Naruto Angelo Sparda

By Hollow91

Chapter One: Face judgment, Devil power awakens!

He sat there, staring at the cold dead body of his friend, Uchiha Sasuke. "Naruto…I…always hated you. But…promise me one thing, dobe…"

"Na-nani…teme…?" asked Naruto.

"Stay alive…and kill…the man who I sought to kill…my…brother. He took…everything…promise…me." stated the Uchiha as he coughed and his eyes began to close.

"I promise…Sasuke…"

"Heh, see you in another life…usu…rakon…tachi…"

With that last insult, the last of the loyal Uchiha died, life fading from his eyes. His killer looked upon the scene with no emotion, a cold gaze fixed on young Naruto. "Is this your first time seeing someone precious to you die in front of your very eyes?"

"Shut up…" growled Naruto in response.

"This is the way of the shinobi, he died honorably." said the apprentice of Zabuza.

"I said…Shut the hell up."

A flash of pale yellow, almost golden energy erupted from Naruto as he lay Sasuke on the ground with the form of a spectral warrior with wings, above him. 'What…what is this chakra, it's so dense I can barely breathe.' thought Haku as the shinobi raised its hand to its face.

"I will show you, what you get, when you fuck with me!" screamed Naruto as he charged Haku and swung his fist as a spectral sword slashed at his adversary.

'To form a sword of pure chakra, what is he?'

Hatake Kakashi and Momochi Zabuza were facing off against each other in the mist when a burst of dense chakra erupted through the area, dispersing the mist. 'Has the seal broken…no, that wasn't the Kyuubi's chakra, nevertheless, I must finish this.' thought Kakashi as he popped a scroll from his pouch and bit his thumb, before letting the scroll rest atop his hands while he made a tiger seal.

Zabuza looked at Kakashi, "I'd like to see you try!"

Sighing. Kakashi unraveled his scroll and performed seals before yelling, "Kuchiyose Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu!"

Before the former jounin of Kiri's eyes, kanji sprang from the ground towards him and turned into ninken, which held him in place. "Now, I'll show you my one and only, original technique!"

Haku tried and tried again to dodge Naruto's swipes but kept getting hit. The shinobi's kimono was torn and had gashes all over its body. 'No, this boy's power is too much, I can't win, I'm sorry…Zabuza-sama.'

Naruto roared out, "Angelo Lance" and thrust his hand forward, his spectral sword shifting into a lance and piercing through Haku's lungs. This action also took Haku's mask off, revealing the face that appeared to be that of a young woman's. "Y-you're the girl I met in the woods this morning."

"Naruto…you are powerful. More powerful than me, so I bestow upon the last of my power…use it well." said Haku as she coughed.

"Gomen, that it had to be this way, maybe if we could have met somewhere else, we could have been friends." Naruto said sadly as his spectral form diminished.

"Or perhaps more, Naruto-kun…" stated Haku as she took Naruto by surprise and kissed him on the lips.

Surprised, the young genin didn't know what to do, so he just held her until she dissolved into thousands of flying ice crystals. When her remains vanished all that remained was a glowing ball of light which flew into Naruto and was absorbed into his right arm. In a flash of golden energy, a large crossbow was in his left hand, resembling a draconic serpent. In Naruto's mind, a voice similar to Haku's said, "Seiryu."

"So…that's your name, fitting. I promise Haku, I will protect those precious to me…" said Naruto as he looked at Sasuke's body, he felt some information come to him and he rose his hand. Upon doing so the senbon in Sasuke's body evaporated into water, making Sasuke cough. "S-Sasuke, you're…alive!" shouted Naruto as he attempted to glomp his rival.

Sasuke just grunted and redirected Naruto's 'attack'. "What happened…last thing I know is dying…"

"No, just a false death…Haku's heart was too soft to kill."

"Hmm, so what's the deal with that crossbow…" inquired the resurrected Clan heir.

"It's a…devil arm…whenever someone with demon blood in them dies, their soul has a slight chance of becoming a weapon." replied the fox-boy as Sasuke smirked.

"Seems you've gotten an upgrade…just don't think you'll beat me with some fancy weapon, dobe."

"Damete, teme!" shouted Naruto in response as the fog around them cleared and they saw Sakura and Tazuna.

"Sasuke-kun, Naruto, you're all right!" squealed the pink-haired girl.

"Yeah, though you should thank Naruto, he finished off that hunter nin." said Sasuke as he grunted.

Naruto and Sakura were flabbergasted, Sasuke admitted someone was better than him? "Let's just head over to Kakashi-sensei, before this stuff gets any worse…" said Sasuke as he, Naruto, Sakura, and their client made their way to the center of the bridge.

