Chapter 1 : Trap

"People Talking"

"People thinking"

"Kyuubi talking"

An: This story caused me a lot of problems. I already planned the story, but I didn't know how to start it. So enjoy.

Eight year old Naruto watched the villagers pass him. It surprised him how seldom people ever looked up. He was currently hiding on a branch of a very large tree. The spot he sat in was covered perfectly so that someone who was looking at the spot he was in would only see leaves, but he could still see them perfectly. He watched as a group of angry villagers, some drunk, and others just following the crowd pass the tree. A few even had weapons like pitch forks and metal rods. Naruto watched the mob with a frown.

"They're so unoriginal." He thought to himself. He knew who they were looking for and exactly why. They were searching for him. They were searching for him because he held the nine-tailed fox inside him. Naruto sighed as the mob cut the corner and disappeared from view. The villagers didn't seem to understand that he, Naruto Uzumaki was not the Nine-tailed fox kyuubi, only its jailer, yet the always seemed to overlook this fact. Naruto sat in the tree watching as more villagers created mobs and even started to join together. The headed in the direction of the orphanage were Naruto lived.

"They won't find me there." Naruto said with a smile. He sat in the tree in silence. He had planned on staying there until the mobs had dispersed and the villagers had gone home, sadly he had forgotten to plan how long he would be up in the tree. Hours pasted and Naruto was feeling the effect of not planning correctly.

"Food, I need food." Naruto thought with a groan as his stomach growled, for the umpteenth time. He watched as people partied and celebrated the day. He groaned as he watched kids and adults bite into the juicy flesh of grilled meat. He frowned as he watched people laugh and smile. He hated the happy atmosphere and despised the adults cheering their little kids as they cut up dolls of a nine-tailed fox. He glared at the adults who were laughing and getting drunk. His glare increased and the bottles in their hand shattered. Naruto gasped at the broken bottles in shock.

"Did I do that?" He thought to himself, but before he could develop the thought any further, his stomach growled and brought him out of his shock. He needed food and his stomach demanded to have it. Nodding to himself Naruto slowly looked around the street. It wasn't hard to find food, the street stands were everywhere. What was hard was finding a food stand that didn't have a lot of people. Out of the corner of his eye Naruto spotted a mask stand.

"I need a disguise." He thought with a frown. With reflexes that one could describe as fox like, Naruto jumped the branches of the tree and quickly slid down the tree into the shadows. He snuck trough the shadows and reached the edge of the mask stand. He quietly listened to the voices coming from the stand.

"What about that mask!?" yelled a kid.

"Oh, you have an eye for quality. This mask is said to be able to grant any one wish to the user." The clerk said as though he had practiced the speech a hundred times. Naruto smirked as he heard the kids surrounding the stand all ooh and ah.

"That mask is ugly though." Another female voice said. "It has a fox's face, and my daddy said that foxes are bad animals." All the other kids nodded their heads in agreement. Naruto tisked at the ignorance, he slowly bent down and felt the ground. He felt a small rock and picked it up. Discreetly tossing it into the stand, he smirked when he heard the sound of masks shattering.

"My masks!" yelled the clerk as he started spewing profanity. All the scared children back away from the cursing man. Naruto used the confusion to grab the nearest mask he could. He turned to run when something caught his wrist. He turned to see a white haired ninja with a mask covering his face holding him. He turned to look at the crowd that was starting to gather. As most saw him they glared and started to grab their kids.

"It's not nice to destroy people's property." The ninja said in a bored tone. Naruto looked at the mask in his hand and then to the man.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked with a look of anger. He had been so close. He could have gotten the mask and escaped. He glared at the ninja who was simply standing there.

"Well, I think you should apologize and help the man with his stand, until you can repay him." the ninja said. Naruto was about to retort when the clerk beat him to it.

