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Author's note: Because I can't seem to get past this obsession, a series of shorts (possibly some drabbles of the loosely defined variety) about Becker and Sarah. Post Series 3.

Tahitian Beauty under a waterfall...

That's the first thing that sprung to Becker's mind. It was almost the exact image of the first naughty picture that had adorned his bedroom wall as an adolescent.

And he knew he should turn away, but he didn't.

The naked curves of Dr. Sarah Page; her dark hair falling loose about her shoulders, the sun gleaming enticingly off her olive skin...Snap out of it!

He had gone through the anomaly in search of the scientist. Ever since the others had disappeared, Sarah's tendency to wander off without permission had worsened. Becker understood the need to see behind every rip in time, just in case their friends were there waiting.

But they never were.

Reality could be cruel that way. And maybe that's why she had indulged in this little moment of escapism in this primitive paradise, shedding her clothes for a liberating swim.

And maybe that's why he let his eyes linger a little longer, permitting himself his own moment of escape.