"Ox, Hare, Monkey…" stated the copycat ninja as he flashed through the signs he called out.

"You'll never defeat me, Hatake, no matter what jutsu you use!" screamed out Zabuza.

"Feel honored, I haven't used this technique since my ANBU days, time to see if I still got it." Kakashi lazily countered as a mass build-up of lightning chakra formed in his right hand.

'His chakra output is so high, I can actually see it coming out in waves…what the hell is he planning…' thought the demon of the Mist as he attempted to break free of his 'prison'.

"This is a technique I used to cut a lightning bolt in half, hence it's name, the last you'll ever hear, RAIKIRI!" Kakashi shouted out the last part and finished his technique, his right hand swarming with lightning chakra.


Chakra-empowered jab met flesh just as Team Seven and Tazuna appeared, they were witness to the assassination technique as Zabuza screamed, the Raikiri imploding his heart. Sakura, who had never seen death, emptied her lunch over one of the bridge's rails, Tazuna had seen the death of his second son-in-law Kaiza, but he still turned green at the brutality. Naruto and Sasuke were unaffected due to their childhoods. Pulling a blood-stained hand from Zabuza's chest Kakashi looked to the two rivals, "So, I take it Haku is down for the count, am I right?"

"Yeah, I kinda…stabbed through her lungs, causing her to implode from the loss of hemoglobin and oxygen." replied Naruto, making four people have big Os as eyes.

"What, I can be smart when I want to…"


"Fuck you too!" Naruto huffed as he laid a hand on Zabuza's sword, but not before a mousey voice spoke.

"Oh good, you got rid of Zabuza and his bitch, too bad for her, I was going to add her to my collection." spoke the man who was known as Gatou.


"At least I don't have to pay them now, but you have to die, it's nothing personal, just business" stated Gatou as he ordered his group of mercenaries to attack.

"Fools, I'll kill you all…" exclaimed Naruto as he drew on the power he used to defeat Haku as well as another power.

The resounding fusion encased him in ruby red skeletal armor that resembled a cross between a fox and a water dragon. The Devil Arm in his left hand became red and had a black mist hovered on it as well. "I will show you, to never piss off a devil!" roared the armored teen as he charged the mercenaries head on.

"Kakashi-sensei what happened to Naruto?" Sakura inquired.

"Honestly, I don't know…"

'That's the devil trigger…Minato-sensei said his father had it and he also had it but never used it…but Naruto's seems to be affected by the fox…' inwardly the copy-nin narrowed his eyes.

Sakura looked upon Naruto and couldn't help but faint as Naruto was using both Zabuza's sword and his crossbow in a deadly combination, slaughtering mercenaries left and right. Sasuke was reminded of the night his family was massacred and thought, 'Naruto…how strong have you become in such a short amount of time…?'

The last mercenary fell and Naruto approached Gatou. "Please, I'll give you anything, just don't kill me!" whimpered the business man.

"Anything…?" asked Devil Trigger (DT) Naruto.

Gatou nodded, and DT Naruto grinned evilly behind his helmet. "I WANT YOU DEAD!"

With a cry of 'Rising Prayer', DT Naruto swung Gatou up into the air and aimed with Seiryu, "Pay for your sins in the frozen depths of Hell, Draconic Sniper!"

As soon as the last words were spoken, a spike of demonic ice crystals, in the form of a senbon, pierced Gatou's heart, freezing him. As Gatou fell to the ground, he shattered into blood red crystals. 'De-triggering', Naruto smiled while stumbling. "How'd I do?"

He promptly proceeded to pass out after that.

[Naruto's Mindscape]

Behind a large cage, a feminine voice growled out, "So, the Sparda bloodline has reawakened…and in my container no less…let me see if I can increase his devil's blood to make him like his grandfather, Nero…kukuku."

The voice receded into Naruto's mind in a blast of orange, bubbling youkai and made its way to his DNA strand.

Groaning as he woke up, Naruto began to stretch, feeling strangely taller. After throwing on a black tank top and a pair of orange khakis, he went to brush his teeth, only for him to almost scream once he saw his reflection. Gone was his painfully yellow hair, replaced with a striking silver. The spikiness was only slightly altered, allowing a few strands to brush on his face if he were to wear his bandana. Gone was all the chubbiness he had from eating ramen all the time, replaced with lean muscles. He noticed he was also taller, standing at six-foot one, rather than five-foot five that he normally stood. Checking to make sure everything was normal 'down there' he almost had a heart attack when he saw his size was nearly double what he used to be. Shaking off his stun, Naruto decided to head downstairs. 'What the hell happened to me?'