"No thank you, ninja-san. I don't want this thing," He looked at Naruto with disgust, "To lay his filthy hands on my merchandise." Naruto looked around to find every adult watching them agreeing with the man as though he had just spoken a universal truth. Naruto looked down with a frown. The white haired ninja frowned at the villagers.

"I hope you all die." He whispered. No one seemed to hear him except for the ninja, who tightened his grip on Naruto's wrist.

"I'll take care of the boy." He said as he pushed Naruto to walk. The crowd cheered as the two walked away. Naruto didn't look back. They obviously thought that the ninja would kill him.

The two walked a good distance away from the festivities. Naruto slowly became confused. They stopped in a forest and the ninja turned to Naruto.

"I saw how you tried to steal the mask." He pointed to Naruto's hand, "You have some impressive sneaking skills." If Naruto was expecting a compliment, his face didn't show it. Slowly a grin spread across his face. He sniffed and smirked.

"Are you in the ninja academy?" the ninja asked. Naruto shook his head. This action surprised the ninja.

"I don't feel like becoming a slave to the people who make my life miserable." Naruto said in a dark tone. The ninja openly raised an eyebrow. The kid really hated the leaf village and he had to fix that.

"How about we make a deal?" he said. Naruto looked at the ninja confused. "I will teach you ninja techniques and you don't have to go to the academy." Naruto smiled, but the smile quickly faded.

"What's the catch?" he asked. The ninja eye smiled.

"You have to swear on your life, that you won't use any thing I teach you against the leaf village and that you won't use your powers to harm the villagers." Naruto looked at the man as though he had grown a new head. To most people the deal was a win, but to Naruto it was the same as locking him up and throwing away the keys.

"You know I hate the leaf village." Naruto whispered. The ninja reached into his equipment bag and pulled out an orange book. He looked at Naruto before opening the book.

"Do you really think I would teach someone who would use their powers for…" he paused and went into a thinking pose, "Unwise reasons? It's up to you to decide." He finished with a shrug. With that, he began to walk away. Naruto watched the ninja when a smirk appeared on his face.

"Wait!" he called out. The ninja stopped and turned. He closed his book. "I promise on my life that I will not use any of the things you teach me, to harm the leaf village." Naruto finished with a serious face. The ninja smiled and beckoned Naruto to follow him. Naruto took a step forward, but froze when his stomach growled. He looked up at the ninja who had a raised eyebrow.

"I guess we should go get you something to eat." The ninja said. Naruto was all too grateful when the two found a ramen stand and ordered their food, although the ninja learned a life lesson. Never offer to buy Uzumaki Naruto food especially when he was starving. The two finished and were walking through a forest until they reached a small river clearing. The ninja walked to a tree stump and sat on it.

"Since where going to working with each other, lets introduce ourselves. I'll start. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I like a lot of stuff… don't particularly hate anything. My hobbies aren't really any of your business and I have dreams." Naruto silently looked at Kakashi. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. A second passed and Naruto smirked.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like a few things. I hate a lot of stuff. I have hobbies and dreams." Naruto finished with triumphant grin. Kakashi looked at the boy with a wide eye. He smiled and stood up.

"Alright Naruto from today on you're my student." Naruto looked at Kakashi with respect. He actually had someone who would teach him, after all these years of being alone. A small tear dropped down Naruto's eye. Kakashi saw this and frowned.

"The hokage will probably kill me for this." He thought. He walked up to Naruto and bent down on one knee. He put a hand on his shoulder. Naruto quickly wiped of the tears, and looked up at Kakashi.

"Alright Naruto in one year I will teach you my own original technique." Kakashi said. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What's the technique?" he asked with a bit of excitement. Kakashi stepped back and raised both hands.

"Watch my left hand carefully." Kakashi said. Naruto stepped back and watched. He gasped as he heard birds chirping. His gasp increased as lighting surrounded Kakashi's hand. The hand was soon completely covered by white lighting. Naruto stepped back as the chirping increased in volume and the tendrils of lighting flew everywhere. Kakashi canceled the technique.

