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"So that's it? We're done?"

"Er...yeah. We found what we were looking for."

"You mean Danny, and Abby and Connor?"

"Yeah. What else were we missing?"

"Something I've never had."

They stood staring at one another, unsure of where this was all headed, whether the other wanted to continue, assuming they simply wanted to revert back to their former lives.

She was certain that he was already sick of her. He seemed a ladies' man and he now had literally millions of options to explore once again. Had she not been the only choice when his needs had come calling?

He was certain that she had turned to him merely out of stress, finding some sort of comfort even in their bickering. She couldn't possibly be as attached to him as he had become to her.

Dark eyes, burdened with anxious anticipation of imminent heartache, met.

She reached out, tentatively touching his hand with her delicate fingers. The awkwardness melted away with the familiar, electric physicality.

He pulled her close, kissing her slowly, softly; and then more fervently, roughly, hungrily. He made love to her in that kiss, placing in it every emotion she stirred, every thought she conjured, every promise he'd make, every row they'd have, every peaceful night, every passionate one. Every heartache and hurt. Every banal moment. In that one kiss, he condensed their entire relationship, poured out his heart.

Never had Sarah proven to be so susceptible to his touch. True, he had the uncanny ability to arouse her with the most fleeting of caresses, to make her passionate beyond her control. But never had she been all soft or smitten over the likes of him. She most definitely wasn't the type to swoon, too practical for that.

Yet her knees had gone all wobbly part way through that kiss. By the end, her legs were rendered weak enough that he was required to support the entirety of her weight.

And when he removed his lips from hers, she melted into him, lying her hand and head against his chest, releasing a sigh.

When she looked up into his face, their dark eyes meeting once more, he knew his invitation had been received and accepted.

"You know if we're going to pursue this," Sarah said, sly smile teasing her lips, "You are going to have to tell me your given name."

Becker smiled broadly.

"Fair enough."

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