As he made his way downstairs, everyone gawked at Naruto's new look. Sakura almost blushed, Tsunami had a nosebleed, Sasuke looked jealous, Kakashi eye smiled, and Tazuna and Inari and had their jaws on the ground. "What's up?" smirked Naruto as he took a seat and put is feet on the table. "That's all you say when you show up not looking like yourself." yelled Sakura.

"Ano, did you say something Haruno?"


"Yeah that's what I thought, just to let you all know, my kekkei genkai awoke. That's why I look different." said Naruto.

"Kekkei Genkai?" asked the Uchiha bastard.

"Yes, Sir Broodsalot, my Kekkei Genkai, the Akumachi. It grants me near invincibility, larger chakra reserves, stamina, physical and mental capabilities, and the ability to use any weapon with out having to train for years to master it. It also allows me to use the Devil Bringer."

"What is this Devil Bringer?"

"It's a demonic hand that summons an ethereal hand that can shoot long distances and increase in size depending on how much chakra I put in it." replied the silver haired half-devil as he activated is Bringer, revealing his right arm that was a dark orange and yellow.

'Hmm, I should report this to the council.' thought the Uchiha.

"Don't even think of reporting this to the council, Genjutsu: Kakikeshita Kiokura!" Naruto growled out while holding his hands in the horse sign as the world around Sakura and Sasuke seemed to invert before returning to normal.

"What happened?" Sasuke inquired.

"I don't know…" Sakura whined.

'Clever Naruto, using one of the few genjutsu that require massive chakra over chakra control.' thought Kakashi as he stood up.

"Well, we best get going , we got a three day trip to Konoha, let's go team!"

Sasuke and Sakura followed, Naruto soon after, but not before winking at Tsunami, causing the poor woman to faint.

[Konoha Gates]

After turning in their papers, the bastard and the bitch left to the Uchiha compound, with bastard trying to shake the bitch off of him, while Kakashi and Naruto made their way to the Tower of Fire.

[Tower Of Fire]

"Ah Kakashi-kun, I trust your mission went well."

"Well, as well as a C-turned-A-rank mission can be…"

"WHAT! It turned into an A-rank? How?!?" screamed Hiruzen.

"The client lied, he was being sought after by Gatou of Gatou Industries, who had hired Momochi Zabuza, the Demon Brothers of Kiri, and a Hyouton user to assassinate the builder. Fortunately, I took care of the brothers, and Zabuza." answered the scarecrow jounin.

"And the Hyouton user?"

"That would be me, old man." said Naruto.

'Hmm, only one ninja has the balls to say that to my face…' "Naruto-kun?"

"In the demonic flesh."

"B-but how?"

"Against those who are damned, we show no mercy for we have none."

"So, I see you've awakened the Akumachi, very well, looks like you'll be moving into your father's mansion and be gaining your heritage." stated the Third as he strode over to the Fourth Hokage's picture and opened the blood seal on it.

'Hmm, I think I have an idea on who Pops is…' smirked Naruto in his head.

In a poof of smoke, four scrolls came out two signed, Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina. "These scrolls are from your parent's." said Sarutobi as he handed the new devil his parents' scrolls.

Dear Naruto,

I know you probably hate me by now, seeing as I sealed Ol' Fuzzbutt into ya'. But, I'm your dad, and I'm also the Fourth Hokage. Now, seeing as you're my son, you will most likely be put under the Clan Restoration Act of part D, subsection 45, sentences 15-61 of the Hokage Lawbook. Lucky bastard. Anyways, even if you hate me I understand and if ya' don't hate me, that's good too. Sealed in the scroll next to this one are the techniques of The Sparda (aka Namikaze) Clan along with the Angelo Style, which your grand-uncle Credo used before he died.

A little background on our clan, more of which can be found in the mansion you're going to live in. We aren't from this world, we originated in Hell. Ironic yes, but your great-great grandfather was the most powerful Devil in the Underworld, his name was Sparda. So if anyone calls you a demon, be sure to correct them.

I love you my son, forever and always even beyond death.

Sparda-Namikaze Minato, son of Nero and Kyrie.

A lone tear almost escaped Naruto's eye as he thought, 'I'll make ya proud, Pops.'

He then took his mother's letter and read it.

