Naruto Angelo Sparda

by Hollow91

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Chapter Eight: Thunder, Fire, Sound, and Devils.

Killer Ei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the two half-devils stared down at their opponent, the traitor Orochimaru. The snake Sannin sneered and made hands signs, but before he could finish the jutsu, he had to dodge a bullet from Naruto who had shot at him with Hakumei. "I am not letting you use that jutsu Orochimaru, you sick fuck."

Sandaime looked at Naruto questioningly. "What jutsu, Naruto-kun?"

Tayuya spat on the ground. "Edo Tensei, the sickest and most vile thing anyone can perform, using human sacrifices, one can temporarily summon the dead as puppets with all jutsu and knowledge they had at the time they were living. Judging by the half-coffins that had appeared, he was going to summon the Nidaime, Shodaime, Yondaime, and Uchiha Madara."

Ei and Hiruzen's faces twisted in disgust, no one, save those especially made for it, should tamper with the dead. " Not that the last one would have worked, tell me Orochi-gay, how many members are in Akatsuki?"

Ignoring the insult, the snake's eyes widened before he hissed out his answer. "Only eight, what does that have to do with anything, insect?"

Tayuya, Ei, and Sarutobi looked at the small discussion. "Ehg, wrong, eleven and they are: Kusa no Zetsu, Iwa no Deidara, Taki no Kakuzu, Yura no Hidan, Hoshigaki Kisame, Uchiha Itachi, Akasuna no Sasori, Ame no Nagato, the leader known as Leader-sama to them or Pein to his people in Amegakure, Ame no Konan, his subordinate nicknamed Tenshi by their village, and finally, the founder and 'true' leader…he calls himself Tobi but his real name is Uchiha Madara."

Everyone's widened. "That not possible, the Shodaime killed him and even if he were alive, he'd have died from old age he'd be close to a hundred and twenty, yo." shouted the Raikage.

Naruto smirked. "Ah yes, that battle. You see, while going through the Namikaze scrolls, I came up on information that is buried deep within the Uchiha Compound. One of these is the Uchiha secret to immortality, which is gained by first achieving the Mangekyou Sharingan, then taking the eyes of your blood brother who must also carry the Mangekyou. This halts the aging process. The second thing I discovered was a forbidden technique named Izanagi."

"What does it do?" asked the Sandaime, even more disgusted now that he knew of the Uchiha clan's deepest secrets.

"It makes reality an illusion and vice versa, using this ability, one becomes invincible when the jutsu is used, but at the cost of forever sealing shut one of the user's Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan. Orochimaru knows this personally, as he crafted an experiment based around it for none other than Danzou."

Orochimaru curse loudly. 'How the hell does this Sparda fool have all this information…?'

Now the Sandaime was pissed, Danzou was in cahoots with Orochimaru. "And the experiment itself…lemme explain it to you all. You know how Danzou doesn't have a working right arm, well that is false, he just doesn't use it because after the Uchiha Massacre, he not only implanted ten sharingan in it, but had his entire DNA in that one arm infused with Uchiha Shisui's blood AND the blood of the Shodaime Hokage, giving him complete control of the Kyuubi as well as the ability to manipulate minds, since that was Shisui's special ability." finished Naruto.

Orochimaru was seething, Hiruzen was furious, and Ei and Tayuya were flabbergasted. "Enough of this petty small talk, I will kill you all here, fools!" roared Orochimaru as he spat out his Kusanagi no Tsurugi and flew like a missile towards the four. The all dodged it by jumping in the air, Tayuya using her wings, Naruto using Air Hike, Sarutobi used his staff for leverage, and the Raikage flew into the air using Raiton Chakra. Ei formed six handsigns before thrusting his fist out and crying, "Raiton: Mizukiri Kyouba (Flashing Circus) !"

A ball of hi-voltage lightning sped at Orochimaru who turned to mud to escape the attack, reappearing behind Hiruzen. Sensing his former student behind him, Hiruzen flipped forwards in a cartwheel and held up his staff with the end facing the snake before transforming it into a seven-foot wide, 25-foot long pillar, smashing into its target. 'Damn it all…' thought Orochimaru as he readjusted his position on the roof before summoning hundreds of shuriken from a tattoo on his forearm.