"That was my first original technique the Chidori." Kakashi said, answering Naruto's unasked question. Naruto nodded as a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. Excitement grew in as him as he conjured up images of him learning the technique.

"When you learn that and train you'll be able to increase the power and use this." Kakashi explained raising his right hand. Naruto flew back as the air around Kakashi's hand crackled. Naruto heard lighting. He covered his eyes as a blinding blue light devoured Kakashi's hand. The light cleared and in Kakashi's right hand was blue condensed lighting. It was more condensed and silent. Naruto could only gasp at it. Kakashi stood up as charged at a tree. Naruto watched as Kakashi cut the tree in half.

"So, what do you think?" Kakashi asked walking back to the still Naruto. Naruto stood rooted on the spot. A smile slowly spread across his face.

"That jutsu is awesome." Naruto said in awe. Kakashi smiled and turned around. He began walking to the river.

"Time to start your training," He said with a smile. Naruto followed Kakashi, when he suddenly stopped. He turned to Naruto.

"I almost forgot. Since it's your birthday I'll teach you a jutsu that you'll need during our training." Naruto froze. He had never received anything for his birthday before, let alone being taught a jutsu. Tears of joy slowly slid down his chin. He made no attempt to wipe them off. Kakashi seeing this gave a sad smile.

"Let's begin." He said. Naruto spent the remainder of the night learning his first jutsu. By the time it was midnight, Naruto was covered in bruises and scratches, but as he fell asleep from weariness, he had to say, "Best birthday ever."


Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha. Many people who saw him gave him a strange look, some even waved at him. Naruto ignored them though, he knew that the only reason that they weren't glaring at him was because he was wearing a mask and he had died his hair. The mask was the same mask he had stolen a year ago, a white fox mask that had a sinister smile. The only decorations on it were three red, vertical slash marks that stretched across the whole mask. His hair was now white with strands of black. He wore a simple white t-shirt with black pants. He also wore a white neck scarf that covered the bottom portion of his mask.

Naruto reached the village gates and quickened his pace. He sat at the corner of the gate. He sat there for a few minutes until he felt a presence walking up to him. Standing up, he saw Kakashi Hatake walking in his direction, reading an orange book. Naruto ran up to the Jonin, although his face was covered, he was smiling. Over the past year Naruto had come to look at Kakashi as the father he never had and today was a big day. When Naruto reached him, Kakashi put the book up and gave an eye smile. He ruffled the boy's hair.

"Have you been waiting long?" Kakashi asked. Naruto shook his head.

"Na, I've been here for a couple of minutes." He answered. "Anyway let's go." Naruto said. Kakashi nodded and the two walked past the village gates. They traveled for thirty minutes until the reached a large canyon. Naruto smiled at the view as the wind flew past him. He turned to Kakashi who was reading his orange book.

"Let's start already." Naruto nagged. Kakashi sighed and closed his book.

"Alright, after two whole years of training, I think you're ready to learn it." Kakashi said. Naruto eagerly nodded. He had been waiting two years for this day. Kakashi walked a good few feet away, to a giant boulder and pointed to it.

"If you can shatter this boulder using the Chidori, I'll teach you the technique." Kakashi said returning to his book. Naruto smiled underneath his mask as he nodded. He placed his right hand in front of him and began to concentrate. Though it looked as if Kakashi were reading his book, he was actually watching Naruto's every move. Naruto closed both eyes and began to feel the energy around him. The air around Naruto's outstretched started to crackle, chirping birds could be heard. In a flash of white light Naruto's right hand was covered in white lighting.

"Chidori: One Thousand Birds!" Naruto yelled as he opened his eyes and bent down. The Chidori destroyed the ground as the tendrils of electricity collided with the earth. Naruto charged forward as the Chidori increased in power. The dirt flew in separate directions as the Chidori tore through the earth. He grunted as he went into tunnel vision. All he could see was the boulder. That was all that mattered. The chirping increased as Naruto slammed his Chidori into the boulder. His hand tore into the rock as if it were made of butter. A second passed and the boulder exploded. Naruto had to cover his eyes to block the flying debris.

