This caught me on a whim tonight and I just made a little chapter. I don't know what I'm doing as far as a plan goes, but here is an epilogue if you will, a snapshot of their future. I think I might do another one or two but I'm not making promises.


Edward was pacing at high speeds. He was mumbling and tugging on his hair nervously. Alphonse watched him calmly from a chair and sighed. At least it wasn't as bad this time, last time Al had seriously worried for his brother's health. A small hand reached up and tugged on his sleeve.

"What's daddy doing?" He was concerned; he didn't understand what was going on. He was still so young.

"He's worrying about your momma". Al replied, then playfully tossed his nephew's hair and pulled him into his lap. A mess of shaggy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a devious smile made him the near spitting image of his father. At least he hadn't inherited the temper of either parent…yet.

"Is momma ok?" He was worried now too.

"Um she's…uh…remember how we told you that you would have a little brother or sister soon?" His nephew nodded fiercely, eyes still full of questions.

"Well that's what's happening now". Al wasn't really sure how much explaining he could do to 2 ½ year old boy about this sort of thing. It made him uncomfortable. And he obviously wasn't satisfied with that answer, he was never satisfied with any answer. If Al heard "Why?" one more time…

"But why is daddy worried?" Al sighed again and was in the process of trying to come up with a reasonable response when May intervened. She knelt down next to Al and put herself at eye level with her soon to be nephew.

"Your momma has to work real hard right now so you can meet your baby brother or sister." Bless May! She always knew what to say. Al had been considering discussing biology.

Ed's pacing intensified with a shriek from the adjoining room. Alphonse considering threatening him but he didn't want to further upset his nephew. Ed was an amazing father, no big surprise there. But right now, there were two things in Ed's world: The waiting and the worrying. His son loved him enough to understand he wasn't being ignored. Smart kid.

"Idiot" Al whispered under his breath. His brother needed to calm down, that certainly hadn't changed. Sure there weren't as many angry outbursts and he seemed to really enjoy just hanging around the house with his family. But there was always something. A project that must be done just so. A new game he needed to learn to be able to play with his son. The perfect present for Winry. The man needed help or he was going to give himself an ulcer.

Life since the wedding had been amazing. All the tension and worrying and fighting had disappeared like a bad memory. Ed had insisted on carrying Winry through the door, and he had one hell of a time working the latch, but he got it eventually. They were always together, and Al and May were never far away either. Family dinners every night, friends visited all the time and the house was always full of laughter. It was a happy era for the Elrics. Life had gone from great to amazing with the birth of his nephew. Ed and Winry were so in love with each other and they were such good parents. Al got a kick out of being an uncle. He smiled to himself as he thought that sometimes things really do work out.

After what seemed like ages the doctor came out smiling, wiping his hands on a clean towel.

"Congratulations Elric-San, it's a girl!"

May let out a whoop and awkwardly hugged Al and the bouncing toddler on his lap. Al smiled, A girl! He thought that was nice. Ed smiled but still seemed tense,

"Winry and the baby…?" He didn't even get to finish his sentence when a shout from the other room floated towards him.

"We are both fine you idiot!" Winry sounded a little tired but just as capable as controlling Ed as ever, bless her too. Alphonse was continually surprised by how much a handful Ed continued to be after all this time. A niece now! He smiled at May and squeezed her hand. When it got a little warmer out and Winry felt good enough to walk around (which knowing her would be tomorrow, she was just as difficult as Ed) they would be married. They would still share the house that they had built together and no one would have it any other way.

Ed laughed, all his tension released instantly when he heard everything was ok. And as he walked towards the other room he smiled at Al and said

"Maybe I'll be the one sitting here watching you pace some day!" He then tore across the room to avoid the projectile that was tossed at his head; both Alphonse and May were blushing intensely.