The projectiles rained upon the group before Naruto met them in mid-air and shouted. "Ninpou: Hari Jizou!"

His hair expanded to cover his entire body, stopping the shuriken form hitting his three companions. Tayuya flew into the air and homed in on her former master, nails dragging along the roof with a deadly slicing sound. "Time to die, faggot!"

"Doton: Doryuuheki!"

Spitting out mud and earth, a wall blocked Orochimaru from her view, but that didn't stop her as she used one hand to shatter the wall and the other to take off the left hand of the snake. "You bitch, I'll kill you!!!"

Preparing to summon his Kusanagi again, he was hit by a wave of pure red chakra. Naruto stood with Pariah in front of him, still smoking. "Like that technique?, I call it Akumaken Ryuu: Getsuga Tenshou. By charging my youki into my blade, I can create a powerful burst of energy that can obliterate any defense, even multiple Rashoumon." he explained.

"And you guys all laughed at me when I told you I liked anime." 'Then again, its one weakness is it is a straight forward attack and can't move, so it's easily dodged, but the Pedosnake doesn't need to know it.' thought Naruto to himself as he saw Ei head after Orochimaru and engage him in a taijutsu fight.

Ei threw a fist at Orochimaru, who ducked, only to be hit by a knee. Stumbling back, Orochimaru took a taijutsu stance, not that it would help. The Raikage blurred out of existence before appearing on the snake's right side and bringing his hand down like an axe. "Iron Chop!"

He felt the pain immediately as numbing pan hit his pale arms. 'Damn that black fool, I can't get close to him, but his speed matches Minato-teme's when he wasn't using that infernal Hiraishin.'

"Yo foo', just give up-e, to me in taijutsu, you just a guppy…damn it Bee, you're affecting my speech pattern now!"

[In the Area Stands]

"Achoo, damn you sound nin, just die you foo'" sneezed the large man named Killer Bee (B, or Bii) as he smashed one of his wakazashi into an Oto-nin's mandible area.

Yugito looked at her fellow jinchuuriki. "I got twelve, how many you got?"

"Hey girl, that's not fair I got eight, just 'cuz these baka don't procrastinate." rapped Kirabi as he sliced off an attacking Suna-nin's legs before ripping his head from his body, spine still attached.

Yugito thrust a hand out towards a platoon of Sand Ninja and flames burst out of it, roasting the five of them alive. "Would you stop it with that damn rapping, it's getting on my nerves!"

[With Naruto]

Hiruzen and Ei formed seals together in a string and shouted out their attacks. "Katon: Karyuu Endan!"

"Raiton: Rairyuu Jingaidan (Lightning Style: Lightning Dragon Shock Bullet) !"

Twin dragons, made of orange flames and yellow bolts respectively, soared at Orochimaru who swore again and summoned a Rashoumon. 'Damn, my Angelo form is still in the beta stages…I'll have to risk it…' trailed off Orochimaru as he let loose watered-down Youki from his body.

"What the hell…he has youki?" yelled Ei.

Tayuya, who just deactivated her Succubus form to save her own youki from depleting, looked at it and frowned. "It is similar but is very watered-down, most likely implanted experiment."

"Oh shit, that's Angelo youki, take cover!' yelled Naruto before he and Sarutovi used Doryuuheki to block the coming explosion of pule-green energy hissing out of what used to be the Hebi Sannin.

In its place stood what looked like an all-green, lined with purple lines in various areas, armored knight with a cobra shaped collar surrounding it's horned snake-like head. Its arms were as large as the Raikage's and were located in front of the creature's reptilian wings. It lacked legs, instead it had a large purple snake tail with a head that breathed flames at the end. Pure yellow eyes with no pupil shone from the small opening in the helm.

"Now fools, face the wrath of Angelo Serpentine!"

Naruto made ANBU handsigns, telling the others he had a plan to revert Orochimaru. Immediately, Ei held his fingers out like a gun, the last two folded in and cried, "Raiton: Byakurai!"