Kakashi walked up to Naruto and patted him on the head.

"You've gotten stronger. I guess a deals a deal. I'll teach you the Eight Gate openings." Kakashi said. Naruto's smile widened. He pumped his fist into the air and gave a triumphant yell.

The two spent the remainder of the day training. They returned to the village close to midnight. Naruto stopped as he saw celebration lights. He clenched his fists. Kakashi put a hand on his shoulder.

"I almost forgot," Kakashi said with a smile, "Happy birthday." He said holding out a small box. Naruto slowly took the package with trembling hands. He unwrapped the wrapping and in his hand was a small metal box. He unlocked the box and gasped at what he saw. He pulled out a beautiful, silver chain. He examined it with a smile. The chain had thirteen segments and each segment looked like a piece of a totem pole. Naruto looked up to Kakashi who was smiling at his reaction. In an action that surprised Kakashi Naruto ran up to him and hugged him. Kakashi let Naruto go and waved him goodbye.

Naruto walked through the village with a smile on his face. Many of the villagers were still celebrating and when they saw him they looked away, but he didn't care. He was truly happy, although he couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling in the back of his head that something bad was going to happen. His hand went to the chain that hung off his belt.

He walked through and visited a few stands, before he saw a mask stand that brought back memories. It was the same mask stand that he had stolen the exact same mask that he was currently wearing. He quickly tried to walk past the stand, but froze when the owner called him over. Not trying to draw attention he slowly walked over to the man. The man had a smile as he inspected his mask.

"That's a fine mask. I had one just like it, until the nine…" The owner stopped. Naruto raised an eyebrow. The man's smile slowly faded and Naruto frowned as the man's face turned serious. He slowly started to back away when the man began to yell at him.

"You, your that nine-tailed brat! You stole my mask!" the man yelled as he pointed to Naruto. The festivities seemed to pause. People glared at Naruto, some grabbed their kids. Naruto tried to back away when he bumped into a big man. The mask stand owner started calling him a thief. The villagers started to surround him. Naruto would have attacked them, but he stopped himself as he remembered his promise to Kakashi. One of the strong villagers threw a punch at Naruto, but he easily caught the punch and jumped over the tall man. He kicked off the man's head and flipped over some villagers.

"The fox is attacking us!" a village woman yelled. Naruto glared at the woman. Didn't she just see what had happened? Ninja started to appear, some tried to break up the commotion and Naruto sighed. The ninja would try to calm the situation down. He tried to run away when he felt multiple shuriken pierce his back. Ignoring the pain he slowly turned to see the ninja who had thrown the shuriken. Stand a few feet behind him was a blue haired ninja. Naruto recognized the ninja as one of the teachers in the ninja academy. He had a glare of hatred, and a smirk as he looked at Naruto. Some of the ninja watched with satisfaction on their faces, while others just left. The villagers were starting cheer for the blue haired ninja. Naruto picked the shuriken out of his back and faced the ninja.

The ninja smirked, "It's time someone finished you of demon." He said. Naruto slowly removed his mask and let his face bask in the warm streetlights. Tears slowly started to fall, as he looked around to the villagers. They were all jeering and spiting him, and then something in Naruto snapped.

