don't tell me your forgot him too! Your holding him in your arms for gods sake!"
"Chopper? Hes not my son or your son Sanji!"
"That's because we adopted."
"We adop... No we didn't!"
"Don't do this Robin my love... think about the children!"
"What children!"
"Our children!"
Robin sighed and put her head in her lap. "I don't see how Iruka does this she said. he then got up took an asprin and sat down in a chair, and didn't move for the rest of the day.

That took longer than expected but... now its done... Tadah!



Make me some toast please