A white bolt of lightning pierced Serpentine's left lung, but the wound was found his opening and cloned his Seiyuukibo to form a cubed prison that encased their enemy, Tayuya and Naruto shot projectiles through the openings in the prison, then the Third held his hands in a tiger seal before calling out, "Fuuinjutsu: Sanhou Fuuin (Sealing Jutsu: Three-point seal) !"

Two clones appeared and copied him before a blue triangle appeared below them. The triangle rose into the sky, creating a blazing pyramid of chakra, burning Serpentine and dispelling the clones.

'D-damn that old fool…I thought he only knew Katon and Doton…' thought Serpentine as he tried to move but was stuck in place by various invisible wire, ones attached to the projectiles Tayuya and Naruto tossed at him while he was in the staff prison. "Sorry snakey-boy, but you ain't escaping, now Raikage-san!" shouted Naruto as Ei nodded and charged his lightning chakra through the wires.

Hundreds of electric volts followed the wires to their end, coursing through Angelo Serpentine a.k.a. Orochimaru. Naruto panted as he felt his chakra begin to drain. 'I'll have to risk my own Diablo Angelo form on this bastard…'

Feeling within himself, Naruto's aura became a torrent of purple and yellow Youki. "Grrrragh!"

Serpentine stepped back with fear. 'I-impossible, he's fused the Devil trigger and Angelo transformation?!?'

Naruto's body enlarged from six-feet to seven and a half. His body was encased in what looked like demonic platemail, purple with golden-yellow accents. He grew two long horns on his helmet that curved down his back, eerily similar to Sparda's himself. The helmet was, like his armor, purple and had a wicked looking grin on it for the mouthpiece, and two slanted eyeholes, showing Naruto's slitted blue eyes (Ichigo's Vizard mask from Bleach, only metallic and purple). The most interesting new addition to his body were the four, pitch black wings on his back, each had three talons on the far top-ends, and they were all holding a single crimson orb. "Now, let us finish this once and for all!"

Angelo Naruto () charged with his sword Pariah, which looked more like a lance/zweihander hybrid now, and golden, and made to strike Orochimaru, who at the last moment, dissolved into mud. "Fuck, he got away!"

A large, hillbilly-ish laugh came from the edge of the forest as Kasumi appeared next to Naruto. "Naru-kun, as much as I would love to ravish you know, you have to deal with that redneck idiot, Shukaku."

The young devil sighed. "Dammit, something always comes up…"

Leaping into the air and flying , Naruto soared towards the Ichibi.

Shukaku was having so much fun, first he knocked out that pretty boy with the duck-ass hair, now he was going to turn the pink-haired female into his sex slave by raping her with sand tentacles. Or so he thought. "This really is a nice view, eh Ichibi?"

Shukaku swiveled its head to look art the origin of the voice. "S-sparda?!?"

Naruto turned his eyes to the demonic tanuki. "Close, but no Pocky. I'm his descendant. The lover of women, the envy of men, I am Namikaze-Sparda Uzumaki Naruto, at your service, Oh great ugly one."

The Bijuu narrowed its eyes. "You even have a smartass attitude like Sparda, no matter I will crush you!"

Shukaku flung Naruto off its shoulders before belching out a ball of compressed air. "Fuuton: Renkuudan!"

Naruto spread his four wings and dodged before slamming the Angelo Pariah into the head of the beast. "Getsuga Zosoku Hadan (Moon Fang Armor Break) !"

Chakra-empowered blade met the head of the tanuki as it howled in pain. Shukaku launched a tsunami of sand at Naruto, who made four handsigns and yelled out his jutsu. "Fuuton: Shinkuuha!"

Sucking in air and whipping his head from right to left, Naruto let loose a single wave-like blade of air that dispersed the sand. "It'll take more than that to stop me…"

Wave after wave of sand was sent after the flying devil, who started singing. "Mister sandman, gimme a dream. Make her the cutest that I've ever seen…give her two lips like roses and clovers…"

"You fool, you think I care what you say?"