Mizuki was glowing. He would be a hero after he finished of the demon. He watched as the demon removed its stolen mask. His smirk turned to a full blown sneer when he saw the demon crying. Mizuki began to reach for more shuriken when his smile faded. He coughed blood, his stomach felt empty, his vision began to fade, and he could feel himself falling. He was dead before he even touched the ground. The villagers were silent. In one second their soon to be hero was about to attack the demon when his entire torso disintegrated. They all turned to the demon that was being devoured in red chakra. He roared into the night sky. Everyone fell to their knees at the force and pitch of the roar, many villagers fainted. The chakra began to grow. It took the form of a giant nine-tailed fox. Many of the remaining ninja and villagers alike cowered at the power they felt. The fox began to glow a blinding light. It gave one last deafening roar as if it were in pain, before being devoured by light. The light disappeared and the fox was nowhere. The conscious ninja looked at the spot the demon had stood, the stayed there in silence, many in fear of what just happened.

Kakashi walked through the village of Konoha. He glared at anyone who dared to cross his path. He had returned from his mission and was told by several witnesses of what had happened during his absence. He ignored the cheerful ninja waving to him. He glared at the happy villagers that were celebrating. He continued his trudged and reached the village gates in minutes. Without turning back he walked past the two ninja guarding the gate. He stopped and pulled a piece of paper from his vest. He looked at it with sincere eyes, before slowly ripping it into pieces. The wind blew the shreds from his held out palm. He continued to walked, before going into a run. A piece of the paper he had ripped landed on the ground. It read "Adoption P…"

"Where am I?"Naruto thought as he looked around. All he could see was darkness. He looked down and noticed that he was standing on a circular platform. It was white and had strange black markings around the edges. He moved to the edge to look at the markings. He had never seen writing like this before. Naruto being a little curious peeked over the edge of the platform and all he saw was darkness. He stood up and looked around. He saw an object in the middle of the circle. He walked to it and gasped when he saw the white fox mask that he wore. He picked it up and examined it; it was bigger than he remembered. The memories of what had happened returned to Naruto and he glared at the mask. He threw it across the platform and watched it fall over the edge. He gasped when the mask reappeared in his hand.

"Humans are pathetic." A raspy and growling voice said. Naruto quickly searched for the voice. He watched in silence as he saw strands of red chakra. The chakra strip multiplied and started to from together. Naruto frowned as the chakra made a floating fox head with strands of chakra flying everywhere. The fox head bore it's fangs at Naruto. Naruto looked the beast right in the eyes, unflinching.

"Say something boy," Kyuubi said, "Aren't you afraid? Or is it that the fear has prevented you from speaking." He taunted. Naruto blinked at the fox. He looked at the mask in his hand and then to the fox.

"This is your fault." Naruto whispered. The fox's sneer grew into a full blown, raspy laughter. The chakra started to surround Naruto. It lifted him up to the fox's face.

"I could kill you right now, human. Do you really think it's wise to anger me?" Naruto glared at the fox. He didn't struggle to escape.

"Kakashi told me that the seal is made so that if I ever die, you die with me." Naruto calmly said. The fox slowly let Naruto down.

"The seal is no longer in place." Kyuubi said. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked. A strand of red chakra took the mask in Naruto's hand.

"This mask has done something to the seal. It has fused us together. We have become one in body mind and soul." Kyuubi explained. Naruto slowly let the information sink in and nodded to himself. The Kyubi smirked at Naruto's reaction.

"It seems that my intelligence has also become one with you, most humans if not all would have fainted from the news." Naruto nodded again. He was beginning to understand what this had meant. He had become the kyubi and the kyuubi had become him. Now he understood his lack of fear. Kyuubi let the mask drop and Naruto caught it.

"So where am I" Naruto asked.

"You're inside your mindscape." Kyuubi answered. Naruto looked around.

"Kind of empty isn't it?" he asked. Kyuubi ignored the question and began to float around Naruto.

"Here is the current problem. We are trapped in here. I use the term we because we have become one and even with my power I can not separate us. The problem at the beginning was the mask. It transported us into this mindscape when you had released my power. The power within it trapped us here. We are no longer in the ninja universe. Rather we are in an infinite loophole called your mind. Normally this would mean that we are trapped in here forever, or until the end of all existence, but with my power there is a way to rip open a tear in your mind and release us."