Hey kiddo,

What's up, I'm Uzumaki Kushina, your mom. Better believe it. Your idiot of a father must have explained the shit you're in now, so I don't have to, thank Sparda. Pardon me if my writing is a little weird to you, I kind of have bi-polar tendencies, or so the doctors say. Anyways, with this scroll are the secret Techniques of the Uzumaki Clan. Nayways, I'm feeling light-headed, signs I'm going to kick the bucket soon. O love you son, and if you don't kick ass when you're alive, I'll kick YOUR ass when we see each other again!

Your Mom (BELIEVE IT!)


Naruto felt sad, yes, but his mom's letter was funny, she was like he was before he became a devil. 'Now I know where I got, 'Believe It' from…'

"So, let's see the crib Pops and Mum set up for me." Naruto cheekily stated as he upped and followed Hiruzen out of the Tower and toward the Noble district.

[New York, Beyond the Veil, Devil May Cry shop]

"Looks like I won again Vergil." said a white-haired man with a scruff on his face.

"Damn it, Dante, how the hell do you always beat me on this game, Mitsurugi should be able to take Siegfreid easily." stated the man named Vergil as he sighed and looked at the losing screen on the TV, showing the game Soul Calibur 4.

Vergil sat a few feet away from Dante, wearing a blue leather shirt, black jeans, and black cowboy boots. His spiky, gelled-back silver hair sat upon his head like a crown. His brother, Dante, was exactly the opposite. With shaggy silver hair cross his broad features and a red leather shirt underneath a high-collar leather vest. On top of the red corduroy jeans he wore were black leather chaps, and below them, red leather cowboy boots. "Dad, just accept the fact that Uncle Dan is better at the game than you." said another white-haired man as he sat on a chair eating pizza.

His hair was like Dante's but three or four inches longer and covered his ears. His outfit was similar to Vergil's but with red and blue colors. The most peculiar thing, though, was his right hand, which was scaly and red in color all the way up to his shoulder. The palm, however, as well as certain cracks along the skin emanated an eerily translucent blue color. He was te son of Vergil, Nero. "Yea, listen to the kid, he kn-" Dante was interrupted in his sentence when the three of them felt a pulse of demonic energy similar to their own. "Ya' feel that?" asked Dante.

"Yeah, that's Sparda blood alright."

"But who, last I heard from the ANBU beyond the veil, my son died, as well as my grandson." said Nero.

"This ANBU, he didn't have the 'Ne' character on is mask did he?" asked Vergil, suspicious as always.

"Yeah, why?"

"Damn it, that was a rogue ANBU from the Root division established illegally by that war hawk, Danzo!" growled Vergil as he made way to his side of the shop and put on his blue and gold noble's coat and strapped Yamato to his waist.

"So lemme get this straight, there's a good chance Nero's grandkid is still alive?" inquired the Legendary Devil Hunter.

"Yes, more than 90% probability."

"Damn it, I could have been there for him, if only I hadn't been so naïve!" yelled Nero as e put on his own blue and red leather overcoat.

"Not your fault, few knew the existence of Root, besides myself, Jiraiya, and the Third." said Vergil as he saw Dante put all his weapons into Pandora, strap on Rebellion, and holstered Ebony and Ivory, before throwing on his red leather trench coat.

Nero pulled out a cell phone, "Kyrie, honey, we're moving."

"Might as well relocate to Konoha anyways, there haven't been any demon attacks here since you came out of Hell ten years ago, Verg. I'm gonna call the babes and tell them." said Dante as he pulled out is own cell phone to call Trish and Lady.

'This is the start of a whole new game for us all…' thought Vergil.

AN: And that's a wrap. First chapter of an idea I had in my head. FYI, not a part of my MassXover series JTD. It's a separate story. Anyways, I need some votes on what Naruto's first Devil Arm should be. I have some ideas:

Jack, a tri-barrel shotgun which shoots chakra bullets that explode on contact, unlike regular shotguns which explode as they exit the barrel. Element is earth.

Vulpes, Kyuubi's(Female, mind you) Devil Arm, resembles an axe whose head is made of nine tail-shaped blades. Each time the axe is blocked or hits flesh, a tail lights up. When all nine tails are lit up, the wielder can shoot off either nine small blasts of youki, or one large blast. Element is fire, obviously.

Lacobus(No it's not related to the Lacobus in the JTD series, just took the name), a large claymore rumored to be forged from a shard of the sword Sparda. Has the ability to act like a windmill shuriken and fly through the air. If using SWORDMASTER style, user's speed is similar to the Yondaime Hokage's Hiraishin and can cut through steel with ease. Wind element.

If no one reviews, I'll just use my own Devil Arms, but the first reviewer with a decent idea for a Devil Arm gets it put in here. Constructive Criticism welcome.