Naruto just shrugged. "Gimme a break, I'm not big on raccoons."

"IDIOT, I AM A TANUKI!" Roared the Raccoon-dog as he attempted to flatten the young Sparda with one of his claws.

Attempt, being the key word as Naruto swatted the hand away with how own, despite the size and clapped his hands together. "This will end it…Muton: Imari!"

Naruto's purple youki escaped from him and condensed into a twelve-foot orb in front of him and began shrinking to the size of a pea. When it was small enough, Naruto popped the chakra pill inside of him before his body expanded. 'Oh shit, that's Kyuubi-busu's (Kyuubi the Bitch) attack…shit shit shit!"

The youki exited Naruto's mouth in a beam of raw power and slammed into Shukaku before ripping a hole through the tanuki's torso, knocking it down onto the ground. Deactivating his Angelo form, Naruo looked at the Bijuu. "Lemme tell you something, you can stay here and die, or you can run your ugly ass right back through that seal, it's your call."

"I won't return there, ever, not to that damnable prison!"

In a last attempt to kill Naruto, Shukaku launhed its head at the boy who pulled out Hakumei and shot the head, dispersing it into small grains of sand. "That's a letdown, I was hoping for more than just a small desert breeze."

Ignoring his disappointment, Naruto held out his hand and summoned the orb that was ne Shukaku's soul. 'Hmm, I think I'll give it to that Gaara kid, he'll need an edge against Akatsuki.'

Making his way over to Gaara's unconscious body, Naruto slammed the orb into his the former Jinchuuriki, giving him what looked like a desert cloak, a whicker hat, and a tessen with the symbol of Shukaku's eye. 'May Heremus ( help you in the days to come, Sabaku no Gaara.'

"When he wakes up, tell him Namikaze-Sparda Uzumkai Naruto saved him." said Naruto to Kankurou and Temari as they nodded and took off with Gaara.

Making a clone, he told it to tell Kakashi to pick up emo and banshee before he headed home, unaware of his 'award'.

[Lemon Starts, Don't hate me, it is my first one and my IRL lovelife sucks, anyways, referring to Tayuya and her potty mouth, anything relating to her will be vulgar, so that means words like dick, pussy, etc, as well as her shouting dirty words, etc. will be put in for her, so she stays in character, capeesh?]

Naruto woke up form his unconsciousness to see Tayuya and Kin next to him, one on each side, and both were equally naked. "Aw man. Don't tell me I missed it!"

Kin giggled. "No, Naruto-kun, we haven't even started."

"We were waiting for you…" replied Tayuya as she ripped off Naruto's top with her claws and began licking his collarbone before making her slowly down, just to tease him.

"H-hey…that…cost me a lot of mon-"

Naruto's complaint was cut off as Kin smashed her lips into her husband-to-be's and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Not one to complain about a free make-out session, Naruto moved his right hand over to Kin's round ass and squeezed, making the brunette moan in his mouth. Tayuya frowned a little, and decided to tease Naruto some more by ripping his pants off of him, leaving him in his orange boxers, and she straddled him and began grinding against him, yet not allowing his shaft to enter her. 'That'll teach him to pay more attention to Kin's ass than mine.'

Naruto felt his member swell as Tayuya continued her ministrations. 'She wants t o play the tease 'n' please game, so can I.'

Slightly moving his hips, Naruto began dry humping Tayuya while he took off Kin's bra with one handed and began kneading one of her breasts. "Oh Naruto…" moaned the girl as she felt jolts of pleasure spasm in her body.

'Damn, he's fucking good, if he keeps it going I'm going to…no, I have to hold on...I…' Tayuya began panting as she subconsciously activated her succubus form as she was nearing her first orgasm.

'Now for the finisher!' Naruto thought to himself as he sent a small pang of Youki down to his crotch, stimulating the young Succubus' lower lips until she couldn't take it. "I-I'm going to…cum!" she shouted as she reached the climax and waves of pleasure spread through her tan, demonic body before she rolled onto the floor.

"Naruto-kun, I want you to make me come too…" pouted Kin, as she tried to seduce Naruto.