Naruto goggled at the fox. His brain would have been on overload, but thanks to the fox he was able to keep his wits.

"Alright, some quick questions: One, just what is this mask? Two, what do you mean we are no longer in the ninja universe? Three, why are we stuck in my mind? Last but not least, how do you know all this?" Naruto asked counting his fingers. The fox head paused in mid-air for a few seconds before moving.

"The mask has some power radiating off of it. I believe that it came from the magic universe, because the power it's radiating isn't chakra. The reason we are stuck in your mind was because you, a pathetic human had almost lost your sanity." Naruto raised an eyebrow at that, "Your mind was in shambles when the mask transported us away. While we were fusing I was able to keep your mind intact or I would have lost my own mind, but your human instinct fought for control even though it was about to collapse. The struggle trapped our two minds here. That is why even though we fused, we can still talk to each other like this."

Naruto bowed his head in shame. They were trapped here because of him. The kyuubi took his silence as a sign to continue.

"As I said we were transported to a different universe. And before you ask me a question about the workings of the universe, do not. You humans are not meant to know the secrets of the universe." Naruto nodded his head in acceptance. He felt bad that he wouldn't see Kakashi again, but he could get over it, after all Kakashi was really the only one Naruto felt like seeing, "I was originally from this universe and watched over it as the Master of all Magical Arts, but when my job was done I was sent to the ninja universe." Naruto chose this moment to interrupt.

"Who sent you?" he asked. Kyuubi shook his head.

"No need for you to know." Naruto frowned at the answer, but let it go.

"As for my knowing all of this, the reason is because this universe is the closest to my power. Magic is the strongest form of power, next to mine anyway. That is the reason I know all this. I am able to tap into the stream of magic that flows everywhere and learn its knowledge." Naruto nodded his head again.

"So… What now? How are you going to use your power to get us out? He asked. Kyuubi shook his head again.

"That is the greatest problem. We have fused and I no longer have access to all my power. To do that we must be in complete synchronization." Kyuubi answered. Naruto looked at the floating fox head in confusion.

"I thought that we were one in body, mind, and soul? How could we get anymore synchronized than that?" Naruto asked.

"That is true, but notice that we are still communicating as if we have separate minds. This means that our minds have not completely become one. When that happens we will be able to access my true powers." Kyuubi answered. Naruto went into a thinking pose.

"How do you suggest that we do that?" he asked. The kyuubi stopped in front of Naruto.

"Look up." kyuubi said. Naruto did as he was told and gasped. Above him where eight circular platforms like the one he was standing on.

"Each platform represents one of my tails. We are currently synched at only one tail. As you grow stronger in the use of magic, a stairway will lead us to each platform, until we finally reach perfect unity at the final tail." Naruto looked at the fox. "I will teach you how to use magic and access my powers. Naruto looked at the fox head. He smirked and nodded.

Naruto didn't know how long he had been training with the fox, but he could say that it was hell. The fox was the most relentless trainer Naruto had ever known. The fact that Naruto didn't have to eat or sleep was a good thing, but every hour was a living nightmare.

"You're progressing at a good pace, but at your current pace, we'll be here forever." The fox groaned. Naruto looked at the fox in annoyance. It was true that he had made a lot of progress, but he was only at the second platform. He lied flat on his back and looked up at the other platforms. He raised his right hand and the white fox mask appeared in it. The mask had changed again. It was more feral and if place on Naruto's face it would cover his ears and jaw.

"I have an idea. For it to work you must first learn to read the magic in the air first." The fox said. Naruto stood up and walked over to the fox. He was good at reading magic in the air, but not at a level that the fox considered good. Naruto felt the magic around him and the two began their training.

Naruto had finally learned to read the magic in the air so well, that even the Kyuubi was impressed. He was currently on the third platform. Naruto was amazed at the potential that came with learning to read air. He could do things that ninja would have considered impossible. He let the magic surrounding him enter him, then he released it in a rapid stream of energy. Kyuubi watched as Naruto did this. He had to admit that the boy had surpassed the potential of every human he had ever seen.