Shrugging inwardly, Naruto picked up the only human in the room bridal style and laid her spread eagle on the large queen-size bed before removing her gray camouflage pants, exposing to him her wet petals, as she apparently didn't wear panties. Smirking, Naruto took a small taste around the girl's nub, commonly called the clit, and judged her reaction. He was satisfied when he saw the girl's eyes closed in pleasure as her back slightly arched. Naruto kept tasting the girl, occasionally slipping two or three fingers inter her sex while continuing to lick her most private area. Before long, Kin had had enough. "N-Naruto…I'm coming!" she nearly yelled as she came and her juices exited her fleshy sheath, right into Naruto's mouth and into his face.

'The taste isn't that bad, kind of like ramen…I could get use to this.' thought the male as he wiped off Kin's excess juices before he was tackled and thrown onto to the bed by a reawakened Tayuya. "Listen her, dipshit, you think you can just leave me fucking hanging while you go lick this bitch's pussy, I'll make you scream for release when I'm fucking done with you!"

'By my ancestor what have I awoken?'

In a hidden room, Nero, Kyrie, Dante, Vergil, Lady, and Trish were watching the action via a hidden camera. Nero whistled. "Note to self, never leave a succubus hanging."

Cracking her knuckles, Kyrie loomed behind. "You aren't thinking of leaving me, are you?"

"N-no, of course not, Kyrie-chan." replied Nero fearfully. "Good." said Kyrie as she sat back down to watch.

"Whipped." said Vergil as he coughed, only to be smacked upside the head by Trish.

"So were you when your wife was alive…"


Nodding to each other, Kin and Tayuya began slowly licking opposite sides of Naruto's nine-inch friend as he groaned in pleasure. "You like that don't you, you like us two sluts sucking off your rock hard dick?"

'Still quite the potty mouth, eh Tay-chan?' thought Kin as she put her lips on top of Naruto's rod and pecked it slowly with a pop before returning to the length.

"D-damn you girls are…good." Naruto said while struggling to keep his seed in.

Deciding to test out a theory, Kin and Tayuya applied a small amount of chakra, or in the succubus' style, youki, and put them on the part where the head meets the shaft. The results were instantaneous as Naruto came and his seed hit Kin and Tayuya in equal amounts. Kin looked embarrassed, but Tayuya seemd to love it as she had a good amount land in her mouth and she swallowed it, then licked her lips and went to clean Kin's body.

The two friends lay on the bed in a symmetrical position, Kin on top of Tayuya, their legs in a shape of an 'M', and their hairless mounds pressed onto each other. Tayuya looked up from her contortionist-like position. "What the fuck are you waiting for you fucking stud, fuck our brains out!"

'Damn it is good to be me, if it wasn't for me being half-devil and killing Haku, I'd probably be crying in the snow over that emo, or sumthin' like that. Thank you Haku!'

Positioning himself over the two hot girls beneath him, Naruto began thrusting slowly between the girls' lips, occasionally penetrating one of them as they moaned and, to Naruto's pleasure, making out.

Trish, and Lady had nosebleeds, Dante was laughing, Vergil had passed out, and Kyrie found a new use for Kage Bunshin. Nero just asked himself. 'Is that position even possible?'

After over half an hour of thrusting and penetrating, Naruto felt his muscles clench, a tell-tale sign that he was reaching his limit. "By the Goddess, I-I'm gong to come!"

"It's about fucking time, you asshole, cum already!" yelled Tayuya as she was nearing her sixth orgasm of the night.

And that's when he did, he came and the fluid sprayed all over the torsos of Kin and Tayuya, "Alright, you girls go get cleaned up and-"

Kin latched onto him. "Oh, no. Me and Tay-chan have a jutsu that evaporates all foreign bodies on us, liquid or otherwise. So we don't need to clean up."

"That, and you're still fucking hard so I've got an idea." whispered Tayuya.




"All 3?"


"Damn, wouldn't that hurt like hell?"


"Okay, if you say so…" ended Naruto as he held up a familiar handsign.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

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