"Alright, its time to learn how to use magic in the air to access my power, but first you'll need a catalyst. Luckily you already have an avatar for this." Naruto looked at the mask in his hand. It had changed again. The mask was still white, but it now had blood red around the eyeholes. The three red lines were spaced apart more. The wide smile it had was now replaced by a ferocious grin. It looked a lot more feral. He put the mask on and as if by magic, the mask fit his face perfectly.

"Now control the magic in the air and put it all in the mask." Kyuubi commanded. Naruto did as he was told and he started to feel the Kyuubi's magic. He looked around and watched as stairs made of light appeared leading to the platforms. Naruto quickly ran up the stairs until he reached the sixth platform. He could feel the power flowing through him. He froze when the mask shattered. He felt himself falling and landed with a thump. Naruto groaned as he stood up. Look at the stairs and smiled when he realized that he was on the fourth platform.

"The mask seems to increase your power by three platforms. It should get stronger as you get stronger. We only need seven tails to open a portal out of our mind." Kyuubi said. Naruto reformed the mask in his hands and placed it on his face it. He saw the stairs of light and ran for it. He reached the seventh platform. He stayed there for twelve seconds, before the mask shattered. He flipped as he fell and landed on his feet. He turned to the kyuubi head.

"What do I do now?" Naruto asked. The fox began to swirl around Naruto.

"I will teach you about dimensions and some techniques that use the ability to warp through space. This should help you stay on the seventh platform long enough to get us out of here." Naruto nodded and smirked at the chance to learn new techniques. Without wasting any time he reformed the mask and moved to put it on when the fox stopped him.

"The mask may help your ability to learn techniques faster, but it is an access to my power. You must learn the techniques using your own magic." Naruto nodded and let the mask disappear in his hand. The two began their training.

With Kyuubi's training and an unknown amount of time, Naruto had become proficient at using dimension magic. He was happy with the techniques that kyuubi had taught him. He was especially pleased with his new favorite technique the Thirteen Totem pole. The technique was, in basic terms the ability to control an unbreakable totem pole made with thirteen segments. Each segment had a special power, but Naruto had yet to learn them. He had been training with the Totem so well that he had created his own techniques for it, but for some odd reason that even kyuubi had stated, the totem pole look exactly like the chain that Kakashi had giving Naruto.

"Alright, show me the technique." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded and threw a seven feet totem staff. He watched it fly over the platform. He snapped his fingers and the totem pole disappeared. A second passed and the air around Naruto started to bend. The space around Naruto turned darker than usual. From the ground appeared an uncountable number of giant totem poles that surrounded Naruto. Naruto snapped his fingers and every single totem pole disappeared in an instant flash of light. The air around Naruto started to rip and tear. The assault was over in seconds but the damage was done. The space around Naruto was shredded and destroyed. Kyuubi nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Finally its time for us to get out of here," Kyuubi said, "Do you remember what to do?" Naruto nodded and began to gather magic particles in the air. He condensed them as tight as he could, as they formed the shape of his mask. He brought the mask up to his face and it locked into place. The stairs of light appeared and Naruto charged at the without hesitation. He reached the seventh platform in seconds and began to charge power. He concentrated the power around his palm and pointed it in air. The magic around Naruto's palm began to turn black. The black magic compressed into a small ball, the size of a marble. Cuts began to appear on his arm. Ignoring the pain, Naruto continued to compile the magic.

"Now quickly, shoot it!" Kyuubi yelled. Naruto finished compiling and shot the magic. He screamed when blood burst through multiple cuts in his arm. The blast made a vacuum like sound as it blasted through the dimension and made a gaping tear. Naruto ran towards the tear as his mask shattered. He yelled as he jumped through the tear and everything turned white.


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